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  1. Great review, I started with Jriver, but ended up at Roon. I still use both, and keep the latest version of Jriver, but hardly use it anymore. I find it difficult/not intuitive to configure. On a sidenote, your mention of Nancy Wilson was spot on. I grew up listening to a lot of her music. My dad dated her when they were in college together, and she recently passed away which rekindled my interest... good memories!
  2. This was my unit, & thank you Jesus for the speedy repair. I learned a good lesson on buying used. Luckily the seller was a stand up guy and took care of the repairs. Upon more in-depth questioning it turned out he was the second owner, was made aware of the “mods” but forgot. Jesus & Barrows to the rescue once again...
  3. Welcome Klipsch! I have had a love for the Klipsch Heritage products, from a young age. When I was a kid 13, 14ish (a long time ago ) I used to read the audio rags and dream. I remember an article where the writer was talking about his Klispch horns. He was doing something with a microphone and inadvertently left his setup running. I don't remember the details but somehow he was in the house and the mike was outside and his car door was open. Someone closed the car door and the sound played through his horns. His remark was, "It sounded like a car door closing, you have to understand not just like a car door closing but exactly, like a car door closing!" I couldn't wait to hear some Klispch. That article and my friend Terry's saying, "If you want to dissipate power buy a toaster, if you want to listen to music, buy Klispch." Is why I have a pair of Heresy IIIs, and working the wife toward a pair of LaScala. Thanks for the good music and fond music!
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