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  1. @The Computer Audiophile Did you also get the opportunity to listen to the Uno fino XD ? I am particularly interested in Avantgarde speakers but the Duo is way too big ( even the Uno is quite large )
  2. I wish but in the country I am living ( Hong Kong) home demo is impossible or very difficult even for very light gears so for speakers... I have the space for the Avantgarde even if my listening distance is not that big ( around 2.5m) .According to my two listening tests they need a bit of space as indeed they are a bit "in your face". The auditorium where i listened the Kii was unfortunately very different to the shape of my room : very large space, speakers were very far from each other and the room was very damped. It was difficult to "feel" the music in those conditions and have a proper opinion...
  3. Found against 8c but not against Avantgarde. Let me check again ! thanks
  4. Hello Anyone compared the Kii with Avantgarde Zero ? Both are on my.shortlist (and the 8c) . Thanks Alex
  5. Hello Was wondering if anyone tried Waversa products and more specifically their switch and router and compared them with SOtm, Aqvox and co... I tried their smarthub and more recently their router. Very good results in my setup: transparency,dynamics greatly improved but now I am curious to compare with the SOtm switch given the fact that I have already an external clock. Alex
  6. Hello Thanks for the update. According to all my reading it seems a lot of efforts have been put on the USB output ( being for the MK3 or the Statement ). Am I right ? Does it mean that the USB output should be preferentially used vs Ethernet assuming on the input side both are at the same level ? Alex
  7. Thanks for this update ! If allowed and not much to ask for,would it be possible to have some pictures of the unit particularly the back panel ? And several questions sorry for that : - I understand the units were plugged through USB ? Any chance to listen through the Ethernet output or USB is the best output according to Innuos ? - Did you listen using Roon or upnp ? - Any comparison between SE and MK3 model ? Thanks Alex
  8. hello Does anyone have any update ? Thanks Alex
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