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  1. Fully agree. My flac files sound better than they have ever been. Has anyone compared wav vs flac files of the same tracks ripped from cd's via Innuos' own ripper? Is there any significant difference in SQ?
  2. Omitted o quote BigAIMc.
  3. I am playing music only from the internal hard drive.
  4. FWIW, I find the Sense app is optimised for the iPad. The SQ of the Android version on a Samsung tablet is just not in the same league as the iOS version on the iPad. There is an opacity, homogeneity and attenuation of transients to the sound via the Android version that is completely absent in the iOS version. Enjoy the Music!
  5. I would most certainly remove it too if it isn't synergistic with my system. :)
  6. Thanks for the heads up. Hopefully Innuos will make it available at my location asap. :)
  7. I tried to download the 2.0 app today but no success. So the app is not ready for Zen Mk 3 despite having updated it to 1.4.9. ZENith Mk 3 owners should probably get it.
  8. My two cents is that 2 boxes should be better than one where the noisy circuits are well isolated from the audio path. Cheers!
  9. Just pulled out probably the greatest rock concert of all time, Neil Diamond's Hot August Night (40th Anniversary 24/44 remaster) for a listen. I haven't heard this album for quite a while simply because it did not rock quite as well as it should with my previous system cabled with the Oyaide Continental 5S usb. With my recent change to the Shunyata alpha usb, I ventured to dive once more into this album. Wow! All I can say is that my system now rocks as all get out. Pace and rhythm are top notch and Neil's energetic vocals was a reach out and touch experi
  10. Yes, it is frustrating but it does force us to choose to be happy with whatever we already have, despite missing the 20%. Enjoy the music! :)
  11. What gnaws you so much are the believers of the well-informed opinion that cables do make a difference, to such an extent that you have this gnawing need to go around persuading believers not to believe their own ears. :)
  12. If you do come across an opportunity to compare the Oyaide with the Shunyata in your system, do let us know the outcome. Cheers!
  13. I have compared the Oyaide 5S and Shunyata alpha usb cables in my system. What makes the Shunyata sound better? For me, it is the dramatic reduction in noise and distortion which I did not know were there with the Oyaide until the switch. I had enjoyed the Oyaide 5S very much until the Shunyata revealed its limitations. In addition, for a digital cable, music sounds much less "stepped", much more analog-like, with the Shunyata. So by simply comparing, if another cable does not improve SQ, then just keep what you already have.
  14. It is usually more like non-believers trying to persuade believers. Believers don't go around forums trying to persuade non-believers. :)
  15. Oh no, not another one. Why even bother coming to this forum?
  16. Totally disagree. You have no idea what you are talking about. You need to give this issue a rest as it seems to be gnawing at you to no end, just to prove your point which is simply wrong at so many levels.
  17. Koso, Good for you! After trying the alpha, you will never let go of it! :)
  18. Hi Koso, Searched and found my previous post. I totally forgot about the iFi audio cable.
  19. Hi Koso, I have only compared the Shunyata alpha usb with my previous cable which was the Oyaide Continental 5S. In another previous post in this thread, I described the superlative qualities of the alpha and stand by all of them today. The alpha is truly worth every penny and elevates the overall SQ of my system to a whole other level. Hope this helps. Cheers! Jon.
  20. Could it be only as I imagined it to be or could it be as real as it gets? I recently upgraded the firmware for my N100H last week. Usually I would find subtle incremental improvements to the sound but this time, it is more like a leap than a baby step. Timbre, body, soundstaging, transient speed and musicality all soared to new heights. I guess Christmas came early to my home this year. Kudos to the Aurender team and Good Cheer to all! Jon :):):)
  21. Congrats on pulling the trigger for the Shunyata alpha. Do keep us posted on your experience and how it compares with the AS.
  22. I can only compare with the cables that I had in the past which aren't many. Just 2 - the ifi Audio bihedral cable which separates usb signal from power, and the Oyaide Continental 5S. I will get the ifi cable out of the way in that it is to be used with the ifi USB which is not appropriate for further discussion here. Anyway, the SQ is a big step down from the Oyaide. Which goes to show that cable design and construction entails a lot more than separating usb signal from power. On to the Oyaide comparison. The step up in SQ with the Shunyata is huge on so many leve
  23. I would not characterise the N100H as warm. In my system, it is actually rather neutral, and can be as warm or as cool as the ancillaries that it is partnered with. Footers indeed make a big difference and so does the usb cable. I recently switched to the Shunyata alpha usb cable and what it reveals is the truly substantive high end performance of the N100H. The N100H need make no apologies for its lowly status in the hierarchy of Aurender servers. I have brought home the N10 for audition and I can confidently say that the much smaller investment in a usb cable vs
  24. Just to pen a note of special thanks to Ari and team for enabling my dac to be native DSD capable following today's firmware and Conductor update. What a welcome surprise! My dsd collection now sounds better than it has ever been. Well done, Aurender! Cheers! Jon.
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