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  1. Hi tieuphi2006, I have successfully installed Focal HQPe 4.2.21 version under Debian 11 after solving all these dependencies including the rocm-libs and rocm-dkms needed in step 3 etc. After that no issues to upgrade to the latest focal HQPe 4.22-65 and 4.2.22-66. Meanwhile the OS became quite large, its size now is about 8.6G instead of 1.9 G in Debian 11 focal 4.19 HQPe ! Please check my thread on page 138. It was a painful and confusing process indeed ! To me it is always a question what will happen to install focal 4.2.xx HQPe if under Ubu
  2. Hi https://rocmdocs.amd.com/en/latest/Installation_Guide/Installation-Guide.html Miska said to do step 1 and step 2 I use Debian HQPe.
  3. Buster HQPe 4.22.1-63 OS size is only 1.9 G compared with its focal counterpart which is much bigger !
  4. No step 3 needed, no need to install rocm-dkms etc ? Rocm libraries already installed in Ubuntu 20.0 LTS ?
  5. Thanks for reply. Jussi's DSP optimization is great. My Debian 10 build without ROCm libraries can do his Buster 4.22.1-63 HQPe to achieve 30 % drop in CPU usage, it is a real surprise for me. So if you are interested hope I can put it on the cloud for download. BTW I only use local audio file as it has better SQ.
  6. Is installation of rocm library in Ubuntu a straightforward process ? I use Debian which is a painful experience.
  7. Hi Jessica, Focal 4.22.2-65 * Needs to install ROCm libraries? * Having DSP initialized cache coverage * Can drop CPU usage by 30 % for Intel CPU snd AMD CPU system Is that correct ?
  8. Hi acatala , Are you using NUC HOPe - Up Gateway USB NAA and Roon? Do you play PCM --> DSD ? If do you may need 4.22.1-63 with its DSP algorithm it can drop CPU by 30 % !
  9. Buster HOPe 4.22.1-63 is a milestone development with its DSP optimization it consumes much less resources. If under a sonic wise kernel, yes kernel will also play a vital role in SQ, this HQPe will promise to have an excellent SQ ! For these systems like mine without AMD GPU I think it is the best choice ! Many thanks to miska !
  10. So Buster HQPe 4.22.1 can drop CPU Usage by 30 % ! Great !! But your Debian OS needs to be installed with necessary dependencies.
  11. Debian Buster if want to install Focal 4.19 HOPe one needs to install a series of dependencies, a painful and confusing process again...
  12. Hi miska and acatala My Debian 10 for focal 4.19 build can do Buster HQPe 4.22.1 ! it works perfectly! i7 8700 can do DSD256 7EC-ext2 with ease, very good sound as only 1.9G used ! Lots of space left for an Optane 16G.
  13. So Debian Buster has no comparable version with focal HQPe yet.
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