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  1. I agree it not easy to remove the stock clock from a Buffalo switch. In this case it’s a model 2008. The clock is newclassD Neutron Star from Denmark. Ps is from newclassD for the clock circuit, and MPAudio for the switch itself. Im very pleased with the result. Music has come “alive”, with much more dynamics.
  2. still works here though. I have just updated mconnect. (playing via Jplay).
  3. I asked tidal support, if it would be possible to control the windows app with an iPhone? Here’s the answer: At the moment, you can’t control your desktop, but this feature is coming soon!
  4. I Got a Chord Qutest, and enjoy it a lot. It is realy an amazing DAC. Tried a powerbank as ps for the 5v, and liked the better resolution, but the Music was missing some attack, and dynamics. But since it made a difference compared to the stock supply, I wanted to make a better ps. I already had a good expirience with MPAudio ps, and ordered a SLS-HPULN PS With double lt 3045 regulation, and an Audio grade transformer. This is what came out of a few hours of work. The cabinet is from an Old pc. DC wire is Gotham in a 360 layout.
  5. Thank You for your feedback. Im thinking about trying put the double regulator type in the link from MPAudio.
  6. Has anybody tried a Powersupply with LT3045 regulators with the Qutest? like the one MPAudio makes? https://www.mpaudio.net/product-page/als-hpuln-ps regards Ove.
  7. I have been a JPlay user for over 5 years. And the latest Femto version is by far the best player, I have expirienced in my system. support is very good, and JPlay forum is full of helpful members too. 😀
  8. Thank you for posting the info of your build😀 Its great to see how tidy, and well every little detail is made. Great inspiration, and makes me want to change some things on my own build. We surely need more like this. 😊
  9. Updated to latest version 38, everything works very well. Still impressed with the sound from the set-up. (JPlay, PL, and AO). AO did forget the privius sound signature settings, but no big Deal. happy Easter to all.🐣
  10. Latest beta 36: It runs very stable, and sound is the the best I have heard with computer audio👍 I like the new features a lot as well. How about a direct posibility to change the sound settings without restarting AO?
  11. Wanting to up upgrade from 34 to 36. I use shell replacement, and need the service tool, to change to the gui. But when I run “st” task, it only tells, that there is an Update, and service tool screen quickly closes again. Im a bit Stuck here it seems.
  12. Just run Beta34, and happy to report “no more asking for the setup.exe”😀
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