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  1. Updated to latest version 38, everything works very well. Still impressed with the sound from the set-up. (JPlay, PL, and AO). AO did forget the privius sound signature settings, but no big Deal. happy Easter to all.🐣
  2. Latest beta 36: It runs very stable, and sound is the the best I have heard with computer audio👍 I like the new features a lot as well. How about a direct posibility to change the sound settings without restarting AO?
  3. Wanting to up upgrade from 34 to 36. I use shell replacement, and need the service tool, to change to the gui. But when I run “st” task, it only tells, that there is an Update, and service tool screen quickly closes again. Im a bit Stuck here it seems.
  4. Just run Beta34, and happy to report “no more asking for the setup.exe”😀
  5. You are welcome 😀 But is beta 34 avalible ? since I dont know what to do to make 33 run!
  6. Yes, it does for a short while, and AO closes again
  7. I don't like those either, so I sat down and took a very close look. It was a very long look as well, i guess more than 6 hours to find out what was happening or better why it was happening. But i found it! Sad news, If you want it to be fixed you need to reinstall your OS. But with Beta 33 it won't happen again. So thanks to @AudioKarl & @alicenir for pointing it out! So let's have a closer look at the Change Log: AudiophileOptimizer 3.00 =========================================================================================== - Roon Support extended for HQPlayer & Spotify support - Many drivers will no longer need F8 and disable driver signature enforcement during boot (Amanero, Pink Faun, FiraDisk & many others...) - Parameter "-filter" lets you directly select Sound Signatures/Digital-Filters - Added support for JPLAY FEMTO - Now also removes pagefiles other then C:\ drive - Enables WDM Drivers in Windows Server 2016/2019 Core Mode - Enables Kernel-Streaming in Windows Server 2016/2019 Core Mode - Enables WASAPI in Windows Server 2016/2019 Core Mode - Enables Device Manager in Windows Server 2012 R2/2016/2019 Core Mode (en-US only) - Enables RoonServer & RoonBridge in Windows Server 2016/2019 Core Mode - AO disables automatic maintenance (Win10/Server 2016/Server 2019) - Update of "Prepare Essentials Edition" feature for Windows Server 2019 - Ability to remove Windows Defender (Windows Server 2016/Windows Server 2019) - Updated MediaPlayer support for Windows Server 2016/2019 Core Mode - Support for Windows Server 2019 RTM (Standard, Datacenter & Essentials) - Support for Windows Server 2019 Evaluation (Standard, Datacenter & Essentials) - Removed Support for Windows Server 2012 (Standard, Datacenter & Essentials) - LockScreen disabled for Windows Server 2016/2019 - ActionCenter disabled for Windows Server 2016/2019 - Enables TIDAL Windows Player in Core Mode - Minor changes and updates ServiceTool 3.00 - New module of Driver Helper -> Install HD Audio Drivers - Focusrite RedNet Control 2 shell replacement - Custom shell as shell replacement - Support for Windows Server 2019 RTM & Evaluation (Standard, Datacenter & Essentials) - Removed Support for Windows Server 2012 (Standard, Datacenter & Essentials) - Shell replacement for coming JRiver Media Center 25 & 26 (x86 & x64) - Minor changes and updates AudiophileShell 3.00 - Initial version of AudiophileShell - Now offers exit option - Added File Explorer (FOD only) - Added Disk Management (FOD only) - All components are now launched externally (AudiophileShell is no longer locked after launching programms) AudiophileUninstaller 3.00 - Initial version of AudiophileUninstaller - Reverse all changes and optimizations - Remove all files, folders, tools, shortcuts, etc. Setup 3.00 - Fix for IE issue - Minor fixes for the device manager - Bugfix - 2012 R2 start menu unusable after using setup.exe - Bugfix - All Essentials versions - updated copy of windows source media - High-DPI Mode for high-resolution displays (4K etc.) - Enables Device Manager in Windows Server 2012 R2/2016/2019 Core Mode (en-US only) - Support for Windows Server 2019 RTM & Evaluation (Standard, Datacenter & Essentials) - Removed Support for Windows Server 2012 (Standard, Datacenter & Essentials) - Adds link to Control Panel on desktop - Minor changes and updates There is a nice little improvement in the AudiohpileShell. All components are now launced externally, this means the AudiophileShell is no longer blocked after you started one of the comonents. If one decides to install FOD (for WASAPI) then there will be plenty of nice tools at hand: Bear in mind that the AudiophileShell can only launch what is there and working. Currently there are no built in checks yet to check availability of the components. This means that "file explorer" and "disk management" will only work if you have installed the FOD ISO and the "sound control panel" will only work if you used the WASAPI Injector of AO. Aside from those all other components (incl. Device Manager) will work either way, also without installing the FOD ISO and/or WASAPI. The ServiceTool's DriverHelper brings a new sub-module -> Install HD-Audio drivers. If you follow this procedure before you install your DAC driver chances are very high that you will have to install it only once and no longer have to uninstall and reinstall it. Also if you where facing issues with driver signature enforcement, this will probably help your DAC driver to get working at all. Before you can use this feature you have to press F8 during boot and disable the driver signature enforcement manually. Once bootet you have to launch ServiceTool, then choose the DriverHelper and then select "Install HD-Audio drivers". Once you started the installation you must be prompted 4 red windows warnings about the installation of unsigned drivers. If and only if you see these 4 warnings and accept them, the HD audio drivers will be correctly installed. You do not need to press F8 again on the following boots, it's just for that one boot before you use that feature. If you can‘t get it to work disable the SecureBoot feature in your BIOS/UEFI! The Roon Support feature of AO has been extended. It will additionally make HQPlayer and Spotifiy work in Core mode, thats pretty nice. The best way to approach Beta 33 is a clean installation of Windows, at least for those who where using a GUI installation. The update process works as usual. But if you are in Core and do not format and reinstall Windows, you need to run setup.exe one time with the parameter -source (setup.exe -source) before you actually update AO to Beta 33. I Am on ws2019 Gui, and have made a new install. Whenrunning AO3 it ask for re run of setup exe. I do this, but dont get the -source part of the operation. Please explain a bit more, what to do.
  8. I totally egree with joelha, JPlay Femto is something You just have to try out for yourself. (There is a trial version avalible). I am very impressed with the sound quality with this software. Latest version 7c is even better than the first released version.
  9. You need both 5 AND 12 V for 3,5" WB.. Red/black Wire is 5V, and 12V is yellow/black. Or choose a 2,5" drive that only need 5V.
  10. Very nice build Hurka:) And so compact. Yes.In my expirience always ssd on seperate 5v to isolate the noise from ssd to mb.
  11. Can we see the final result of your build? ?
  12. Lauritsvd

    Fidelizer 8.0

    Just download 8.2 from the link you recieved, it has been updatet. I just did, and it works with 3 player now.
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