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    jabbr reacted to fas42 for a blog entry, Good reading material   
    People have asked how I go about sorting out systems - and find my answers very unsatisfactory. Well, I have come across a book which very nicely addresses some of the key areas where I find a lot of the issues arise - and gives a lot of suggestions of very, Gasp!!, technical gear that can be used to chase these things down. It's a very practical book, minimum high falutin', equations for equations sake guff - what I find especially endearing is that there are a lot of cheap and cheerful tricks and tips offered; these are what I would instinctively go for  ...
    The book? https://www.amazon.com/Troubleshooting-Cookbook-Product-Designers-Electromagnetics/dp/1613530196
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    jabbr reacted to NOMBEDES for a blog entry, Is Radiohead the Best Band in the World?   
    I am a big Raidohead fan.  
    They use quirky percussion tracks.  
    They do not resolve chords in a traditional way.
    They give concerts in Israel despite the outrage of people who should know better.
    They are a counter argument to those who say there has not been any good (or at least interesting) music produced since 1969.  

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