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  1. On 6/12/2019 at 1:34 PM, rando said:

    Somewhat unsurprising results given the gross similarities and parts list from Sennheiser headphones.  Still, somewhat off the beaten path and well worth investigating. 


    NAD Viso HP50 may be near on half your listed price at this exact moment in some locations.  ;)




    You appear to have put the reviewed headphones in the wrong pile here.


    For reference Focal Elegia (stand optional)




    NAD Viso HP50 




    I value the Focal custom molded hard case as an accessory a lot more than the soft-sided bag and extra cable that come with the HP50. The HP50 is a great pair of headphones, but I don’t think accessories are its strong point. 

  2. 29 minutes ago, mansr said:

    Minidisc is not lossless.


    Sorry for the confusion. I meant that the lineage of the original leak, which was put out in 192k MP3, was unclear. Presumably Radiohead’s FLAC release of the same material is closer to whatever the Mindisc ATRAC sounded like. Lossless to the source (the minidisc), in other words, not lossless to whatever the original recordings that went onto the minidiscs were.

  3. 2 hours ago, Johnny Moondog said:


    Thank you Josh.


    I looked closely at the files on my archive drive, and was surprised to find two copies of So. Somehow I'd completely forgotten about this.


    PG1 (WAVE 24/96, Date Created 04/01/15)
    PG2 (WAVE 24/96, Date Created 04/01/15)
    PG3 (WAVE 24/96, Date Created 04/09/15)
    PG4 (WAVE 24/96, Date Created 04/02/15)
    So (WAVE 24/96, Date Created 08/04/16)
    So (FLAC 24/48, Remastered 2012, Date Created 10/15/12)
    Up (WAVE 24/44, Date Created 08/04/16)
    Us (WAVE 24/96, Date Created 08/04/16)


    When I purchased the collection of 180 gram Vinyl  45RPM Half-Speed Remasters with Hi-Res Download Cards, the downloads resulted in .zip files that unpacked into WAVE files.


    So I must have purchased the FLAC version of So independently, and probably before (?) the Vinyl Collection was made available.


    Does that look like the correct one?




    Yes, that’s the 25th hi-res. It was also sold briefly sold as a standalone download from a B&W site that no longer exists. 

  4. 2 hours ago, copy_of_a said:

    @JoshM - really, really great  ... not only really interessting and fun to read but also animated me to listen to a few Gabriel albums the last days again.


    As far as the ranking of the albums I have a slightly different take. "Melt" and "Security" are classics of the past while "So" was directed to the future ... and still is somehow fresh, modern and inspiring even today. Which also has to do with the sound and the overall atmosphere and attitude of the album.

    And yes, the 2012 48/24 version is absolutley gorgeous (but the original 1986 CD is still impressive).


    For me personally the ranking would be:

    1. So

    2. Us

    3. probably Ovo - for "Low Light", "Father, Son" and "Make Tomorrow" (with the incredibly touching voice of Paul Buchanan)


    I love all his albums, though ... but I also listen to "Scratch" pretty rarely (once in 2 years or so?).

    Fortunately we don't have to make a ranking 🙂


    Many thanks for the article!


    Bass. On this track he doesn't play the Stick.



    I didn’t even think of including Ovo, but you’re right that it has some of his best work on it. 


    I think the issue with Scratch is that Gabriel is one of the perhaps rare artists whose work gets better (rather than more overcooked) the more he works on it. In hindsight, Fripp’s spontaneous methods just weren’t a good match. 

  5. On 6/4/2019 at 4:51 PM, JoshM said:


    The ‘16 download I mention is the one that camemwith the vinyl. 


    Speaking of which, someone over at SHF told me they were sent that ‘16 24/96 download when they submitted the code from their 25th anniversary box. If that happens, make sure you email back Real World and say you want the 25th anniversary 24/48 download.


    I emailed with Matt Osborne at Real World. He says there must have been a mix up with the files and that he’d make sure it gets fixed. He also said that anyone who got the ‘16 24/96 files should email Real World back and they’d make sure you get the 25th 24/48 files.

  6. 2 hours ago, Johnny Moondog said:

    "...the TBVO crown for Peter Gabriel’s So is resoundingly awarded to the ‘12 hi-res download."


    Great article! But by the time I got to the punch line I'd lost track of the contenders. Perhaps due to a late night read.


    I purchased the collection of 180 gram Vinyl 45RPM Half-Speed Remasters specifically to get access to the the Hi-Res Download Cards that were included. (Peter Gabriel 1, Peter Gabriel 2, Peter Gabriel 3, Peter Gabriel 4, So, Up, Us). I don't own a turntable.


    Are those downloads the same as the TBVO crown quoted above?


    Thanks in advance!


    P.S. those LPs are available for sale if anyone's interested. They've never been played and I never got around to listing them anywhere.


    The ‘16 download I mention is the one that camemwith the vinyl. 


    Speaking of which, someone over at SHF told me they were sent that ‘16 24/96 download when they submitted the code from their 25th anniversary box. If that happens, make sure you email back Real World and say you want the 25th anniversary 24/48 download.

  7. 3 hours ago, KDinsmore said:

    Excellent Josh!

    The Dark Side of the Moon next please.


    Oh boy. I’ve already done some preliminary work on Dark Side, and I don’t know when I’ll be able to tackle it. Such a complicated mastering history! I have a list of about 65 albums for future TBVOs, and as far as I know DSOTM has the most masterings (or alleged masterings) of any album on the list.


    In the mix for my next columns are the CSN couch album, one of Stevie Wonder’s ‘70s classics, and Joni Mitchell’s Blue. (So is Rumours, once I make sure I have all of the masterings.)


    Wish You Were Here will probably be the first Floyd album I tackle and might end up leapfrogging some of the above albums. It has a very interesting mastering history, but there aren’t quite as many masterings as Dark Side. (It’s also probably my favorite Floyd album, though that’s a tough call.)

  8. 7 hours ago, tmtomh said:


    Nice list! Security was the first Gabriel album I owned, so that might have something to do with my rankings, but at any rate, here's my list by preference - although #2-4 are very close in my book (albeit very different):

    1. Security
    2. Melt
    3. So
    4. Car
    5. Up
    6. Us


    I’m guessing Scratch is also your bottom pick, since it’s not even listed? 😄

  9. On 5/28/2019 at 4:38 PM, ted_b said:

    I've seen PG 8 or so times, the first being the Lamb tour with Genesis back in Cleveland.  I think both his tours and his albums peaked at Melt, but that's like saying the Beatles peaked at Revolver.  :)  The remaining catalog is still a treasure.  I go back and forth between the 24/48 and the SACD rip (DSF).  I am interested to hear Josh's comments (or anyone else who has both).  I often use Tony's stick and the percussion at the last minute of Don't Give Up to set up one of my comparisons.  The dsf rip seems to have a blacker background, the 2448 a warmer tone.  Both are great IMHO, especially given that my Holo treats each format differently.


    There wasn’t a single moment that I used. I tried to consider multiple tracks and zero in on moments in those tracks that really varied between versions. The bass at 2:40 in “Red Rain” really stands out, but there are many small moments like that throughout the album that clearly illustrate the 24/48 download’s edge in clarity. 

  10. 2 hours ago, Jud said:


    Direct Mode is a DAC driver. Drivers touch the kernel. Apple prohibits this except for developers whose drivers are specifically permitted to do so. Therefore the only way to re-enable Direct Mode without the workaround is for enough people to write to Apple and ask them to allow it that they include Damien on the list of developers allowed to write drivers.


    Thanks for clarifying. Is there a consensus on whether DM is worth it, in terms of sound quality? Also, are (good) Mojave instructions for the workaround available anywhere? 

  11. Speaking of direct mode, is there any chance @damien78 of it returning to Mac without the work-around?


    I’d been able to successfully do the workaround in the past, but when I upgraded to Mojave I couldn’t get the workaround to work even after three tries. 

  12. Apologies if I’ve missed it, but have there been announced changes in terms of audio processing with 3.5? Anyone have any subjective thoughts on sound version previous versions?


    Finally, both 3.5 and older versions can be installed simultaneously, correct?

  13. Great piece @DuckToller.


    I, too, have mixed feelings about Class D, but I agree some manufacturers are overcoming many of its shortcomings.


    Your piece makes me want to hear the S300.


    I’d also be curious to hear your thoughts on the “Class H” Differential Reference amp from Emotiva if you ever get a chance to audition one...


  14. 21 hours ago, wdw said:


    We did a very brief but interesting comparison using my PONO player switching between the Elegia and Stellia.  They were easy to drive with this portable player.  To our ears the Stellia had a higher level of fidelity and was our first choice.  The Sennheiser HD800S had a more expansive soundstage, albeit less dynamic, as it was a hard load for the PONO.  As mentioned, we have yet to hear the HD820.  The bearded one at Audiostream posted a positive review of the HD820 claiming it exceeded the performance of the HD800.


    Nice to hear positive impressions of the Stellia. It doesn't seem that many people have it in their hands yet.


    I've also read some negative takes on the Stellia's looks. (Someone compared it to a glazed chocolate donut!) But I like the looks. (Of course, I like glazed chocolate donuts, too! 🤣

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