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  1. Thank you. Back in the day, I thought I'd be writing one once every few weeks. But the amount of work I put into each has gone up since then. I look at it as a question of value added. There are lots of articles about The Nightfly out there. I want to write something that will be close to the definitive account of every album I tackle. For me to write them once every few weeks, I'd need to turn it into my real job, which would probably involve Chris helping me spin TBVO off into a freestanding site like SuperDeluxeEdition. That's enticing, but I'm not sure if I'd want to do that fo
  2. His comments in that thread were hilarious. He kept citing Bob Stuart's CV, as if that's a rebuttal to objective analyses of what MQA does and doesn't do. Then he brought up random things like the Apple store's business model. Huh? What does that have to do with MQA? It was also rich to see someone who worked at Microsoft during the '90s and '00s (and whose emails were part of the DOJ's antitrust case against MS!) slamming Apple for monopolistic practices!
  3. The above is impossible! I've heard that, while @The Computer Audiophile is a ruthless censor, Amir cultivates a forum focused on a no-holds-barred exchange of ideas in the search of objective truth. 😉 More seriously, isn't this the second MQA thread that's been locked at ASR because Amir made a fool of himself and got repeatedly dunked on by his followers?
  4. I've never tried folding down the 5.1 mix to stereo. Does HQP do that on-the-fly when playing the 5.1 files, or do you do a conversion beforehand?
  5. Since this site has taken the brave stance of shining a spotlight on MQA, it's worth my mentioning that this article is very wrong about MQA and The Nightfly. The MQA version he listens to is just an MQA-encoded version of the 24/48 release, and both the Redbook streaming version and the 24/88.2 version (which I presume is just a rip of the SACD's hi-res layer) he compares it to are different masterings. So any differences are not attributable to MQA, and in my listening the plain old PCM version of the 24/48 master sounded better than the MQA version even when fully unfolded with my Matrix XS
  6. It's odd that Fremer would blame CDs for the drum sound, since Wendel is really what shaped it. Listening to Wendel tracks on Gaucho, it's the same sound (arguably more digital, since I believe Nichols updated Wendel between Gaucho and The Nightfly). In contrast to Fremer, I agree with the contemporary CD marketers and hifi magazine writers who pointed to The Nightfly as an endorsement of the potential of CDs. Lots of early CDs were sourced from improper tapes, as Nichols himself wrote about in an 1983 article. So even The Nightfly's erroneous first CD issue tended to sound better
  7. I just cleaned up a few missing italicizations of album titles. Please let me know if anyone notices any other errors.
  8. When EQ Magazine asked its readers to select “the best sounding recordings of all time,” Donald Fagen’s 1982 album, The Nightfly, ranked fifth — behind Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, Dark Side of the Moon, Pet Sounds, and Abbey Road, but ahead of Led Zeppelin IV, Electric Ladyland, and Thriller. While at first blush it might seem quixotic to rank the former Steely Dan frontman’s solo debut — which, despite its critical plaudits and whopping seven Grammy nominations, took almost 20 years to go platinum — alongside some of the best-selling albums ever released, EQ’s readers
  9. That’s fascinating. Do you have a link to his comments?
  10. I’m a proud pinko who supports a generous welfare state for individuals, but it’s pretty clear PPP provided opportunities for businesses to game the system and wasn’t very effective at saving jobs. The goal was to prevent employers from laying people off, even temporarily, which would’ve spiked the unemployment rate. However, it arguably would’ve been better to just let the unemployment rate go up. If that was to be avoided at all costs, there were “paycheck guarantee”-type options that would’ve sent money from the government directly to employees while requiring businesses to nominally keep t
  11. Well, it exists enough to have received $180k in PPP. https://projects.propublica.org/coronavirus/bailouts/loans/hometechusa-llc-6118618500
  12. To provide a little context for this, Zune and MS’s competitor to the iTunes Store used a DRM version of WMA designed by Amir. This was also part of Amir’s vision for MS’s video codecs, which caused him to be taken to task by Cory Doctorow, among others.
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