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  1. Congrats on this brilliant maneuver. I see you’ve already shared on Head-Fi, and your posts are making the rounds on other sites, too. I can’t wait to watch your video.
  2. If clamping force is the main issue, then I'd definitely look at ZMF cans. They all have spring steel headbands that can be adjusted by hand to accommodate different head sizes and shapes, and Zach, the founder of ZMF, has detailed YouTube videos on how to bend their headbands.
  3. I have the same Mac as you, but whenever I’ve run into this issue, it’s been the DAC that I’ve needed to move to break the loop. Does a “cheater” plug on the DAC’s cord end the loop? If so, an Ebtech Hum-X should safely solve the problem in place of the cheater. Also, moving one or both of the components to a pure sine wave UPS might solve the issue.
  4. As a teen and into my 20s, I associated the Dead with old hippies and endless noodling. However, once I listened to American Beauty, I started to “get” the Dead. That initial inroads quickly expanded. Now I’ve watched Long Strange Trip dozens of times, read six or seven books on them, own nearly their entire catalog (live stuff included). Not everything they did was quality, and drugs and other things certainly held them back at times. But at their best the Dead produced some of the most life-affirming, joy-inducing music that America has to offer.
  5. The Chambers Brothers? There’s so much to enjoy!
  6. Thanks for sharing this! I’d never heard him. I’m digging it.
  7. I’m assuming you’re referring to a file mastered to PCM initially (since there are some SACD and other releases mastered to DSD), but what I think is interesting about this is the (porous) wall between the pro and hi-fi world. While there are some brands that straddle the line (like Mytek) and some that grew out of pro brands (Pacific Microsonics -> Berkeley), there are lots of commonly used pro ADCs that consumers rarely buy. There also are some mastering studios that use multiple DACs to listen to playback. So nailing down “how it sounded in the studio” (even putting aside the rest of the
  8. I definitely prefer linear phase, too. I wonder if some people are more sensitive to phase issues?
  9. Have you read ASR’s views on other forums? For better or worse, it’s pretty normal for publications and communities occupying similar spaces to compare themselves. Sometimes it can go too far. But on the spectrum of inappropriateness, I think this thread is pretty tame.
  10. I’m confused. How is this evidence of bias? I reviewed both the RME and Matrix here. In terms of sound alone, I found the former good, but overall not superb for the price, and the latter excellent. I think you’re vastly overestimating the simplicity of measurements. Even DAC and amp measurements can be screwed up easily, particularly when they’re done fast and carelessly. Measurements of transducers? Hugely variable.
  11. This is different from serving as a check on a manufacturer’s claimed specs, though. One needs to perform the same tests as the manufacturer’s specs. The above doesn’t do that. More importantly, how is paying writers bad, and why would advertisements necessarily lead to more bias than accepting donations? Despite likely being very well-off, Amir is soliciting donations for his reviews. He is a paid writer. He also clearly wants page clicks and attention. Both of these are likely to create sources of bias. As said above, he obviously figured out early on that slamm
  12. I’ve thought about these personal/political/artistic divides a lot, and I don’t think there’s a good all-purpose answer. Van Morrison is perhaps my all-time favorite artist. But he’s also a famous curmudgeon who can be a total asshole. The anti-“lockdown” stuff is infuriating and embarrassing, but I don’t think it’ll impact my love for his music — especially given that all of my favorite Van stuff is more than 20 years old. It gets harder with Clapton’s Enoch Powell comments or something like Bowie’s weird Nazi comments. Especially with the latter, it’s possible to chalk it u
  13. While teenage me probably would’ve never believed it’d come to this, I absolutely love Yes up through 1974.
  14. I haven’t made my way through the whole thread, but among British guitarists of (roughly) the same era, I think Richard Thompson and Jeff Beck are more original and unique than Clapton is. That said, I love Cream, Blind Faith, and (to a slightly lesser extent) Derek and the Dominos. Clapton’s solo stuff? Not so much.
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