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  1. I saw Mitch at Ohio University as an undergrad. Amazing. I miss him so much.
  2. I’m an enormous fan of both Dylan and The Beatles, but I do think there’s a difference between “most influential”/“most revolutionary” and “better.” In terms of who shaped modern rock/pop songwriting, Dylan and Lennon/McCartney are tops, but overall I prefer Van Morrison to Dylan, to take just one example. Historical analysis and fandom are two different things.
  3. Awesome review, Chris! I'm very excited about these new Yggys. I sold my Yggy2 (now OG) a while back, but perhaps I need to pick up a LiM!
  4. Chris, This is so funny! I just came across this in Qobuz's new releases yesterday and was intrigued by the title. I played it on a whim and loved it as much as it seems you do. To say that I second this recommendation is an understatement! Josh
  5. Does Vox change your folder structure when it imports the collection, or does it leave it untouched? (That is, if you have a music folder structured by iTunes and Audirvana that you want to keep that way, is Vox safe to use?)
  6. I’m not sure if someone else has run into this, but I discovered an (uhhh) “interesting” MQA glitch: Qobuz integration with Audirvana was down for a few days for me. So I was listening on Tidal. I also happened to be using my Matrix XSP, which is MQA-capable. Not paying attention, I clicked on an MQA-encoded album on Tidal. I was quickly alerted to the fact that I was playing MQA because every 15-20 seconds, I heard a dropout. The entire file is loaded into memory on Audirvana, and I use a dedicated music-only Mac Mini. So dropouts essentially never happen in my setup. Whe
  7. I hope one of our tech sluths can figure out of the Qobuz and HDT files are MQA-free. This is a release I was really looking forward to…
  8. Now Amir is arguing that MQA being lossy is good because space actually is a concern. But instead of using an apples-to-apples MQA to effective FLAC resolution example, he’s pointing to a WAV of a long song from a 2xHD DSD release! This is obvious bait-and-switch strawmanning, but I feel like I’m losing my mind. How does he have any credibility?!
  9. One humorous part of Amir’s meltdown about MQA is that he’s bringing up the old “We don’t know who Archimago and Golden are” argument while simultaneously claiming that we should trust MQA because one of the underlying AES papers was peer-reviewed. Of course, peer review is supposed to get its credibility from its anonymity. In theory, it forces people to engage with ideas and evidence, not with resumes.* Yet, that’s precisely why it doesn’t matter what Archimago or Golden’s real names are! *Obviously, in small academic and professional communities, this often brakes down. I’m sure t
  10. Mastering engineer Brian Lucey is filleting MQA over at GearSpace: https://gearspace.com/board/mastering-forum/1171365-mqa-discussion-denver-rmaf-21.html#post15468549 I’m sure he just doesn’t understand audio and the music industry as well as Amir, though. 😂
  11. Amir is absolutely melting down in the reopened MQA thread over at ASR. It’s hilarious.
  12. This part of Stuart’s “technical appendices” is making my head spin.
  13. Thank you so much, Charles. Comments like this mean the world to me.
  14. I didn't do a full review on the Stellia, but it didn't impress me. The R10P and Rognir both came out after this review was published. Based on measurements and images, I wouldn't expect the R10P to compete with the Verite closed, in terms of sound or construction. I'm intrigued by the Rognir, but I haven't read much about it
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