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    HQ Player

    Hi I currently use Roon > HQPlayer Desktop 4 (384kHz DRC Convolution filters. Upsample to DSD-256) -> NAA -> DAC I have no problem sending all types of sample rate files through that chain. Now I want to try a VST-plugin infront of HQPlayer realtime input, e.g Roon > VST-Plugin > HQPlayer Desktop 4 (384kHz DRC Convolution filters. Upsample everything to DSD-256) -> NAA -> DAC I will start and see if I can get automatic switching going with ASIO through the whole chain and set HQplayer to "audio:default/0/2/pcm" But probably the VST host and "virtual loopbacks" need a fixed sample or will upsample to a internal fixed value. But I have not tried. So lets say I need a fixed value in HQPlayer realtime input. How to think about this? In Roon I have both 16/44k,48k and 24/96k files. Also some 192k and DSD files, but can live without those. 1. Should I config HQPlayer to "audio:default/96000/2/pcm" and upsample everything to 96k in Roon? Or better try to upsample to 384k in Roon when I have the Wav DRC Convolution filters generated in that sample rate? 2. If I upsample to 96k before HQplayer is it better to also generate and use 96k DRC Convolution Wav files in HQplayer? 3. Or is upsample before HQPlayer and then again inside HQplayer a bad idea "soundwise". So if automatic switching not working, better to set up to either play 44k or 96k files? thanks Micke
  2. Thanks for the feedback scintilla! Great news, then I will try Room shaper with Hqplayer in Windows. I have no experience with loopbacks, VST plugins etc. Just started to read about it now. Might try (if no one have better suggestions?) Roon —> Voicemeeter virtual input —> Voicemeeter Banana (Connect to Reaper as VST Host for Room shaper via IN/OUT Patch) -> Voicemeeter virtual output -> HQPlayer -> NAA or Roon —> VB-Audio CABLE virtual input —> Reaper (as VST Host for Room shaper) —> VB-Audio CABLE virtual input 2 -> HQPlayer -> NAA or Roon -> VB-Audio ASIO Bridge (if possible to route to Reaper as VST Host for Room shaper) -> HQPlayer -> NAA Some links https://www.vb-audio.com/Voicemeeter/banana.htm https://www.vb-audio.com/Cable/ https://www.reaper.fm/ (found some documentation here https://forums.cockos.com/showthread.php?p=1681556 ) So I read above that HQPlayer streaming input samplerate need to be set manually. I use 384kHz wav convolution filters in Hqplayer (and upsample after that to DSD256). Dunno if it best to then try to upsample everything to 384kHz before HQplayer (either in Roon or perhaps Voicemeeter)?
  3. If someone manage to find a solution to add Room Shaper between Roon and HQPlayer on Windows let me know! But I'm using Accurate convolution DRC in HQPlayer. Guess Room Shaper need to be added after convolution? So perhaps not a solution for me. Might have to switch to Jriver to try Room Shaper. But then I loose Roon's great GUI and HQPlayers wonderful DSD upsampling filters. Trade-offs... thanks for a great article Mitch! regards Micke
  4. How much power is needed, is 300 or 500mA also enough? Regards Micke
  5. Hi Sbenyo, thanks for the interest, but item just sold! regards Micke
  6. Hi, Uptone ISO Regen. List $325, offering at $225 I can include the Mean Well power supply if needed, At the moment no 5.5 mm plug, but can fix that. Shipping from Sweden (not included in price). Payment via PayPal (I will cover the PayPal fee) Thanks! Micke
  7. Hi, Curious usb cable, 1.2 m List $430, offering at $300 Shipping from Sweden (not included in price). Payment via PayPal (I will cover the PayPal fee) Thanks! Micke
  8. That’s great, thanks for the info bibo!
  9. The menus works okay for me in chrome/safari on iPad and OSX. Are you guys using the "responsive menu button" in the top left corner on smaller screens/devices?
  10. Tried direct connection from Mac mini to microRendu (NAA) tonight. Big improvement! I perceive it as removal of grain, more detailed, yet more warm/relaxed sound. Great tip Romaz, Thanks!
  11. Cubox sold! TP-link, fiber and Supra USB Package price: $90
  12. Uptone Regen sold! CuBox, TP-link, fiber and Supra USB Package price: $140
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