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  1. The guy selling his lush cables? Can't say I'm entirely surprised.
  2. Depends on the room. In some rooms I would not be able to enjoy music, e.g. the bathroom. But most living rooms at least come close to being usable for enjoying music "out of the box". Although the goal of nice acoustics often conflicts with modern architecture. In any case, room treatments are just about the most important / noticeable tweak you can apply to your system (save for getting a new pair of speakers), not at all comparable to something like exchanging cables (which will, in almost all cases, have no audible effect at all).
  3. That's me. Old, remote controlled MacBook strategically placed next to my speakers, bog-standard version of OS X (admittedly running my own software and scripts, but nothing that would affect or is intended to affect the sound quality), a really nice set of properly placed active speakers with a capable DAC. Some room treatment. And, voilà! You're in audiophile heaven. Computer audio doesn't have to be much more complicated than that. I'd rather spend time listening to or making music than worry about USB cables. edit: Of course the downside is that there isn't really much left to talk about in that case except for discussions about music.
  4. Bystander


    Wouldn't a MacBook Wouldn't a (fanless) MacBook be more appropriate if you were concerned about the SQ being affected by the presence of fans? Anyone try that?
  5. If it were actually accurate, you should be able to use such a setup in a recording studio, right? But if it makes everything sound good, how do you even go about making any adjustments? Supposedly, even the sound of nails on a chalkboard would please you if you played it back on that rig. You'd never even notice when you've recorded something or edited something in a way that sounds objectively bad. So wouldn't you invariably end up with a flawed result due to being unable to judge the quality of your recording?
  6. I don't think being an audiophile has to cost anything. To me, it just means you appreciate good audio and have come to know, learned to recognize and appreciate accurate sound reproduction. It also means you are possibly able to evaluate the extent to which components of a system exhibit issues and know what to look out/listen for and what steps to take to improve the sound. It's not something you have, it's something you are. You'll probably be inclined to spend some amount of money at that point, but that is neither required nor does it have to be very much at all to take you very far towards an accurate system within the constraints of a given room. The latter admittedly being a huge issue and something I would spend most of my money on if I was serious about getting the best sound quality out of my system irrespective of cost. I'd always start with a (purpose-built) room and go from there. I mean, I think my modest system sounds stunning, but at the same time I recognize the issues it has (almost all of them having to do with the room which can't be / isn't worth it to fix right now). But I've reduced them to a point where it doesn't distract me from enjoying the sound. The point is, that I'm aware of what is good or bad about the system, realize what aspects of it are still lacking and whether it is worth it to go to the lengths necessary to fix them (not really).
  7. All I can think of looking at that picture is that music and probably even speech must have sounded horrible in that room. What a waste of a good stereo:
  8. Listening to the 88/24 version right now. Love it! He's out with another album every other week, seems like it, not that I'm complaining...
  9. I just got an update notification saying that extensive APFS Snapshot support has been added to CCC 5 as part of the latest 5.1.1 update, which is pretty freaking awesome. If anyone hasn't upgraded yet, now might be the perfect time.
  10. Do they still care about music, let alone sound quality? Feels like they're trying to make Apple Music all about video... for some reason.
  11. I don't think people will stop using earbuds anytime soon... more and more they'll probably be wireless, too.
  12. Technically, I think the batteries remain outside of your ears, located in the stem of each AirPod. Still a bit too close for comfort. https://www.ifixit.com/Teardown/AirPods+Teardown/75578
  13. In that case, at the very least, I would make sure they're getting recycled.
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