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  1. Hi Michele, I format USB HDD's using NTFS, but ext3/4 is also supported. Moode is a Web UI so "http://moode" in Browser gives u the entire interface. Since it uses MPD as music server u can also use MPD control apps like MPoD/MPaD, etc. To get cover art to display in MPoD/MPaD enter "http://moode" under Local cover art, URL. I don't have any Android devices so I've not tested MPDroid or Mupeace but if they are similar to MPoD/MPaD then they should work without any additional components. Regards, Tim
  2. Hi, I would try the USB 2x current setting in Moode System config. Its possible the HERUS requires more current from USB. If that does not work send email to tim at moodeaudio dot org and I'll help troubleshoot :-) Regards, Tim
  3. Hi, Thanks for the compliment! I really appreciate it :-) For the HERUS, if it has hdwr volume controller and MPD volume control is set to "Software", just make sure ALSA volume is not 0 --or-- try the USB (UAC2) fix listed in AUDIO FIXES on moodeaudio.org Is Lumin a UPnP control point app? Regards, Tim Curtis
  4. Hi, Just a brief update on release 2.4 :-) Testing with Linux kernel 4.1.10+ and MPD 0.19.10 going good so far. This is exciting because: (1) Linux kernel 4.1.10+ has overlay driver for the new HifiBerry DAC+ Pro Dual Clock board. This implementation operates PCM5122 DAC chip in master mode thus allowing for more precise clocking and lower jitter. Could be really nice. (2) MPD 0.19.10 has a lot of bug fixes and improvements. I've compiled it with some additional options which may be useful in future. I'll post the full options list in a few days for review. Also I've added a few more great radio stations from user contribs, all commercial-free, listener-supported stations. Thanks so much :-) Regards, Tim Curtis
  5. Hi, I just noticed that upmpdci is always started at boot via its init.d script regardless of the UPnP renderer toggle setting in System config page Here is a patch to disable that so it is only started via the toggle setting in System config. (1) ssh [email protected] (pwd = moode) (2) chmod +x /etc/init.d/upmpdcli (3) /usr/sbin/update-rc.d -f upmpdcli remove (4) reboot This fix will be included in release 2.4 :-) Regards, Tim
  6. Hi, For those of you that are using knob.sh, here is a download link for the new version :-) http://moodeaudio.org/downloads/knob.zip The new version that will be part of Moode 2.4 release adds support for mute/unmute, volume limit warning, param validation and MPD sftw/hdwr volume control. Examples: [email protected]:~# /var/www/knob.sh 45 [email protected]:~# /var/www/knob.sh 70 Volume exceeds warning limit 65 [email protected]:~# /var/www/knob.sh mute [email protected]:~# /var/www/knob.sh 35 [email protected]:~# /var/www/knob.sh unmute To install simply copy to /var/www Regards, Tim
  7. Hi, Thanks! I'll add the DAC to the list. Try the USB (UAC2) fix that is described in AUDIO FIXES on moodeaudio.org Regards, Tim
  8. Hi, This excellent listener-supported, commercial-free radio station from Wellington NZ will be in Moode 2.4 release (thanks MikeT !!), and just finished coding to parse tags and cover art for AAC format :-) Regards, Tim Curtis
  9. Hi, These excellent commercial free, listener supported stations will be included in Moode 2.4 :-) Thanks GhezoArt from diyAudio! Regards, Tim
  10. Hi, Cue sheet coding finished for release 2.4 and metadata flowing from shairport-sync in Moode 3 thanks to AG :-) Regards, Tim Curtis
  11. Hi, Successful build of Mike Brady's wonderfully improved shairport-sync version 2.4 :-) [email protected]:~# /usr/local/bin/shairport-sync --version 2.4-openssl-Avahi-ALSA-stdout-soxr-metadata Regards, Tim
  12. Hi, Thanks for the nice compliment! I really appreciate it :-) The built-in radio stations and their names and logos are derived from a sqlite database table. User added stations currently get the default radio station logo. Adding a logo to a newly created station requires editing the sqlite table and a few other things. User added logos are something thats on my to-do list, just haven't gotten to it yet. Regards, Tim
  13. Hi, The following DAC's have been reported by users to work great with Moode. They will be included in release 2.4 for display on Audio info popup. The two i2s DAC's will also appear in the i2s select list on System config page :-) Audiophonics PCM5122 DAC (i2s) Lucid Labs Raspberry Pi DAC (i2s) Arcam irDAC (spdif) Chord QuteHD (spdif) Chord 2Qute (usb) Matrix Mini-i Pro (usb) Regards. TimC
  14. Hi, What I noticed is that there actually is no log_level param in current Moode mpd conf, only the log_file param. This is causing what I believe to be "verbose" log level instead of "default" log level. The permanent fix in release 2.4 is to include log_level "default" but still leave #log_file which turns of logging. If logging were ever needed for troubleshooting, simply uncomment and set appropriate log_level. In my experience troubleshooting user issues, I rarely use any of the server logs, so I'm thinking that having the default configuration be "no logging" makes sense for audio player. Regards, Tim
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