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  1. How can they be changed? Do they need to go back to Paul, or can this be done by the end user?
  2. I do not understand why so much virtual ink is wasted on lamenting over why manufacturers do not optimize their products. This wailing has been going on regarding other things like stock power cords, binding posts, etc. Manufacturers build to a price point and profit goal - simple. They'll rather leave the rest for us to take care of, afterall, we always did, and continue to do so. No need singing the same dirge ad infinitum. In other news, I purchased Isoacoustics Gaias a week ago from a buddy who lent it to me to try in place of the stock spikes underneath my Acoustic Zen Crescendos (please don't ask why the manufacturer didn't provide the best feet with the product - see preceding paragraph). After one listening session, I knew I had to buy these. Mind you, my speakers sit on carpet, in a basement with concrete flooring underneath, and so I thought I wouldn't need anything but to spike them to the carpet. The Gaias have opened up the soundstage, added needed body across the board and allowed hitherto hidden detail to come forth. These are a no brainier for speakers for me moving forward.
  3. The one integrated amp that's tempting me now is the Absolare Passion Integrated. I just absolutely have to hear one before purchasing. I am concerned it may not have that SET magic. It's a hybrid with a tube line stage. I've heard their Passion 845 SET amp at shows and they were great. Most reviewers claim the integrated has a similar sound to the amp, but I'm still concerned about what may subjectively be missing.
  4. Hey @TubeLover, I'm using the same configuration as you. I got my Lampi GG in mid December and I'm using it connected directly to a Line Magnetic 508ia amp. The VC of the Lampi handily beat that of the integrated LM amp (no surprise there). However, like you, I'm looking to eke out as much performance from my setup as possible. I'm actually looking to replace the integrated amp with another integrated so I'm attacking the issue from that direction. Glad to hear you found a preamp that could take things to the level you seek. Hopefully you find the ACT 2 commensurate with the quality of the GG, and you don't get tempted by the GAT or GAT2 down the road.
  5. I have decided to upgrade to the Reserva Elite non-powered cable from the Reserve powered USB cable. I've upgraded DACs and the new DAC can function without the power leg of the cable. Any more impressions on the Elite vs. standard Reserva cable?
  6. Has anyone tried out a Mutec MC3+ USB with a more recent Big7 or GG that has the SuperClock upgrade? Is it still beneficial to have the Mutec in the chain?
  7. Does anyone have any impressions on the Goebel USB cable?
  8. Sorry, I didn't answer your question specifically on the Ethernet cable. When I got the set, I decided to listen to the LAN cable only without the USB cable in the mix. This is because I was very skeptical of hearing much of an improvement. I had a Supra8 cable that I was using to connect my NAS to my microrendu. I was loathe to believe things could be improved significantly because the Supra8 had brought a minor improvement to my system so I had closed the chapter on Ethernet cable experimentation. What does this LAN cable do? Noise removal! If you've tried the TotalDAC USB cable, and remember what it brought to the table in terms of cleaning out sound and removing hash to reveal timbre. Similar effect here. It does this without adding the coloration of the TotalDAC cable. Beyond that, it adds ink to the blackground. Allowing details that the TotalDAC covers up to be revealed.
  9. I agree. We should not confuse lean, etched, fast, over-emphasized leading edge for neutrality and transparency.
  10. I haven't looked back since getting it. The level of quietness and detail retrieval is immense. But it's all very naturally presented which is unusual. Especially compared to the Curious and its in your face portrayal of details. One great aspect of the Sablon is it's enhancement of the lower frequencies. Bass is rendered more tuneful than what the other cables gave me. If you stream your music, I implore you to give the Ethernet cable a chance. It gives you more of everything, it's a no brainer.
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