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  1. I would prefer it if we prioritize functionality to the end goal of better sound over aesthetics or convenience. That way we can keep the cost down. I do think visual and convenience options should be at an optional premium to those who want them rather than being a part of the standard package.
  2. What are the dimensions of this case, especially the height? That may create a problem for some. It is a concern for me. Edit: Don't mind me - I see the height in the images above.
  3. Hi Peter. Thanks for letting us know of your really valued skillset, and we are thankful you are willing to help a couple of interested folks here out. Just so you don't run afoul of the powers that be here, be sure to disclose your commercial standing, IF ANY. I would hate for things to go sour down the road due to that. Again, thanks for making yourself available to assist in our DIY efforts here.
  4. You can sign me up for a group buy. Definitely interested.
  5. I replaced my Yggy with a Lampizator Golden Gate 2. It was a worthwhile upgrade but I still have fond memories of the Yggy. It did a lot of things right.
  6. My DC4 arrived today. First impressions are a little overwhelming. It leaves me wondering why I hadn't made this jump all this while. Ah well. Sometimes it's the journey and not the destination, but the destination here is oh so sweet. I'll post impressions once things are run in some more. Nenon's DC cables are being used now for the first time, and the LPS needs to break in those caps as well.
  7. After looking through my correspondence with Sean in order to answer some PMs I received on here, I think I have to clarify one important thing. The DC4 is made with three outputs as the standard maximum limit. My build with four outputs was a one off, and it had its own set of difficulties that Sean had to address. I cannot assume that Sean will be willing to make another DC4 4 rail in one case again.
  8. I will quote and defer to Sean's description of what it is as he relayed it to me here: "for low-current rails the module works best if the CX section is enabled. If the current draw is more than around 2A then it is best to disable the CX filter, as it has no benefit at higher currents. I know that the 20V and 12V rails need to be high-current rails, the USB and NIC cards probably draw less than 2A (I would estimate they draw less than 1A in fact)), so for these I could enable the CX filters. It can be changed later on if you need the full 5A though, it is just a small set of jumpers to move on the circuit board."
  9. Hi @dminches Here are the specs for my DC4. ATX/Motherboard - 20V (5A) (overspecced as I believe 19V would be sufficient). EPS/CPU - 12V (10A) Jcat Femto Net card - 5V (5A) ( CX Filter will limit it to 2A, but removing jumpers will allow 5A) Pink Faun USB card - 5V (5A) (CX Filter here as well). These are all specific to the Asus ROG Crosshair 7 Hero + Ryzen 3700x combo.
  10. Some of the descriptors you've mentioned here are what my system has been hinting at as I've tackled power/digital from multiple fronts. For example, slotting in an Edgerouter yesterday took me past one hitherto unseen ceiling to a level where I'm now sensing so much more harmonic content from instruments. "Notes sounding like they were made by" as you put it, was heightened by this addition. You won't get any arguments from me over the contribution of better DC cabling. I'll be using all @Nenon built cables for my DC4 rails. I'll be amiss if I didn't state @Nenon's selfless contributions to my system. His build thread was inspirational to me going all in. Along the way, he provided constant advise, helped with speccing the power supply, and so much more. IMHO, he gives out nuggets of information that many would hoard for commercial gain. I must say most of us owe a debt to the likes of him and @romaz whose experimentations richly enhance our individual journeys.
  11. I'll be powering 4 devices with my DC4. I don't know what misled me to think the DC3 could only be made to power one device. Yes, my DC4 case had to be modded by Sean to cater to the extra heat generated by the high current requirement for the CPU rail @10A. Sean recommended a bigger heatsink on one side of the case.
  12. Can you clarify whether you have implemented vlans yet for your setup? It's a little ambiguous in your post. I just received my SFP Edgerouter yesterday and only have it set up as a layer 2 switch currently. I'll love to try implementing vlans to see if there are sonic benefits.
  13. Here are some more impressions from the wam: https://www.hifiwigwam.com/forum/topic/141102-sean-jacobs-dc4-lps-powering-my-dave-and-mscaler/
  14. @magnuska I'll definitely report back once everything burns in. I'm happy to hear you are enjoying your DC 3. I am thinking about going down that route eventually for the ancillary network components closest to the DAC. I was under the impression the DC 3 could only have a single output. It's always great when one component replaces two- you get to save on power cords. @Blackmorec I've always enjoyed your writing - thanks for breaking down your journey and impressions of Sean's products. Thanks for making my wait more unbearable;-) I myself have gone through a gamut of linear power supplies: LPS 1, LPS 1.2, JS-2, Sonore Signature Rendu LPS, and now Farad Super3s. Each step brought significant improvements and a realization that power is the most critical aspect of a networked digital chain. I must also add how responsive and accommodating Sean has been throughout my ordering/build process.
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