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  1. Does anyone have an idea when the HDPlex 800W DC-ATX will be back in stock from HDPlex? Or is anyone looking to offload one they're no longer using?
  2. I may have missed it, but did you expand on what the rest of your system is? Amplifiers, speakers?
  3. To those like, scared of replacing clocks on their motherboards, it appears Pink Faun has a new service to do the mods for you:
  4. https://geizhals.eu/winkom-pendrive-16gb-a599978.html?hloc=eu&v=e&fbclid=IwAR0lNxS_CuXwivtgFDJkUox8orZ5zwoli5Ll1u0_agPwkJgdUgaZdnVY3jg http://www.memorydepot.com/ssd/listcat.html?catid=USBFLASH Here are a few. Haven't used them, so can't endorse them.
  5. So, essentially, besides speed and a minimum 8GB space, there are no other factors to consider?
  6. Quick question to folks on here - is there a consensus on what external USB to purchase to run Euphony? Or does a simple 8GB external drive work?
  7. I see. So once purchased and installed, you're pretty much stuck with that particular motherboard or one of the same clock speed. Thanks for the heads-up.
  8. Which Pink Faun unltraOCXO clockspeed are folks selecting?
  9. adamaley

    Antipodes CX

    Do keep us posted
  10. @Nenon Thanks for the breakdown on Roon vis a vis customer builds and where it ranks in the hierarchy of players. If I may ask, are Euphony, AudioLinux and the like able to incorporate streaming from Tidal or Qobuz? Btw, thanks for the informative PM. I will be responding shortly.
  11. I have a Sonore Signature Power Supply for sale. It comes with an upgraded custom Sonore (Cardas) DC 3 AC cable. From Sonore's site: The Sonore Signature Power Supply is Sonore’s all-out top grade power supply designed to drive the ultra/microRendu. Most everything about this power supply is deluxe from the Cardas-Sonore custom DC output cable; custom made footers with Sorbothane isolators, beautiful aluminum case, and many United States sourced parts. The Sonore Signature Power Supply was designed specifically to provide an ultra-low noise, and ultra-low impedance supply for the ultra/microRendu. The Sonore Signature has a custom ultra-low noise discrete linear regulator as well as the ability to provide the necessary peak current for the ultra/microRendu. The resultant sound was now magnificent with wonderful definition and balanced sound from top to bottom. This power supply retailed for $1450. I am asking $900 for the package and will ship USPS Priority 2 day insured up to the full amount at my asking price. Buyer to cover PayPal fees. I will post pictures soon.
  12. Thanks for the response. I am glad to hear that Thanks for the response and pseudo confirmation of what I was hoping for. It's good to know that the DIY approach has caught up to the upper echelon of turnkey options. Another question, and please feel free to send me packing to a different thread if you feel my line of questioning is distracting to the purpose of your thread, are there builds that accomodate Roon core and roon as a player, or is it best to go with the likes of Euphony for playback? Thanks for tolerating my inquiries. If/when I decide to dive in, this thread will be an invaluable starting point for me.
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