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  1. If we were all adults with rational thought processes it would be a moot point...but I will be crowned the queen of England before that happens. A significant number of human beings are basically pieces of shit and will act accordingly.......sorry to be brutal but it is what it is....American Politics is my evidence.... Chris sorry for being an ass, tried to get folks together with our meeting in Berkeley a few years ago but holy crap....
  2. Hey Bill good to hear from you. And thanks for the good wishes and offer. We are doing OK up here except for the incredibly bad air quality. Petaluma luckily has turned out to be the evacuation center of choice based on the fact we have not been hit by the fires. I grew up in LA and the annual ash fall from the hills burning was routine, this is something else.....I saw the other post on Lavorgna had some discussion on bicycles involved. That's always a good trend!
  3. Wow I have been away for awhile and just started looking at posts. It seems to me if Mr. Lavorgna runs a competing website he showed up here for a short period of time and got you guys attacking each other like rabid dogs. I'd argue mission accomplished....Color me a conspiracy theorist...
  4. Ya lets blame it on the monolith, that will work out nicely for everbody. :-)
  5. Ya know folks its a pretty basic summary statement. Human beings, especially those in their development stages, are social creatures that need FACE to FACE interactions. Technology has again out paced our ability to adapt. Natural selection takes a much longer timeframe to achieve it's goals than Apple developing another smart phone app. But then again maybe the kids committing suicide are a form of natural selection...... Its pretty fucked up any way you look at it.
  6. So basically we cannot agree on any measurement that would provide one definitive difference in sound that would be perceived by all camps. It's like wine, which I make, that you can measure until the cows come home but NOBODY agrees on anything when the product is in the glass. Measurements are possible ad nauseam in both wine and audio and yet no one agrees on anything. Watch "Som Into The Bottle" and a nice older lady, a professor at UC Davis, states have you ever seen an industry based in so much bullshit....Audio is no different, in fact much much worse bordering on fanaticism. Keep tryin
  7. So I am not an engineer. Tech Management, but the circular logic that is going on in this and most other post is mind numbing. Bill asked a simple question and everyone goes off the rails with absolutely no constructive way to answer his question. So where to start? How about a matrix, looking at one simple chain that identifies what can be measured in the chain, a description of what that measurement should provide in the a listening session, and what any changes in those measurements should be heard in a listening session. Or we could keep going round and round and round and round and round
  8. I'd be very careful if you used real music during testing. If you fire up for example "Afternoon Delight" PETA will be all over your ass for cruelty to animals......
  9. My mind has officially just been blown! :-)
  10. It's full of stars.....!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So flat panel tech was developed from the monolith.....cool
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