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  1. Great review Rajiv! Thanks! I find it quite interesting that while you heard notable differences between the various headphones (and amps) you used, no one totally in every respect blew away the others. This is a tribute to the excellence of all the gear (headphones and amps) at the highend now!
  2. ZB, I just now read about the PGGB-RT and this is exciting! That said, I use a Mac and know that this is not supported now, but wondering if there's a possible path to the RT version on a Mac at some point or are there aspects to this (of course including Foobar) that are limited to Windows only? Thanks - and I love my offline PGGB!
  3. So does the MScaler processing (24 bit noise shaping and maybe dithering?) not interfere with the PGGB 24 bit dithering? Also, I do use these files to playback on other systems via Roon and unfortunately am forced to convert everything to 192K sample rate. I was using 32 bit no noise shaping PGGB upsampling so that the extra bits could be used by Roon for optimal sample rate conversion to 192K (sometimes not power of 2 conversions), but perhaps 24 bit dithering only is close to the same as 32 bit no dithering or noise sampling even for Roon? I thought that Roon would also do dither
  4. Cool! Question: If I'm going from server > SRC-DX (via USB) > MScaler (via dual BNC) > Dave (via Dual BNC), should I enable dithering with this new 2.1.05 PGGB or not? Earlier you had clarified that the best option for this (temporary for me) setup is to do 32 bit 16FS upsampling with NO noise shaping (given that the MScaler always noise shapes to 24 bits no matter what it's sent as an input even if it doesn't upsample). But I just wanted to clarify whether or not to do dithering only. Likely nothing at 32 bits matters given the 24 bit truncation of the SRC-DX.
  5. Might you someday pursue the Raal SR1a (even though you listen mostly to your speaker setup)?
  6. For me it's mostly Qobuz (via Sublime subscription), next is Native DSD, Bandcamp or HDTracks. I do really like it when the actual nature of the recording is noted (i.e. is it DXD, DSD, and if so what rates natively, etc.) Since I now use PGGB for upsampling (with Dave DC4 DAC), I am buying a lot more music in general and then processing (gargle blasting) it with PGGB. That said, I'll almost always go for the HD version of something, but even 16/44K version processed with PGGB is so much better than almost anything else available streaming or otherwise. That's why I buy a lot more
  7. Thanks! And I assume that the SRC-DX does not do any sort of noise shaping itself? Seems it wouldn't given not much (or any) processing ability, but I'm not sure. For now, I'll run with 32 bit non-noise-shaped outputs and then down the road if I do ever go direct from SRC-DX to Dave I'll just re-gargle-blast the files with 24 noise-shaped output. And just in case anyone knows: Does Roon do any sort of noise-shaping when doing downsampling (either power of 2 or non-power-of-2) downconversion to 192K from 7xxK PGGB files? I think it does for upsampling, but don't know ab
  8. @austinpop I agree with you completely - although I've got a complication that (temporarily I hope) mandates the current setup I use. The complication is that I have a bad buzz/hum when connecting my SRC-DX directly to my Dave. I've tried virtually everything (a very long list of things tried AC, DC, USB, SPDIF, and more) to eliminate it, to no avail, perhaps I've got a defective SRC-DX. I'll be contacting Dan at Audiowise soon on this. No buzz or hum at all with the SRC-DX feed going through the MScaler path and then on to Dave. Now having said this, I'll add that the MScaler does
  9. Yes, thanks! My main question though is if the difference between 32 and 24 bits (no noise shaping) is just truncation of the bottom 8 bits, or something different? Or is there ever any reason (other than saving space) to use 24 bits instead of 32 bits for “no noise reduction” PGGB gargle blasts?
  10. Question on PGGB: If using PGGB gargle blasted files with noise shaping turned off - is there any difference between a 32 bit output and a 24 bit output other than the truncation of the bottom 8 bits for the 24 bit version? The reason I ask this is: I want to have one set of PGGB processed files for all of my use situations, and there are two primary uses: 1. Highend listening: PGGB files get played back directly (not via Roon) to an SRC-DX via USB and then out to an MScaler via dual SPDIF cables. The MScaler output goes to a Dave DAC via another set of dual SPDIF cable
  11. I compared Roon on a Mac to Roon on a Nucleus to an Aurender - all with Dave DAC feeding Focal Utopia headphones. All playing the same content, and yes these were different boxes so to speak, so we can’t know how much is due to Aurender software or Aurender hardware - but other folks have tested the same hardware (like Innuos) with Roon vs other software on the same box and Roon generally loses the competition. In my test Mac and Nucleus about equal, Aurender was noticeably better.
  12. Aurender does sound better than Roon - I verified this a while back. One challenge I and perhaps some have is that I sometimes do still need to use Roon (for multiroom playback) and Aurender does not run Roon at all (even as an option) from what I understand. Other servers like Innous and Taiko do albeit can get quite expensive... At least we have options and more clarity that Roon is distancing itself from folks who care a lot about sound quality. We can always hope thought that the big 2.0 Roon release might actually give us great SQ again!
  13. It is indeed sad that Roon is not prioritizing sound quality. And I, like you have found the Roon forums to be a lost cause. I'm now evolving into mixed-use model. For "multiroom aka multizone" mode, Roon is great. I normally listen this way in a "fill the house with sound" mode in the early evenings - and I have 3 systems all playing the same content. I'm not aware of any other solution that works as well and that sounds "good enough". That said, I've somewhat recently become a convert to PGGB (nothing short of amazing! Know anyone who wants to buy a used MScaler?) for
  14. This is a tough challenge we have! In my case, I have 3 separate systems that I'll want to play content on. Currently everything is sourced from Roon, but I'm going to head eventually to a highend server setup like what you have (not sure, maybe Innuos, maybe Taiko, maybe something else), but even then I'll need Roon for some of my "multizone" listening modes. I generally in the evenings have music playing on 3 systems simultaneously so it gives a "fill the house with sound" effect - quite nice for dinner music, etc. But 2 of my systems (one Chord DC4 Dave/HMS with my Abyss headpho
  15. @Fourlegs - this is my new challenge too - that of comparing 32 bits vs 24 bits and noise shaping on or off as it goes through the MScaler. And then comparing this to the SRC-DX (which requires 24 bit). I'd talked to ZB earlier about this issue and he initially thought that 32 bit with noiseshaping by PGGB was not optimal if going through the MScaler, but now considering this "no noiseshaping and 32 bit" option for PGGB files is intriguing. One issue I have with these variants though is that as I process more and more music (with quite a lot left to do), I'd rather not have differ
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