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  1. I'm open to anything, once I sort of know what im doing I can start to decide properly. So am I write when I say I need to use a DAC, or a soundcard in the pc to filter the signal for the speakers? And no amp would be needed for speakers? I'm not totally against a soundcard, it just feels a bit restricted when using headphones, not being able to get the most out of them when travelling, which I think a dac & amp would solve in that case.
  2. I've listened to neither, I'm usually very busy and haven't had much of a chance. Speakers are based on reviews i've read. So budget really, if something is expensive, i'll try to wait and save if it's worth it. objective for me is to have half decent audio from headphones, and from desktop speakers. I only just recently learnt about a dac+amp, that some people use for their phones, and wondered if one of these would work to bring decent audio to speakers also.
  3. One thing I lack, badly, is audio. Decent audio anyway. Which i'd like to sort out; As I do appreiate a better sound. So if any audio'ers are about, i'd really appreicate the slightest help. Right now I have nothing. I'm probably going to buy the Corsair SP2500 for my desktop. And then upgrade my current earphones to a decent pair of headphones after. So the problem is that I don't know if to buy a soundcard or a DAC? Headphone side - Something like the O2+ODAC amp combo would work well I think. Also being able to power a good pair of phones from that. And it's also kind
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