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  1. If you have a monitor connected, dietpi displays its ip address when it boots up. Did you see that?
  2. randytsuch

    HQ Player

    Well if you go with embedded, you can use a usb stick with HQP OS on it, and boot from that when you want to run HQP. Then have a SSD with Linux for anything else. I started with Ubuntu/Embedded but I use HQP OS now and am very happy with it. They are both viewed as embedded versions, so same license covers them. Randy
  3. I go to the select kernel page, and select number 4. I don't know what that actually means in regards to your question. Randy
  4. Just wanted to update my status. Using the version downloaded a week ago, without the kernel change download. I decided I like the sound of kernel 4, with Profile Select 4, so that is what I've been using. Sounds really good, and no pops in my system. I did have some pops with kernel 4 without changing profile, but I tried the different profiles, though 4 sounded best, and it doesn't have pops Note that another reason I picked kernel 4 is that is only had a few pops with default profile. Some kernels have a lot more pops Randy
  5. Same here, I always use the actual ip address from my macbook and I can SSH and browser connect fine. Either connect a monitor to the Sig, or use your router or an ip sniffer program to get the ip address. Randy
  6. I ran into this when I was building I ran into this when I was building my hqp PC. I ended up using a 750 watt Cosair PS that had two atx12v connectors. Its overkill for my PC, but made the build easier, and its a nice supply. Otherwise, I found an adapter that lets you take another 12v power, probably pcie, and has a atx12v connector on the other end. Didn't save the link, but I know they are out there if you look. I also saw some builds where guys connected just one of those connectors, I guess it really depends how much power your processor is pulling.
  7. Looks like an announcement thread https://audiophilestyle.com/forums/topic/26343-picoreplayer-picore-linux-raspberry-pi-squeezelite/?tab=comments#comment-490994 I know there are long threads about it at other forums, diyaudio being one.
  8. There are two holes next to the usb connector. You can solder into them to provide power.
  9. I decided to put my system details in my audio system page and included it in my footer so anyone can see what I'm have now. Of significance here (maybe) is I am using hqplayer to upsample to dsd256. When I was using the revised, supposed to fix pops version of allo's dietpi, I didn't hear pops at dsd128, only at 256. Haven't tried with GentooPlayer, maybe I'll do that just to see. Also, since I was able to make changes to the pi clock rate and fix the pops, I've decided, for my problem, its related to pi overhead. But I look at the pi's usage, and its not that busy, less than 30% for any core at most from what I remember. But maybe there are times when its not responding fast enough? I also made a 2nd sd card with gentooplayer 64 bit last night and retried it. Definitely hear pops, worse on the rt kernels (even 18 and 20). Then I can pretty much fix it using "profile select" to select one of the offered profiles. Last night I was trying a different kernel/profile combination and may have heard a few faint pops, but not enough to bother me. I expect that profile select is optimizing the pi for music playback, so it can respond faster and no pops. Randy
  10. Its an option on the left. I'm at work, and don't remember exactly what it was called, but was pretty obvious I thought. You do have to scroll down a bit to get to it. How do you select BitPerfect? Or maybe I just need to look for it when I get home. FWIW, I compared my fairly highly tweaked audio PC to the usbridge sig, and the sig sounded better, not even close, IMO. This PC sounds way better than an old macbook I have Randy
  11. I didn't know how to do it in gentoo. Will give that a shot too. Its been my solution for now with dietup, but I'm hoping when pi releases a new kernel this will be fixed. Randy
  12. I loaded the new (really old) version kernel again last night, and verified it pops in my system. Then tried something else. Confirmed that kernel 6 was the best one, it has the least number and lowest volume pops. Started trying the Profile Select options. I think 1 was fine, but did most of listening at Kernel 6, "Profile Select" = 2 With this selected, no pops. I guess the combination I have is rare, usbridge sig connected to a diyinhk usb to i2s card and that's why my system acts differently here. I may try the other kernels, and then try different profiles with them, but I also may just listen to music for a while lol FYI, to get allo/dietpi to work with no pops, here is what I did https://www.diyaudio.com/forums/vendor-s-bazaar/337859-shanti-dual-lps-5v-3a-5v-1-5a-92.html#post5963277 Randy
  13. randytsuch

    HQ Player

    Deleted, sorry wrong place.
  14. Had the same pops with 32 bit version, but I didn't try all the kernels with it, just the default one.
  15. Should I try all the non rt kernals again? I tried the one that came up after loading this, and one other. Still pops for me.
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