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  1. I think we may have another avenue to go after LH Labs legally. I was contacted by a person calling themselves "Gina Stewart" in early 2017 to pay for various upgrades to my Geek Source and Vi DAC orders which I stupidly paid. Note that this contact was outside of the Indiegogo campaigns and therefore it does not fall under the Indiegogo terms. Isn't this interstate wire fraud since I am not in CA? Was anyone else contacted by LH Labs for extra payments?
  2. Just sent the $ damage they did to me to be added to the spreadsheet. I wonder if it would be worth contacting some of the audio press folks who they give glowing reviews from in their campaigns to see if they would publicize the fraud. People like John Atkinson, Stephen Stone, John Darko, etc. might want to know what their names are being associated with.
  3. The only reason that Q&A request thing was posted is to satisfy the Indiegogo terms of agreement. A campaign owner has to update their campaign status every month. They were in violation of that for a couple months. I would not expect any replies to the Q&As.
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