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  1. Let’s hope for complete failure!!
  2. Dan while you are correcting that could you please fix the following: https://open.qobuz.com/track/47256061 The correct title of the song is What ‘Cha Doin’ To Me and not What ‘Cah Doin’ To Me. Also tracks 11, 13 and 14 are wrong on this album http://open.qobuz.com/album/vkypz3b58pfjb Don’t know if the tracks or the titles are wrong for this particular album but they definitely don’t match up. Thanks.
  3. If Dan fixes it you’re lucky. I’ve been trying to get Spotify to do the same thing to The Singles 1984-2004 by a-ha. They duplicated the titles to tracks 11 and 13. Track 11 is correct but track 13 plays a different song as it should but the title is wrong. No other service from what I’ve seen has this problem they all have the correct info. Contacted Spotify multiple times and it’s been over a year now. Even contacted Rhino. They both email me back saying they agree yet no one has done their job yet. Pathetic!!
  4. Spotify also has all of Good Sleepy’s older albums where Qobuz only has the latest album and singles from it. Good Sleepy - Rest Easy (855063 Records DK) Good Sleepy - Okay With The Way It Is, As Is (3rd Row Records) Good Sleepy - Dessert Before Dinner (3rd Row Records)
  5. I’ve seen this as well with another album or two I can’t remember what they were though. Something Qobuz needs to look into and step up their game in their next round of negotiations with the labels to fix. An update on where they are with getting Bob Seger’s catalog would also be helpful. I don’t understand why it is taking so long. They have been negotiating with him for 2-3 YEARS now!! Qobuz is also missing the following titles that are all on Spotify: Amerie - 4AM Mulholland (Feeniix Rising Entertainment) Amerie - After 4AM (Feeniix Rising Entertainment) Amerie - Curious (Feeniix Rising Entertainment) Amerie - A Heart’s For The Breaking (Feeniix Rising Entertainment) Laura Branigan - Hold Me (Warner Music Group - X5 Music Group) Laura Branigan - The Complete Atlantic Albums (Warner Music Group - X5 Music Group) The Donnas - The Donnas (Purple Feather Records) The Donnas - American Teenage Rock ‘n’ Roll Machine (Purple Feather Records) The Donnas - The Donnas Turn 21 (Purple Feather Records) Eddie Murphy - How Could It Be (Sony Music Entertainment Inc.) Ric Ocasek - Beatitude (Geffen Records) Ric Ocasek - Nexterday (No Label Listed) The Pool - Dance It Down / Jamaica Running (Dark Entries Records) Ratt - Rarities (Deadline Records) Real Steel (Original a motion Picture Soundtrack) - The whole album is available on Spotify but some tracks are sample only in Qobuz Rossington Collins Band - This Is The Way (Geffen Records) Whitesnake - Live In The Heart Of The City (Mirage Records / Unidisc Music Inc.) Whitesnake - Ready An’ Willing (Mirage Records / Unidisc Music Inc.) Whitesnake - Come An’ Get It (Mirage Records / Unidisc Music Inc.) Whitesnake - Forevermore (Radar Records) What doesn’t make sense is all of the Donnas titles (entire catalog) are on the same label (Purple Feather Records) so why would Qobuz be missing the three I listed yet have all their other titles? The other artist’s albums are on different labels but still Spotify has them all.
  6. Good on Linn to openly stand against MQA from the beginning too!!!
  7. Android isn’t the only one having issues. Qobuz please have your IOS team look at this from the Qobuz Reddit page:
  8. Audioquest survey/sweepstakes. It includes a few questions as they want to know what you think of MQA. Good way of telling Audioquest what you think of MQA. Might want to fill it out soon as I thinks it ends at the end of July. https://www.headfonia.com/audioquest-giveaway-survey/
  9. Found this posted on the following forum thread: https://forums.stevehoffman.tv/threads/apple-to-launch-high-fidelity-audio-streaming-incl-atmos.1084291/page-28#post-27084289 Music Blogger Bob lefsetz just sent this out. It is concerning if Apple are seeking to make these versions the new standards. A good reason to keep buying physical "I got the following e-mail from a producer/engineer: "I just want to try and alert you to the potential seismic scam happening with this Atmos roll out. Atmos catalog remixing is being done by the truckload in a handful of Nashville, LA, and NYC rooms right now and has been for a couple of years, and almost none of it is being overseen or approved by the artist or original producer or mixer. And these versions- according to Apple- will be the new standard versions, superseding the original versions, now designated by Apple to the dustbin of history. I have heard some Atmos mixes which were indeed an improvement. However, most are not. And I would like to steer you toward this demo from Apple to get a sense of their mindset Introducing Spatial Audio In the rush to make content for Apple, labels are jamming this crap out with little QC and -again- almost no input from artists. This format has real potential but if they continue to try and tell us that **** like this 'new' version of 'What’s Going On' is better than then original, then it will be seen as a counterfeit and a fraud, and will go the way of the Home Pod. I know how you feel about catalog being remixed and this has potential to be a worst case scenario." And then my inbox filled up with more, and iMessage started to ring from other professional engineers. Now wait a second, this was supposed to be a breakthrough. But is it more of a marketing gimmick? A way for Apple to gain subscribers? So I pulled it up. You can hear it, it definitely sounds different, but is that a good thing? And here's where I venture out beyond the limits of my knowledge, to what these people are telling me. There are over a hundred reference points in Dolby Atmos. As in this is far beyond conventional 5.1. Think of a movie theatre, where the sound moves around, now you get the idea. But that's movies. We're talking about music, sans pictures. Now the truth is almost all music today is ultimately released in stereo. You record it, someone mixes the multiple tracks down to two, and then a mastering engineer EQ's it. The artist supervises the entire process. But when it comes to Atmos... Let's say you have the equipment and ability to make an Atmos mix. My understanding is right now, you send the end product to Dolby and they use their special sauce to create the final product. Furthermore, they have special sauce to turn the same Atmosfied music into two track stereo. So, in a business where how it sounds is critical, Dolby is the ultimate arbiter. The writer at the top is right. It is sacrilegious to remix/Atmosfy classic tracks. They weren't cut that way to begin with. It even bugs me that they're using remixed tracks from "Abbey Road" to Atmosfy, now you're multiple steps from the original. Now if we look at the history here... The big breakthrough came in the mid-sixties, when there were two formats, mono and stereo. At first albums came in both iterations, then stereo only. And the goal was to buy the best home stereo you could afford, so you could hear the end product the way it was made, so you could get closer to the music. Then they introduced quad. There were two competing formats, they both failed. And then, this century, there was surround sound, a lot of money was dropped and consumer adoption was extremely low. Once again, the albums were being bastardized, this is not how the band and producer and engineers envisioned the sound to be, this was an afterthought. And it also required a special system to hear, which most people didn't own, the script had flipped, from buying ever better, more expensive stereos to boom boxes and then headphones. And right now the standard is AirPods/earbuds, which ironically don't even work with Apple's Spatial Sound/Dolby Atmos. But if you have a wired connection... I fired up Apple Music last night on my iPad. There's Zane Lowe's dog and pony show linked to above, but there's also 127 demo tracks, as in Apple is trotting these out to demonstrate the greatness of Spatial Audio. I pulled up ones I was familiar with. Now I was listening on wired Sennheiser headphones, which retail for about $300, far better than what most punters are listening on, never mind the bass-heavy, distorting of the music Beats, talk about a marketing job. And the tracks were, as I said, definitely different. Not radically different, but there was more space... But then I started getting reviews e-mailed to me. And just now I went back. Now I'm listening via my computer, with $700 Audeze headphones with a separate headphone amp. And what I've learned is...the Spatial Audio and stereo versions are not only different, the process affects the punch, the essence of the originals! I compared Spatial Audio tracks to their HD equivalents on Amazon Music and I found exactly what one writer said: the vocal gets lost. Instead of being up front and in your face, it's buried more in the mix. Let's start with Apple's demo track, "What's Going On." In the stereo mix Marvin Gaye is up front, the band is backing him, in the Spatial Audio version, the band is surrounding him, on the fringe, background vocals popping up way up to the right, Marvin is just an element, not the essence, it's a cornucopia of music, but it's not the legendary track, it's absolutely different, a sacrilege. Same deal with the Doors' "Riders On the Storm." Pat Benatar's "We Belong." Let's talk Bon Jovi's legendary "Wanted Dead or Alive." Listen to the stereo version and it's like there's a band on stage, the members are not all standing in the same place, but they're definitely on stage, in front of you, you've got a cohesive sound. Now on the Spatial Audio take... It's like you're in the arena and sounds are not only coming from the stage, but off to the right and left of it, from other places in the arena. It's an immersive experience akin to a...movie. But is music a movie? I don't think so. And in this movie, the instruments dominate, Jon Bon Jovi is fighting for attention, and he's losing the battle. Wait, it gets worse. Forget the big budget records, more and more music is being made by individuals in bedrooms, home studios, on a budget. They have neither the equipment nor the skill to mix in Dolby Atmos. As for just sending the file to Dolby to be processed...that's like finishing a painting and having an amateur come in and completely change it, make it 3-D. Actually, the more I listen to these Spatial Audio cuts, the more offensive they become. Kind of like those Beatles remixes. These are not the original records, they've been messed with, they're not even facsimiles, they're bastardizations. Now the truth is this is a headphone genre. Which at the moment doesn't support Bluetooth, which is how most people listen to music on headphones today. So they can't hear the space, but somehow they're going to listen to two channel Atmosfied mix-downs. Oh, there could be two takes, like with mono and stereo in the sixties, but that's far too confusing, we need one standard, the marketplace needs one standard. So, maybe there's a future for Spatial Audio...if it's mixed that way to begin with. But as demonstrated now, it's a hell-bent drive in the wrong direction."
  10. Deezer doesn’t have exclusive mode/bit perfect output yet either. Don’t know if Deezer can do automatic sample rate switching either. Although Deezer doesn’t offer anything higher than CD resolution at the moment anyway.
  11. To everyone: Request features and give feedback to Apple Music including explaining to them what bit perfect output/exclusive mode/ automatic sample rate switching are and that you want them here: https://www.apple.com/feedback/apple-music.html
  12. As for sample rate switching I’d request it here: https://www.apple.com/feedback/apple-music.html along with any other features you’d like to get or feedback you wish to give. Apple Music’s features far surpass Qobuz currently. As for sound quality though how would you say Apple Music compares to Qobuz?
  13. How are they taking it?
  14. Very well put but don’t rule out their potentially massively overinflated egos that have been deflated and their tiny brains not knowing how to accept it and grow up. Unlike yourself. Rather sad of them really. Perhaps they need counseling.
  15. https://imgflip.com/i/5aigz4
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