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  1. What are the basic settings everyone's using on Lxqt? I have 15. SET realtime priority to extreme 21. SET Cpu governor.... ( set to Intel pstate as my MBP has a 2.9ghz Intel core i7 cpu) Also In "option 4. Realtime expert config" what is everyone using?
  2. Thanks @AnotherSpin and @bobfafor replying, that would be very helpful Bob looking forward to it. Btw, Piero was able to troubleshoot the problem e.g. the original file was audiolinux_350.img not audiolinux_350.img.gz, this is because unfortunately mac had decompressed the file after downloading it. In any case, the latest versions of headless 1.5.0 and lxqt 3.6.0 are to be released today, so I might as well wait a few hrs & get those.
  3. I tried, Piero sent me that link yesterday. But somehow I’m dragging my feet on the first step itself :(.. I’ve done it before on the early AL 220.img file successfully but being away for 8-9 months I seem to be doing something wrong... I need to get the first step right and then everything will fall into place or so I believe (fings crossed
  4. Returning After an 8 month hiatus from everything audio, I have downloaded the latest links (headless & lxqt) from Piero but I'm struggling to copy it on the USB stick. If anyone's posted a link on how to do this (Mac specific) please point me towards it. Anyone have success copying the img with Etcher? I use a Mac book pro as a server and plan on using the Celeron NuC as headless endpoint.
  5. A very refreshing article and photos, Thanks for sharing Chris, Luv it.
  6. Is it necessary to use a 32gb usb stick for AL Desktop or 16gb will be just fine?
  7. Someone mentioned hearing an uptick in SQ updating to AL 3.0 lxqt, but Piero said he's just trimmed it down and there should be no difference in SQ.
  8. But don't you have to physically punch the "y/n" on the keyboard for entering ramroot? And then click on "Roon bridge", "HQPe" or Squeezelite whatever you're pairing up your server with?
  9. We need to rope in @Superdad, for his first post here...
  10. I did ask this question to Piero, and the reply was "yes" but please only for you, not for your friends :)" Which meant please don't share it with others, if you get the drift..
  11. Thats valuable info & I deserve a pat on my back for askin this question
  12. Guys, did any of you’ll use a grounding strap or anti static gloves while fiddling with the NUC? Is it ok to not use either and just make sure you’re touching some metal and not working on a carpet, would that suffice? In the endpoint NUC, would it matter where you install the 4gb ram, upper or lower slot? Is your NUC compatible with a smart TV or do we need to connect a Computer monitor? Larry had concerns about making it work on a regular Home TV.
  13. CTU, I’m really impressed the way you dig out data. I’m sure “Jack Bauer” too.. ?... freakin good, mate, Bravo..
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