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  1. This Foobar for dummies - SACD may be of use.
  2. @Chiefbrodie My apologies to you because I must have misunderstood an earlier post. A folder named S makes much more sense than a drive called S. Lets keep this simple and ignore the command prompt process. Instead, follow the process I described to create a command script. That does not require prior knowledge of drives, folders, paths.
  3. Computers don’t lie, apparently, so the photos suggest that your pc does not have an S: drive. To clarify, can you open the folder containing the sacd_extract file and attach of photo of the screen.
  4. +1 kudos to all those that willingly and helpfully provide information that is not always common knowledge as one would think. @Chiefbrodie Further to my earlier post, it subsequently occurred to me that the process you are following appears manually intensive and prone to typos, especially if you have to repeat it for each SACD rip. The process I follow, surely gleaned from this thread or others, should greatly simplify the process for each subsequent SACD rip, once the initial setup is completed. Let me explain, hopefully, in clear concise steps (oh and this is for Windows) 1) open the folder containing the sacd_extract.exe 2) create a new text document file named for eg. SACD_rip 3) open the new text document and type in the sacd_extract command with the appropriate IP address sacd_extract -i -P -I (nb - you could copy and paste the above command to prevent any typos) 4) save this text document 5) open this text document again and save as a new command script file ie. 5a) select 'File -> Save As...' to open the 'Save As window' 5b) change the 'Save As type' from Text documents to All Files 5c) change the 'File name' as appropriate BUT append the file type extension (.cmd) eg. SACD_rip.cmd 5d) select the 'SAVE' button Thats it! To rip a SACD, you now simply open this command script file and it will execute. Viola! (fingers crossed) Should the IP address change, you simply need to repeat from step 3). Good luck.
  5. @Chiefbrodie After you have opened the prompt enter the following cd S:\ this should change the directory and prompt to S:\> now enter the sacd_extract command, which I believe from earlier posts is sacd_extract -i -P -I
  6. @Douglas There may be an answer for your plight in the following quoted post.
  7. Check out the Sonore iso2dsd page. No help forthcoming.
  8. Minimserver is a music server similar to the Lightning server. They are not control points on any platform so you are mistaken. However, I presume Aries mini is similar to the Aries and can operate in Open Home mode, in which case, you can use the web based music controllers from Linn, either Kinsky or the later Kazoo. Both, I believe, run on Windows or Mac.
  9. You may have to go a little out of the box for solutions. For instance, the Oppo blu ray players could be an answer. Or even something like the Mark Levinson no. 519 DIGITAL INPUTS 1 balanced (XLR); 2 coaxial (RCA); 2 optical (Toslink); 1 USB-B asynchronous DIGITAL OUTPUTS 1 balanced (XLR); 1 single-ended (RCA), 1 optical (Toslink)
  10. Would this link be of any help? how-to-enable-dirac-live-with-roon
  11. Ah! I see. Have to say, not seen that error in all my testing. i'm sure @glider will be interested in certain details, such as type of track and renderer.
  12. Simply select the first track of the album.
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