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  1. The detail you have provided is excellent but you do not mention which audio device that Audiophile UPNP Renderer has selected, or that you have selected for it. It may be significant. Whichever device has been selected, I believe the device must allow Audiophile UPNP Renderer to have exclusive control. To achieve this you will need to open the Sound option within the Control panel. a) select the appropriate Playback device and select Properties b) select the Advanced tab c) allow exclusive control d) apply the change Ideally, do the above before playing a track to Audiophile UPNP renderer. Fingers crossed. 🀞
  2. Please accept my apologies for being imprecise with my explanation. Hopefully, the above comments will be clearer. I am sure this must be in your terms and conditions. If still in doubt, I'm sure customer service will be able to help
  3. Yes, the Studio sub is for a month starting the 16 July to 16 Aug, i.e. 24.99 minus 14.83 resulting in the 10.16 charge. This is an educated guess, but I'll apologise now if I'm incorrect.
  4. I think you'll find that they are terminating the HiFi monthly sub 'today', resulting in a partial refund. Then from 'today', your new monthly Studio sub begins less the refund. In effect you are paying 10.16 for the first month before reverting to the normal full price.
  5. Those instructions do not explain how to chain the VSTHost components. Nor does it mention the checking of the input and output channels via the Engine option. The defaults often work but as you have issues I would suggest you check them out. If you are unfamiliar with VSTHost, each component contains a small volume display which is only active when audio is received by that component. This may help you determine where the issue lies.
  6. Do you have Dirac Live enabled hardware? If not then you will also require the Dirac Live Processor for Mac (v1.2.5) Then follow the instructions at https://live.dirac.com/processor-step-by-step/ or follow the excellent review by mitchco at
  7. Perhaps this Roon DSP engine convolution link will be useful.
  8. Although Audirvana only supports VST3 plugins, there is a way to run VST plugins. A VST3 plugin, such as Element, can behave as a VST host and, in turn, can load VST2 and VST3 plugins. You are still restricted to plugins coded at 64bit .
  9. Pardon me if I have misunderstood the question but perhaps an answer can be provided by the Ravenna virtual sound card. This appears to expose the Ravenna/AES67 channels to a Windows pc in the form of Windows sound devices (WDM). I have not delved deeper into the details, I.e. the WDMs could be multi channel or many stereo pairs. However, I would expect audio software to play to/record from these WDMs with no issues.
  10. Good call. It’s always wise to accept your inabilities. πŸ˜‡ Especially given that applying any subsequently generated HAF filters is equally challenging. Get back to enjoying the system you have. πŸ‘
  11. alandbush

    Newbie to REW

    An exciting project to look forward to. Patience is the key. A lot of information can be made available from a simple measurement sweep. Not all of it is needed, initially, to generate worthwhile filters. However, as your knowledge grows the extra information becomes useful. Start simple. It is tempting to generate and implement full sweep filters but perhaps more informative if you start with one or two down in the bass region, I.e. understand just how the sound in your room can change with simple changes and then progress from there. 50ft USB cable. I suspect you will have issues with this length unless you use boosters. HDMI would be primary connection, if you can, especially if you intend to measure your multi channel system. Appreciate that a 50ft HDMI cable would also be problematic, even if your pc as such an output. I got away with a 20ft cable from a desktop pc but I have since purchased a cheap second hand laptop with HDMI output. I now set the laptop near the processor connected by HDMI. The USB mic is also connected to the laptop and I subsequently remote into the laptop from the desktop to control REW. Sooooo much simpler. Good luck in your endeavours.
  12. MinimServer does not recognise an ISO file as an audio file and does not present it to BubbleUPNP. The foobar server does recognise the ISO file, so replacing MinimServer with foobar will allow you to select ISO files via BubbleUPNP. You will need an additional component to enable foobar as a music server. This component.
  13. @Geoffrey Armstrong Thank you for this timely reminder to me to revisit the various Ambisonics and Quadraphonic websites I discovered last year. One website you may like is Ambisonia which contains freely available Ambisonics tracks provided by a community of surround sound enthusiasts.
  14. Again, thank you for your reply. I am happy to investigate this via the above email and stop taking this thread off topic.
  15. I have configured Reaper similarly, if not exactly, like VSTHost. I have left many, if not all, selectable options as the default. Regrettably, the output audio results in the same earlier reported way, I.e. pumping/stuttering.
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