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  1. Absolutely - it just seems like a strange design. I have a NAS, an HDD attached to my router and a portable storage that I attach to my laptop. They all get automatically synced to each other in the background way too fast to even notice and I probably got a bit spoiled. I normally play media from the NAS and have the router HDD as a backup. The portable storage is to take with me when I travel.
  2. Sure, but you only clone the drive once and then keep it synced. Copying the entire contents every time would be like you retyping your entire article every time you add a sentence :-)
  3. Copying the entire content on every backup is insane. Why not just sync or mirror?
  4. @The Computer AudiophileYour way of testing for bit-perfect seems perfectly fine with me. Even if Amazon do stream bit-perfect data in certain configuration, the fact that they can't do so reliably in every configuration is enough for me to conclude that their lossless is half-baked at best. Thank you for letting us know. Let's hope they fix that.
  5. @The Computer Audiophile How does one test bit-perfect transmission if there is no source file to compare the end output to?
  6. That is what I have been using for years (Musical Fidelity V-Link) but I decided to go wireless.
  7. It seems to have been discontinued but I am watching each and every CCA currently available on ebay :-)
  8. Do yourself a favour and don't get into this peer presure nonsense. Riding a horse is also more emotional and involving than driving ... for a while.
  9. Look at the spectrogam posted by @jhwalker above - even if they were orginally recorded at higher sample rates, they must have been down-sampled and then up-sampled for the "HD" release, which is exteremely unlikely ... and not because it's stupid (stupidis fine) but because it takes time, effort and money and that's a definite NO from the record companies :-))
  10. Yes, I din't say budget because I had no idea what a device that does what I want costs. Now that @Cebollatold me about the Chromecast Audio and after I have read some reviews confirming that it is indeed bit-perfect through its optical out, I see no reason whatsoever to pay more than what the chromecast costs, let alone hundreds and thousands :-) Also, as I said, I don't need a streemer - just a digital transport/renderer to make my Benchmark DAC/power amp and speakers available on my home network.
  11. PERFECT! Looks to be exactly that i am looking for! THANK YOU.
  12. Consumer - I don't have the knowledge and the skills for DIY :-)
  13. Hi Everyone, I have spent quite a lot of time reading online but can't seem to be able to find exactly what I am looking for. I want to be able to stream wirelessly from my laptop to a UPnP/DLNA Renderer, which in its turn should output digitally (Optical/Coax) to my DAC. I want the renderer to be able to pass-through bit-perfect 24/192 or at least 24/96 uncompressed audio. I don't need it to have a DAC, an amp or whatever. Please, help me find this device. Peter PS I am currently using and old WDTV Live media player for this purpose (and it even has a shared USB HDD a
  14. Learning to enjoy the music without being distracted by sound quality is immensely more important. People listening to SQ don't know what they are missing in terms of emotional satisfaction. "Critical listening" is a sad undertaking and only makes sense if you are making money out of it - a bit like porn 🙂
  15. VERY impressive research!However, I beg to disagree with some of the conclusions. The initial 1986 CD's sound quite different from each other (Austria, Europe, Japan etc.) and the difference is not only in the peak levels. The CD with peak levels of -2.40dB/0.758606 has the highest dynamic range as well - Mercy Street has a RMS of 20.97dB. While I am not a DR fetishist, coincidentally I find this to be the best sounding digital release of this album, including compared to the 24/48 2012 release, which is second best, IMO. On all other releases PG's voice sounds somewhat processed, muffled, for
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