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  1. Sorry, no plan. But i am doing a plugin for foobar, it's possible to use some functions on Mac.
  2. Main URLs: About AudioMate - AudioMate AudioMate Start Guide - AudioMate AudioMate Updates & Download - AudioMate Tools used by AudioMate - AudioMate If you find any bugs, please click Submit to deliver your suggestions by email (Don't change the title of email).
  3. Hi, AudioMate is a desktop audio tool which is capable of SACD-ISO extraction, DSD/PCM transcoding and lossless encoding, etc. Unlike standard program, AudioMate is integrated on desktop as a windows extension. It's easy to use, just right click on a audio file and select popup menu item, then all things can be done. The latest version is AudioMate V9.0R1 (sacd_extract 0.3.7 embedded). My project page is here: AudioMate - AudioMate - Thanks.
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