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  1. Fridolin

    Official Qobuz Issues Thread

    Error 500! Qobuz is down in Germany. Update: Qobuz is online again in Germany.
  2. Fridolin

    Official Qobuz Issues Thread

    In the desktop app for MacOS you can mark your desired titles in a playlist, then right click on the selection and choose "add to playlists". Then you can choose from the set of playlists you have created before and thus copy the selected titles to the end of your (new) playlist. Fred
  3. Fridolin

    Audirvana Plus 3 (official thread)

    Request: Save the current Play Queue to a normal Playlist. Or let us the Play Queue copy to the MacOS clipboard at least.
  4. Fridolin

    Audirvana Plus 3 (official thread)

    You have to close and reopen Audirvana to see the new Tidal (or Qobuz) playlist, however. Would be nice to have them refreshed inside the app.
  5. And most of these lossy files are AAC 96kbps 22.0 kHz!
  6. Fridolin

    Official Qobuz Issues Thread

    Only the (not existing) order of albums is my concern. Grouping them within the artist's search result, like Tidal - and now even iTunes - does, would solve my problem. (see albums in iTunes) Otherwise i like Qobuz much more than Tidal - except there are much more Pop/Rock albums in Tidal.
  7. Fridolin

    Official Qobuz Issues Thread

    For me that exactly reveals the mess i spoke of before. Mixed up with cover albums and Cohen's own albums in an order that i can't comprehend.
  8. Fridolin

    Official Qobuz Issues Thread

    The display of search results is very crude in Qobuz. Example: I search for Leonard Cohen. The resulting list beyond the search field says: 168 albums. But i can't believe the sheer number of hits. I don't know how they are counted. Then the albums found are displayed in a wild chaos. Not only Leonard Cohen albums are listed, but every artist who has ever made a cover album is mixed up with Leonard Cohen. I would like to have a display like with the current Tidal app, where studio albums, compilations, live albums and EPs/Singles are grouped together (and preferably i could choose the sort order). Cover albums should be grouped separately from original artist albums. As it is now, it looks very chaotic.
  9. Fridolin

    Audirvana Plus 3 (official thread)

    Tanks - it works again!
  10. Fridolin

    Audirvana Plus 3 (official thread)

    Shouldn't happen anyway. I'll wait a day and hope this will be solved by fixing the code.
  11. Fridolin

    Audirvana 3.1

    Same issue here.
  12. Fridolin

    Auralic Aries Mini

    Probably never - they promised that for years!
  13. Fridolin

    Qobuz hiring a US country manager

    Yes, i'm a subscriber. Qobuz really has gotten better, but it often lacks the depth. Not all the artists which i like, that Tidal has, are at Qobuz. And mostly Tidal has more albums of these, especially older titles. Which doesn't mean that Tidal has all that i would like to hear. Spotify still is better than Tidal and Qobuz in this respect, but irrelevant because of its week sound quality.
  14. Fridolin

    Qobuz hiring a US country manager

    Yes, i spoke of CD quality albums. HiRes is a total other thing. I would say, Tidal has no HiRes files. MQA is no real HiRes for me. On the other hand, for HiRes you have to pay an extra fee at Qobuz.
  15. Fridolin

    Tidal sucks

    Similar problems occur with MQA. For example Fleetwood Mac - Tusk in various MQA variants. Starts with 24/96 but continues with 16/41.