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  1. CMD-L to jump to the current track isn't working for me any more (Version 3.5.24 (3554)).
  2. I have the very same problem with my LS50Ws. On the left speaker bass drops out about every minute for a while and then comes back. Very annoying! I have to send them to my dealer and hope it won't be too expensive to repair them.
  3. Not the only one we have here in Starnberg and the surroundings. I know a couple of nice and good ones!
  4. Yes, i mean the play queue. I hope, the vanishing of the remaining time in the list-header when you scroll down, is fixed, too?
  5. @damien78 i like the new GUI very much (only the light one, however), but there are some quirks in the entire app. For example: - When you use the playlist-view, then only the first time you enter the the playlist, the correct remaining time ist displayed. When the tracks advance, there is no update of the remaining time. - When you scroll down the list, the time display is scrolled out of the header, so no remaining time can be observed anymore, unless you are at the top of the list. -When the tracks advance, there is no automatic scrolling, so that the current title isn't visible in the list. That was the case in earlier versions too, but shouldn't be.
  6. The resource problem exists on macOS, too. If i use the beautiful playing now view, my MacBook Pro heats up very quickly and the vent is blowing loud. Nothing but the progress bar is moving in this window, so no reason for heavy graphic processing.
  7. Soundiiz works well and has great support!
  8. Problem solved! Today i had excellent support from Soundiiz and it turned out that the problem was on Qobuz' side. Titles from different albums had the same identifiers in Qobuz. That's why the resulting playlist seemed mixed up. Not Soundiiz's fault, however, and the problem was solved within hours. Great support for a really useful tool!
  9. My wife and i have two separate Qobuz accounts because we have two music rooms to hear simultaneously. She loves Classics and i love Jazz. From time to time we are listening together in one room and here the problem begins . The separate Qobuz libraries have different playlists, of course. So i bought a yearly subscription at Soundiiz to sync some playlist to the other account of Qobuz. But stop - that's not possible in a direct manner. Therefore i logged into one Qobuz account on Soundiiz and made a CSV file from one Playlist that looked pretty good in the Numbers app on my Mac. All titles were in the right order here. Logging into the other Qobuz account on Soundiiz and making a new playlist from the CSV failed, however. Soundiiz made a Playlist in the other account, but didn't respect the order of titles (lines) in the new playlist. It ordered them rather randomly. Additionally i got a significant number of errors, i.e titles Soundiiz didn't find although they all were valid in the original playlist on the original Qobuz account. What else could i do?
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