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  1. I have a SR1-a and the matching amp the HSA ordered and arriving in the next 2 weeks. My current favourite Headphones are the Abyss Phi TC's driven by a custom MSB Dynamic HP amp, with an MSB Select DAC and the Taiko Extreme. After having read your review and being a Wilson guy myself I cannot wait for them to show up!! I will report on the sound of the matching HSA amp when they arrive. Better start a Thread on this ASAP, thanks Chris. PS Also getting a custom set of DHC (Double Helix Cables) made up for the SR1-a's they need to be the same impedance as the standard ca
  2. I have an Aurender W20 with MQA and used the 50 ohm Shunyata Clock cabers and AES 110 ohm signal cable. The Taiko Extreme unfortunately blows it away and the W20SE. The Taiko Extreme if you have the budget is a game changing product, first time I have heard my Digital system sound like my Rockport Sirius III TT but better! I understand Taiko are working on a lower priced model which retains 90% of the sound of the Extreme. They were going to release it at the Munich show..... ITs worth talking to Emile from Taiko about it. Here is his number ‭+31 6 50 60 12 37‬. They run Roon Core
  3. Which Nagra DAC the Classic Line DAC or the new HD DAC X? https://www.nagraaudio.com/product/hd-dac-x/ Frankly whichever Nagra DAC you choose you can't go wrong.
  4. I have an MCSE, which is now out dated as it focused on Windows 7. However when I look into the registry I see a lot of familiar Control Key's. I was expecting to go into the registry and apply some of the tweaks I have learned over the years. However I can see and Emile has already done this before installation instead of applying these tweaks after installation. Emile has cleverly customised his installation of Windows 10 so that the settings and modules which would normally be there are simply not installed at all. This is a much better way of doing it and I have to
  5. No there are no such optimisations needed to match your system other than installing your DAC's driver which Taiko Audio do for you. Which DAC are you using now?
  6. My apologies, when I re-read my post I can see how its confusing. So let me start from the beginning: I already had the Aurender W20 when I purchased the MSB Select II DAC (+dual power supplies, 33 Femto clock) I decided to use the AES 110 ohm output from the Aurender as I could then use the additional clock sync option on the W20 & on the DAC. That produced a sound that at the time was probably at or close to Start of the Art digital playback. Not using the USB option mean't that I was missing out on MQA streaming and ultra high res files. Then Jonathan from MSB told me they h
  7. I too thought that ultra precise clocks are important inn a music server, the transition from the Aurender W20 to the Taiko Extreme and the use of MSB Pro USB module has debunked that idea in my system. The MSB Select II DAC has an option of a Femto 33 clock which is the most accurate clock you can buy. The MSB Select II re-clocks all data and I have found removing upstream clocks have improved the sound. Until you have heard it, it's difficult to accept however myself and a bunch of MSB Select II owners have all come to the same realisation. If you get the opportunity try and have
  8. Congratulations on your purchase. You will not regret it. I use mine on an HRS VXR stand with TOTL M3X2 platforms, I have also found that adding a Setchi D3 to the unused USB port on the Extreme has over time (they take time for the full effect to come into play) I have also re-cabled my Network which is quire simple, Modem/Router/Switch with Shunyata Sigma Ethernet Cables. I have a few sets of the HRS Vortex footers, I am interested to see what if any difference they make under the Extreme. The Extreme is so well. engineered that adding this and that accessory to it may change the
  9. I have had the Taiko Extreme for a month or so now, I have over 600 hours on it. It has sounded better and better and I still don't think it has hit its peak. If you have a MSB Select II DAC, you owe it to yourself to bite the bullet and get this beautifully built server. The major test for any pice of equipment is how much time I spend listening to music through it. I find myself login from listening occasionally once maybe twice a week on rare occasions to listening every day. I can't give the Extreme a better compliment than that. I have a few friends who are Audio
  10. I have a mint W20 for sale, please PM me if you have interest.
  11. Could you explain your "degaussing" technique to us please? I am interested. Thanks.
  12. If you use USB your DAC receives the data asynchronously, that is to say that your DAC re-clocks the data, which voids any benefits of using a Word Clock sync, I have experimented with different outputs from the W20 and only the AES 110ohm & the SPDIF outputs are affected by the word clock sync option. As I want to be able to take advantage of high res files it means using the USB output anyway. So the word clock sync is of no value. MSB offer a Pro USB module http://www.msbtechnology.com/accessories/prousb/ which effectively reduces any noise out of the USB output by converting the data t
  13. I am not having any issues with playing High Res files, I have tested all the way up to 24/192 PCM and all is fine. On another issue, I am about to upgrade my Aurender W20 to a Taiko Extreme which is a fair bit more expensive. My W20 is immaculate and available for sale. Colour is Silver. I have all the original packaging, box and manuals etc. PM me if you have any interest.
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