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  1. Hi Guys, I'm trying to rip my sacds with my Oppo BDP105. When I input the player's IP address, I get an additional :....column. What is this and where can I can get the value?
  2. 1. Roon 2. Sonictransporter i7 and SSD 3. Ultrarendu and Sonore Signature Power Supply 4. Esoteric D1
  3. There is a free music player application on the Esoteric Japan website Products | ESOTERIC COMPANY. There are versions for both Windows and Mac. Although it is intended for Esoteric users of their DACs and CD players via the usual USB in PCM, I don't see why others can't try it with their own DACs. I've not tried this application on other DACs. The neat thing for me is that I can now play native DSD via USB through the Esoteric D1, without going through the contortions of setting up and adjusting ASIO for DSD playback on Foobar 2000. It comes complete with its own Esoteric
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