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  1. As always, Chris and other contributors to this topic, thanks for this article and follow-ups. I am seriously considering dropping Amazon HD and Music because of these issues. To me, the interface is horrible too. Off to get the trial offer for Qobuz.
  2. Chris, Not only You doing equipment reviews with full disclosure, but possibly involving some of the many of the forum participants in theses reviews. To me, this forum has a vast wealth of knowledge not to be used. I know the logistics could be a problem but hopefully doable. Finding a bricks and mortar dealer, as described by gmgraves is a godsend.
  3. If you have a Apple device, look into Tinnitus Pro in the App Store. Works for me short term. Read the webpage on the app developer for their scientific research. For $10 it was well worth it to me. I have used for a month or so. And,of course, it involves our passionate affection, MUSIC.
  4. I'm using LastPass on Win8.1 and Firefox, with auto login and no problems. Wouldn't be timing out, as in opening a lot of sites at the same time? Password was my own, not generated by the program.
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