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  1. I got the player.a used one,and its playing Aiff files from my library with BubbleUpnp. But when I use Tidal it´s diplaying 40kbps on the N-50A and 320kbps on the tab,allthow I have Tidal Hifi... Any suggestions?
  2. Ok,I will probably buy one next week,I´ll let you know how it goes... Thanks so far.
  3. I am going to use Bubble with a Pioneer N-50A wich should support Aiff.. So you mean that it will work with Aiff files on the N-50A ,even if the local renderer on my Tab doesn´t play them?
  4. The problem is I don´t know how to install bubble server into the Qnap. I tried the Twonky media server on Qnap but the Aiff files still don´t play on my Tab,they play on twonky and my computer....
  5. I use a Qnap TS219+, And the Library I am testing with is Logitech Media server...and renderer is the Local Renderer and it plays on my Samsung Tab (Flac). Is there another media server library I can test,(I`m new at this things..)
  6. I cant make it play Aiff files on my Samsung Tab,is there a way to make it play Aiff?
  7. No it doesn´t work on Duet but it works on my laptop with JRiver.....
  8. And how do I make Bubble play Aiff files,it only plays mp3 and flac and similar.
  9. Does this mean that if Bubble/Tidal is working on my Squeezebox Duet it will work on N-50A?
  10. I have been thinking of bying a Pioneer N-50A and I have a Samsung galaxy tab with Tidal app on it,will I be able to use Tidal with the Pioneer N-50A?
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