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    Hello friends, I have the following 2 issues with 3.15: Can't use it with the JPLAY ASIO in KS mode. HQPlayer crashes when the playback starts. Can't upsample 24/96 to DSD128 using ANY filters, HQP hangs and freezes the computer. 16/44 content works OK and sounds really good with the new XLR filters. Currently I went back to 3.13.4 and everything works fine again. I uninstalled 3.13 before installing 3.15 and made sure windows has all the updates. I feed HQP from ROON. ROON is running on QNAP NAS while HQP is running on a dedicated server (WIN2012R2 in Core mode, AO 2.20, Fid
  2. I think the phono input is limited to 24/48 and I agree it's not even close in it's performance to a stand alone phono stage. Eventually I decided to use GCPH phono stage with XLRs into my c390DD/DD-AP1 at 24/192. The sound is so much better.
  3. Thanks for the post. I'm wondering how it sounds compared to a NAS>PC(WS2012+AO)>USB>SPDIF(AP2)>c390DD/M12 setup. This is what I have right now and the setup is very satisfying. However, The problem is with the too many components in the chain. Also, it's interesting to hear how the DD-BluOS module can handle the hi-Rez material. Thanks
  4. Any impressions on the DD-BluOS module? I have a c390DD and would like to hear from people who had a chance to play with the BluOS MDC.
  5. Hi, you don't really need a static IP if you're running a single PC setup. Even if you decide to set a static IP address it has nothing to do with your internet service provider who gives you a dynamic(or static) IP for your ROUTER and NOT for your PC. You need a static IP address for your audio PC only if you use a two PC setup when your control PC is connected DIRECTLY to your audio PC with the network cable bypassing the router. Most likely you cannot get to the internet from your audio PC if you disable the network services (that's probably what you did). Bottom line, if you ru
  6. I just tried disabling the USB optimization and YES the sound became more natural. I use Audiophilleo with PP between my PC and DAC. Now I'm also wondering if any other settings should not be taken for granted since each system is unique.
  7. Hi Randy and everybody, I have managed to install WS2012 on my mid 2010 mac mini. However, I cannot resolve the sound issue. I have no sound at all. I tried different USB DACs with no luck. Every time I connect a USB DAC it shows a problem (yellow triangle) in the Device Manager. I also cannot use the internal sound card either. It seems that I'm missing some drivers e.g. the Device Manager shows problems with the "PCI Card" and I can't figure out what exactly is missing. Do you have any tips on how to get around the driver issues on 2010 mac mini? Thanks, J
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