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  1. Her last response here was in august 2018 it seems. So, I contacted her directly.
  2. Found the workaround. In Eunhasu start up BubbleUPnP server and configure it as a OpenHome point. Linn Kazoo and Lumin will then happily serve you a connection to Tidal. Of course, the downside is there is extra software running on the device. But given the issue with UPMpdCli software, there is no other way in mRendu or SMS-200 if you want to use Kazoo.
  3. The latest MPD/DLNA version have OpenHome support build in and should be able to connect to Tidal without the need for BubbleUPnP. I ran that setup on my mRendu. But I had to put my stereo in storage. When I set it up again last Tuesday with the SMS-200, that set up was suddenly not working anymore.
  4. Hi I got my SMS-200 the other day with the latest Eunhasu software (4.7). When I add my credentials to the MPD settings, Tidal does not work in the Kazoo endpoint. I get the message "Service Login or communication failure". I know the credentials work when I use them in other apps. What am I missing?
  5. Bubble UPnP does not work after I install the app on SonicOrbiter 2.6. Start SO 2.6 Go to Apps and install BubbleUPnP 0.90 Process completes with message that install is complete and to go back to package manager I click on the BubbleUPnP Server I can Webpage goes to with the message "Cannot reach this page". Reboot does not work. How do I debug this?
  6. My update from 2.6 to 2.7 keeps failing to complete for some reason. After the failure, the system no longer boots. Thank God for backups ?
  7. It actually went the other way around :-) I posted it here, then remembered the enclosed letter with the SD card, found the support e-mail address and send it there. :-)
  8. Hi Jesus I sent you an e-mail on April 14th? I haven't received any replies yet, other than on the forum. I checked my spam folder and there is nothing in there either. I'll forward my original e-mail again. Perhaps Google is playing tricks on us.
  9. No, it does not work. Version 2.4 works. But it cannot be updated to version 2.5, let alone 2.6. Version 2.5 is bust and I think I am entitled to a free replacement. So, running version 2.4 is a temporary patch till this gets sorted. The likelihood is low. But it does happen. And other companies have better ways of dealing with the situation when that happens.
  10. And then spend it again the next time it goes wrong? And again? And again?
  11. You call charging me $20 a recovery plan?? If my Windows crashes, I can roll back or re-install free of charge. If my Naim Mu-So crashes, I can reset and recover. If you think you have a valid recovery approach, then make the card available free of charge to me. It is not my fault the update failed. And you sold me OS under warranty. Heck, I am still waiting for an official response on the e-mail I sent to your support team.
  12. Agreed that updating should happen. It is a networked device so for that reason alone it needs to stay up-to-date. But there needs to be a plan B when that fails. Plan B cannot be having the customer spend $20 to correct a failure that's not his/her fault. So, documented back up/copy procedure please?
  13. The unit works fine. It currently runs on the old 2.4 version. I agree I will probably have to spend the $20. But going forward I would like to have a backup in case of new problems. Hence the questions.
  14. Given that it is a custom OS, I'm not even sure how to make an appropriate back up. They'd need to document that. It is very disconcerting that there is no way to recover from a crash.
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