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  1. It's available for viewing free until tomorrow the 25th. Head- or earphones mandatory. An amazing experience!!! The Encounter The Encounter tells the story of National Geographic photographer Loren McIntyre who, in 1969, became lost in a remote part of the Brazilian rainforest while searching for the Mayoruna people. His encounter was to test his perception of the world, bringing the limits of human consciousness into startling focus.
  2. Flashmob Flamenco 26 Mar 2013 In recent years, flamenco has become an increasingly respectable art-form, both in Spain and internationally. But it has also been used as a voice of protest against the current financial meltdown, which is hitting the Andalucia region particularly hard. Most notable is the flamenco flashmob, a sudden public assembly of dancers and musicians performing in branches of Spain's under-fire banks, with massive YouTube success. This continues a long tradition of political dissent within flamenco that's little known beyond its inner circle - and even here, it is often played down. Author and erstwhile flamenco student Jason Webster explores this history, meeting musicians who have protested against the Franco regime and the contemporary economic situation, and examining some of the contradictions of Spain's recent past along the way. podcast - https://www.bbc.co.uk/sounds/play/b01rg228
  3. 2013 - A flamenco flash mob performance in a Spanish bank Flamenco flash mobs - seemingly spontaneous dance and song performances - have been taking place in banks all over Andalusia in Spain, causing short, if amusing disruptions to the working day. The brainchild of an anti-capitalist group known as Flo6x8, they are designed to express anger and frustration at the economic crisis. Watch footage of a recent performance in a branch of Bankia.
  4. George Harrison - The Concert for Bangladesh 1971 Paul Gambaccini remembers this 1971 concert, which set the benchmark for pop-music charity events with the help of some of the performers and those who were in the audience as well as Live Aid organiser Bob Geldof. podcast: https://www.bbc.co.uk/sounds/play/b0076hyr
  5. For sound quality / realism I quite like Dorian's minimally-mic'ed recording of Le Sacre du Printemps by the DSO with Mata conducting:
  6. Tom Waits Tales from a Cracked Jukebox Using rare archive, audio recordings and interviews viewers are taken on a trip through the surreal, moonlit world of Tom Waits – a portrait of one of modern music’s most enigmatic and influential artists.
  7. https://www.qobuz.com/gb-en/label/channel-classics-records/download-streaming-albums
  8. Gnawa - Hassan Hakmoun (Morocco) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vISr0f17k98
  9. Also a system made of separate components is easier and cheaper to upgrade. Good actives are expensive. Most actives are professional tools. Smaller pro-actives have limited low-frequency extension, must be used with subs and they're designed for nearfield listening (but so are mini-standmounts). Pro actives are pedestrian-looking rugged-black things. Ugly. Most pro actives will not flatter bad recordings, cheaper ones are downright harsh-sounding. Most pro actives don't have grills nor dedicated stands. Actives require a preamplifier. Pro actives use connections that are less common in domestic equipment.
  10. Half price at Presto: https://www.prestomusic.com/classical/products/8546563--chausson-poeme-de-lamour-et-de-la-mer-symphonie-op-20
  11. The Economies have taken a massive blow. Unless we change the paradigm of infinite growth and consumerist lifestyle and making the top 1% richer there's no way we'll ever make it.
  12. Lhasa de Sela died of cancer at the age of 38. She was invited to ideaCity to talk about the song I'm Going In which featured in her third and final album Lhasa. I'm Going In When my lifetime had just ended And my death had just begun I told you I'd never leave you But I knew this day would come Give me blood for my blood wedding I am ready to be born I feel new As if this body were the first I'd ever worn I need straw for the straw fire I need hard earth for the plow Don't ask me to reconsider I am ready to go now I'm going in I'm going in This is how it starts I can see in so far But afterwards we always forget Who we are I'm going in I'm going in I can stand the pain And the blinding heat 'Cause I won't remember you The next time we meet You'll be making the arrangements You'll be trying to set me free Not a moment for the meeting I'll be busy as a bee You'll be talking to me But I just won't understand I'll be falling by the wayside You'll be holding out your hand Don't you tempt me with perfection I have other things to do I didn't burrow this far in Just to come right back to you I'm going in I'm going in I have never been so ugly I have never been so slow These prison walls get closer now The further in I go I'm going in I'm going in I like to see you from a distance And just barely believe And think that Even lost and blind I still invented love I'm going in I'm going in I'm going in
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