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  1. Is it a large display? Able to be seen from across the room? I remember being disappointed at the size of the "mute" display when that was introduced.
  2. @wklie What is the "update input icons" fix to the Lumin App?
  3. I'm sorry, but there is no way that a half opened overhang is going to stop dust and moisture, only a hermetically sealed back would do that. I believe the overhang is there because Linn products do it and Lumin's case design is highly influenced by Linn. Has been since day one.
  4. The XLR outputs on my A1 are even worse. They have that push button lock release that sits between the overhang and the plug. I have to get a wooden dowel to push it, while I grab both sides of the plug and pull out. Who thinks this overhang is a good idea, and why?
  5. @wklie Just bought a preowned U1 (not mini) and have some questions about the outputs. USB 1 and 2 can't be used together (i.e., to two different DACs). Correct? USB can be used with any other output to two different DACs. Correct? Toslink and SPDIF can be used together. Correct? I ask because I want to avoid fiddling in the back and having to redo connections. I am not a fan of the back overhang and have learned with my A1 to get the connections done right the first time.
  6. I'm on their email list. First stream is today. Link Here
  7. Idagio now offers a booklet view with their App and they have live video streams. Outstanding streaming service if you are a classical music listener.
  8. I missed the part of your original post that says only "Tidal and Qobuz". It has been over a year since I was a Tidal subscriber but as I recall I never had the problem you describe. Sorry.
  9. click on gear icon > scroll down to Group by album in Playlist > click "ON". Now try to click on album display. That should chose the entire album's tracks. If you have chosen "double tap" this should allow multiple ways to move the chosen tracks.
  10. Lumin App > Gear Icon > My Lumin > Options > Analog Audio Output Level > Switch from "Normal" to "Low" Problem solved. No need to mess with volume control.
  11. AFAIK, gapless is only on iOS at this time but it's probably better to reach out to Idagio and get an approximate timeline on desktop, android, etc.
  12. FYI, Regarding Idagio and gapless playback. Apparently, gapless has been available in iOS since April. Here is part of their version history:
  13. The one movement problem is what makes the Spotify playlists of classical music fairly useless. You have to stop listening, click on the the three dots, view album and hope that doesn't lead you to the sleeping baby collections. Idagio playlist, those put together by actual humans, were quite the opposite. Well thought out and reflective of the human thought process. I might be talking myself into subscribing again, LOL.
  14. @Jim Sylva @Bob Stern I totally agree that Idagio is a wonderful search and choice experience. I discovered many new interpretations as well as many new works. I really wanted to keep my Idagio subscription going, but after going round and round with their technical support staff for 8 months trying to get Airplay to work seamlessly, I gave up. I tried with my Sonore uR and my Airport express (via Toslink) and I always had one or two episodes of unexplained dropouts during listening sessions. @Hugo9000 When I left about 3 months ago, gapless was still unavaila
  15. I'm not sure about their present format since I dropped their service several months ago. I still follow this topic in the hopes that one day Idagio will develop a DLNA app similar to Spotify Connect, with gapless playback. Airplay did not work out for me.
  16. I can't help you with your setup, but I do know that the only way Airplay syncs video and audio is if the device sending the audio is also playing the video. For example, playing a Netflix video on an iPad, or in your case a Macbook, and Airplaying the audio to your Lumin would work. Given the lack of inputs, perhaps you are trying to oversimplify too much?
  17. Thanks I see it now. Its on the bottom where the file format is shown. I was expecting something larger, like the Lumin Airplay display.
  18. Re: Firmware Release 11.5 (August 13, 2019) What does the second item do: "Add front panel MUTE display" I have an A1.
  19. I've used wired IEM's 40 years, since the original Sony Walkman. The convenience of not having to deal with wires, at the gym, while walking...etc. was a powerful attraction and when I finally got the JayBirds and experienced it for myself... It's hard to go back to wires. The SE215 has a two year warranty, whereby you can keep sending back the broken stuff to Shure (in Illinois) and they keep replacing it. The postage is cheap enough as you don't send back the accessories and packaging. You don't even need an RMA. Just download a form, explain the problem, include a copy of your o
  20. I ordered the Shure SE215 BT IEMs. They lasted less than 2 weeks. The charging cable no longer works. The LED stays on red. Pushing and holding the on/off button does nothing. Shure responded to send them back the cable and they would replace it. I bought from an authorized dealer (Full Compass) and they sent me an replacement pair right away. Fingers crossed but at this point I'm not optimistic about this technology.
  21. I tried starting up Lumin App with the Lumin A1 off. Confirmed that the TuneIn icon was not on. Then switched the A1 on, watched the Tunein icon come back on. The "Not Supported" stations are still there. Checked my Tunein account via Firefox on my iMac and the unsupported stations are not there. I'm not sure what else to do.
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