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  1. I wouldn't call chopping off - with or without fading - the title of a work, a "feature". But...whatever. (The display on the Lumin is a big bugaboo with me - I leave it entirely off.)
  2. My very first look at the new manual: "For more information about the software-side of Music Servers, see Music Server Software." ...and I encounter a bad link...
  3. Regarding Airplay: I own an apple tv and iPad. If I stream video content from my iPad to my stereo (i.e., a broadcast of the Berlin Philharmonic) I can simultaneously watch on the iPad and listen through my Lumin U1 without any syncing issues. If I attempt to do the same with my Apple TV and television, I get syncing issues. Of course Apple TV has its own Berlin Philharmonic App and this works without syncing issues while streaming to the TV....Just not with the Lumin U1 in the mix. But I think @Lars Nielsen has already figured this out.
  4. Setting up a switch and volume control is easy enough to do. (Dare I speak of blind testing? LOL) But you are absolutely correct. If the U1 mini sounds great to you, go for it. The U1 mini is a fine piece of audio.
  5. I went from an A1 to a U1, since I was just using the streaming half of the A1. Before that I had a Sonore ultraRendu. The U1 mini was also an option, and I auditioned both. I thought the U1 was on a completely different level. I listen to classical music only, FWIW. Soundstage, timbre, etc...I've lived with the U1 now for about a year. In terms of functionality the mini is comparable, and it is certainly a SQ contender in the Sonore market. But as a U1 competitor, not even close.
  6. I've never seen where the Lumin App and the display show different bit rates. @wklie can correct me if I am wrong, but I don't see how that is possible. I am not a MQA user, so maybe that is what @Audio is referring to. Edit: I leave the display off, FWIW
  7. What do you mean by "Music Library"? If you mean the "Browse" section, updating Minimserver should eliminate deleted/changed items.
  8. I've been a Primephonic subscriber since September. I gave up my Idagio subscription when Primephonic offered a half-price introductory year price (about $75). I am also a Spotify Premium subscriber (for popular music). For Classical music lovers: Primephonic has vastly improved on many, many levels: search (as good as Idagio), selection, support, booklets and documentation, music curation and suggestions based on listener history and finally they have now introduced what is called Maestro Listening guide. This is a real time guide that explains passages in the music you are c
  9. The old packages are no longer available and will no longer be upgraded. Users of 0.8 can continue to use it indefinitely w/o any updates and bug fixes. I went ahead and installed V2. The starter (free) package of MinimServer 2 works perfectly well as does the paid version. For most users, the starter package will be all that they need. I used the "reversename" tag option on Minimserver 0.8, so I will probably pay. It's a good way to support Minimserver. Users can sign up for the free 30 day trial to try out the new features incorporated in MinimServer 2. The trial allo
  10. @wklie Just to be clear, as I have not seen this topic brought up here. With the new version of Minimserver - Minimserver 2.0.x - Is Lumin's recommendation to use the free Starter edition of the software for NAS server functionality of Lumin App? In the past, using Minimserver 0.8.x, I have had mixed results, when changing settings. These are no longer available in the free version (i.e., settings such as "reversename" have worked well, while others, not so well). FWIW, I do not wish to use the Folder option. I know that most of the settings work when u
  11. Fortunately, the Lumin display shows nothing that isn't on the in the Lumin App. If you listen to anything with a longish track title, such as classical music, it is even more annoying. I leave my U1 off all of the time, it's pretty useless to me.
  12. LOL. Don't forget that you turned off the outputs. I was about to make a warranty claim for my U1 when I went to use my RCA SPDIF and nothing happened. I had been using BNC and made a change to the system. I remembered the option to turn off outputs just in time. I now have labels on the outputs that I have turned off, although I doubt I will ever make that mistake again.
  13. @wklie FWIW, it appears that a Refresh/Restart of Minimserver has fixed the problem. I've not been able to replicate it since I did that. Airplay in conjunction with Lumin App is working fine now.
  14. @wklie I've noticed that my Lumin U1 / Lumin App (iOS iPad) combination becomes sluggish after I have streamed music (Primephonic Streaming Subscription) with Airplay. I believe this behavior also manifest itself after a Spotify Connect session. For example, if I have updated my NAS Audio Library, it takes forever for the new addition to appear. Also, deleting tracks on the left side of the App,(i.e., an entire album) takes far longer than it should. This is my work around: I power cycle the Lumin U1. The App returns to normal operation until my next Airplay session. I
  15. Is it a large display? Able to be seen from across the room? I remember being disappointed at the size of the "mute" display when that was introduced.
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