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  1. +1 iOS Remote is my only interface to Audirvana 3.5. As a classical music listener, I would love to read the full track titles in my Play Queue (Left side of app). Dynamic font sizes, that change as needed would be a welcome feature. I got used to this feature with the Lumin app and sorely miss it.
  2. I don't see a Preferences selection for Integer Mode in Audirvana 3.5. Am I missing something?
  3. Here is one I made out of cherry for my uR and LPS-1: The cables require you make a somewhat sturdy stand, although you could figure out a cradle set up if you wanted to. 1" hole cut in half with a sliding bottom for ease of removal. Two slots. Two little knobs. Sorbothane for the inside curvature of the split hole to protect casework.
  4. Oops... I didn't wait long enough,,, It's LMS is installed now. I saw the "complete" and forgot I need to wait for "back to server".
  5. Jesus: I tried to install LMS several times and apparently succeeded: But it does not show up in the Installed Apps: I would love to try the internet radio suggestion you made. Any ideas?
  6. Yes, I saw it. It was what initially caused my duplication problem which I summarized in post #910.
  7. Each app is a little different. But generally: !- Choose Shareport in the Sonic Orbiter App switcher. 2- Play your radio station to the iPad internal speakers. 3- Find the "Device" icon or Airplay icon on your favorite radio streaming app. It is usually at the bottom somewhere. Tap it. 4- The mR or uR should be listed under Airplay Devices. Choose it. The signal is then moved to the Rendu. You can also find the Airplay icon in the control panel (swipe down in the right hand upper corner) of your iPad, but I find the app approach more intuitive.
  8. I agree. Shareport is the one of the reasons I bought an uR. I use it everyday to listen to IDAGIO since they don't have a stand alone DLNA app such as SPOTIFY Connect. I also use it with the OVERCAST Podcast app. The Aiport Express is no longer available except in the refurb / used market, so Shareport has kept the Apple environment open for me.
  9. I should have clarified. The problems with the PS Audio Direct Stream DAC w/ BridgeII was with the DLNA functionality. I see that you are going directly via USB. Glad you got it sorted out.
  10. Same here. Great sound but the duplication of tracks was the deal breaker for me. I went back to 3.2.16 .
  11. @glassetcher Their are incompatibility issues between Audirvana and PS Audio Direct Stream DAC. Your PS Audio Stellar Gain cell may likewise be affected. There are no settings that will change this.
  12. I add tracks to the queue from A+Remote by tapping on the track while in the "browser" section of A+Remote. I am not syncing while playing nor when I am searching. Here is the sequence of what happened: I had added another CD to the NAS library and Audirvana did not sync. (it is on "Auto") I loaded up the queue from A+Remote with some tracks that were in the library I tried to add to the queue from A+Remote and from the new CD that was now in the NAS library I realized that the sync had not occurred since the new CD was not visible in the A+ library. I went to my computer to sync A+ After the sync, the CD was visible, but I discovered that the duplication had taken place on the tracks that had been in queue. No music playing, the tracks that were duplicated were merely "sitting" in the play queue. The obvious solution is to never leave tracks in queue while Audirvana syncs, but this seems like a bug. Why do I have to keep clearing the play queue?
  13. Which is why I documented exactly what I was doing, stepwise with attachments. If I can replicate my "bug" consistently and you can't, then I need to know what is at fault with my setup.
  14. Depends on what your definition of "in use" is. In my case, I opened A+, and added some items from my library to the play queue. I then went searching for new items to add, realized that I needed to sync them to see them and that was how the the duplication occurred. I'm not convinced that my use of Audirvana is out of the ordinary and therefore consider it a bug. @damien78 ???
  15. Bug Report: 1- Leave any tracks active in the play queue: 2- Perform a library sync (method #1 - accessed from the "gear" icon, upper right corner). 3- Your library file which includes these same tracks will be corrupted with duplication: I can do this consistently. 4- You have to close Audirvana enter finder (~ Library/ Application Support/Audirvana/AudirvanaPlusDatabaseV2.sqlite) and trash the AudirvanaPlusDatabaseV2: 5- When you reopen Audirvana you asked to migrate your library. This then fixes the duplication: Apologies if this bug has been reported in the previous 36 pages. I keep A+Remote open on my iPad if that has anything to do with anything.
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