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  1. I can't help you with your setup, but I do know that the only way Airplay syncs video and audio is if the device sending the audio is also playing the video. For example, playing a Netflix video on an iPad, or in your case a Macbook, and Airplaying the audio to your Lumin would work. Given the lack of inputs, perhaps you are trying to oversimplify too much?
  2. Thanks I see it now. Its on the bottom where the file format is shown. I was expecting something larger, like the Lumin Airplay display.
  3. Re: Firmware Release 11.5 (August 13, 2019) What does the second item do: "Add front panel MUTE display" I have an A1.
  4. I've used wired IEM's 40 years, since the original Sony Walkman. The convenience of not having to deal with wires, at the gym, while walking...etc. was a powerful attraction and when I finally got the JayBirds and experienced it for myself... It's hard to go back to wires. The SE215 has a two year warranty, whereby you can keep sending back the broken stuff to Shure (in Illinois) and they keep replacing it. The postage is cheap enough as you don't send back the accessories and packaging. You don't even need an RMA. Just download a form, explain the problem, include a copy of your original invoice stick it in a bubble pack envelope and you're good. I'll just keep doing that until the warranty runs out. After that I'm done. The form factor of putting a battery powered, sealed BT transmitter/receiver in a tiny compartment is apparently something that can't be done reliably. I've struck up conversations with folks at the gym and my experience is the norm.
  5. I ordered the Shure SE215 BT IEMs. They lasted less than 2 weeks. The charging cable no longer works. The LED stays on red. Pushing and holding the on/off button does nothing. Shure responded to send them back the cable and they would replace it. I bought from an authorized dealer (Full Compass) and they sent me an replacement pair right away. Fingers crossed but at this point I'm not optimistic about this technology.
  6. I tried starting up Lumin App with the Lumin A1 off. Confirmed that the TuneIn icon was not on. Then switched the A1 on, watched the Tunein icon come back on. The "Not Supported" stations are still there. Checked my Tunein account via Firefox on my iMac and the unsupported stations are not there. I'm not sure what else to do.
  7. How do you remove icons from radio stations that are not supported anymore? They still appear in Lumin App with "not supported" in their titles, but they do not appear on the MacOS web page. Lumin A1 Options> Internet Radio Setting>Update Radio Channels does not remove them. Years ago I signed into TuneIn and put a bunch of stations into my Favorites. I've since cleaned up Favorites, updated the Lumin and these still appear as unsupported.
  8. @kumakuma I'm a big Comply foam tips person. Expensive for what you get, but well worth it for sound isolation and bass response. The Shure SE215 look like a good choice. I like that they designed in the "over ear" placement similar to Westone wired IEM's. I have found that IEM's that make the over ear placement a design feature have a better fit than those that permit conversions from over to under ear. Those never feel right in the over ear position. The JayBird X4's were like that.
  9. I should clarify what I mean by reliable. Reliable would be 3 years use, although 1 year would be acceptable.
  10. But wouldn't that also apply to wired IEM's? I've gotten up to three years use out of wired IEM's. Bone conduction doesn't work for me. I'm not sure why. I got better sound quality out of a pair of $5 wired IEM's.
  11. I am looking for a reliable BT Sports IEM. Doesn't have to be true wireless. I recently had a brief love affair with the JayBird X4. Unfortunately, they did not even last 30 days. The good news was that I could return them for a full refund since they failed within 30 days. These will be used mostly for gym workouts on an elliptical machine and for walks. I sweat a lot so they have to be of the "sport", sweat resistant variety. The online reviews are useless. I need to hear from people that have real long term experience with the BT Sport IEM market. Should be under $150, but I can go up to $200 if they are reliable. Reliability is the key here. Sound quality can be just OK. I use HD800s headphones for serious HP listening. Any suggestions?
  12. @wklie Thank you. So the automatic feature is initiated by the album count. What if the change and Minimserver rescan was done to correct a metadata mistake, for example an album or composer name. Should I expect the automatic feature to still be initiated? I don't mean to sound pedantic, I'm just trying to understand the interaction between Minimserver and Lumin App.
  13. @wklie This has probably been covered before but I was not able to find a response that actually works. My question regards the Minimserver Library File after you add a new album to it and how do I get Lumin App to see the new addition? This is what I have been doing: Using Minimwatch I rescan Minimserver on my iMac Then I go to the iPad tap on the gear>Music Library>Options>Update Music Library then I wait watching the spinning circle. I've tried the MinimServer Rescan from the Lumin App but that doesn't seem to be a quicker solution. A previous response from @psme to someone else indicated "After a MinimServer "re-scan" finished/completed (it may take a while), LUMIN app should AUTOMATICALLY detects any library change." I have never had the update to the music library happen automatically. Or perhaps I am not patient enough. Or perhaps I am doing something wrong? What is the correct procedure for getting Lumin App to see the new addition?
  14. @wklie When I play Spotify the screen on the unit (lower left hand corner of the screen) shows me this: Spotify 320K 44.1 KHZ 16 Bits Question: Does that mean that the Lumin A1 is upsampling the Spotify stream?
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