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  1. I gave up on Qobuz and signed on to IDAGIO and Spotify Premium as my streaming compromise. Idagio still does not have gapless but their tagging is outstanding and ease of finding composers works is superb. By comparison to Spotify Premium their library is lacking but overall not bad. Still, no one service does it all. If the primary focus of your listening is Italian opera, you will be disappointed with Idagio. I quit going to Talk Classical. LOL, their endless lists of composers and their works baffle me.
  2. @pwhinson FYI, I have found the PSAudio Directstream Dac to be somewhat fussy about sampling tracks - listening for short (<1min) and moving on to a next track, repeatedly. If you do this, eventually the uR can't stream. The solution as you found is to power cycle the PSAudio DAC via the rear power switch. This does not happen when using the PSAudio BridgeII. I contacted PS Audio service about this behavior. They wanted me to send back the DAC for an "evaluation", which is their way of saying we haven't a clue about what is going on. They would have found out everything works as expected (i.e., within the ecosystem of Dac, BridgeII, and mConnect). Avoid track sampling or do sampling only with the Bridge II (if you have one installed) and you should not have any problems. I use my installed BridgeII only for Spotify Premium, since that is where I do most of my track sampling.
  3. @damien78 Will there also be an update to A+ Remote?
  4. I remember Tidal's USA entry prior to Jay Z's purchase when dropouts and hangups were the norm. It seemed like a year before they got it all sorted out. Some services such as Medici TV never get it right. Until the official Qobuz intro, I'm quite content to wait. I was offered a Beta test slot which I declined. IDAGIO and SPOTIFY Premium and METOPERA on Demand are perfectly suitable until Qobuz USA make their official entry.
  5. Of course, @DougAdams as well. Thanks.
  6. https://www.thenexttrack.com/142 Thanks @kirkmc... and @The Computer Audiophile... for the great podcasts.
  7. I'm pretty sure this is a licensing issue with Channel Classics HiRes streaming offerings to USA customers. IDAGIO does not even offer the Channel Classics Podger albums, not even samples to USA customers. OTOH Spotify Premium at 320kbps, allows for complete track/album playback to USA customers.
  8. You are correct. I am assuming that the Airport Extreme behaves as any other router. I had to go to two switches (Cisco and Netgear) because my first switch ran out of ports. So I connect both switches to my Frontier router and use the Cisco switch for my audio and everything else is connected to the router or the Netgear switch ports. It should not matter how you connect up the gear, but I like to keep things somewhat organized, hence the dedicated Cisco switch.
  9. Email notifications are still coming with the CA Heading:
  10. @The Computer Audiophile You missed an opportunity. If you had added "The" in front of Audiophile Style you would have had TAS!
  11. Do all of the "Following" topics and emails still work? Ignored topics? , etc...
  12. This streamer does NAA and Roon and runs $1600. The ultraRendu runs NAA, Roon, Shairport, MPD/DLNA, Spotify, Squeelite and Bubbleupnp Server and cost $875. I must be missing something. What distinguishes this product from the ultraRendu?
  13. As a follow up: I signed up for all of the emails and never received any notification of Snowmass 3.05 which was released 4 days ago. It doesn't matter for anyone except Bridge I owners. So obviously, the email updates don't work the way I was hoping they would. The only way is to check the forums.
  14. @Superdad Is the heat constant or does it vary with useage (assuming it is left on all of the time)?
  15. @Taz777 DIY is definitely the way to go. When I look at the ridiculous prices that are being charged for things like amp stands, that are not even constructed with mortise and tenon joinery, I shake my head. Besides it's fun.?
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