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  1. rodrigaj

    The Next Track Podcast Bids Farewell

    Of course, @DougAdams as well. Thanks.
  2. https://www.thenexttrack.com/142 Thanks @kirkmc... and @The Computer Audiophile... for the great podcasts.
  3. rodrigaj

    Qobuz USA launching soon!

    I'm pretty sure this is a licensing issue with Channel Classics HiRes streaming offerings to USA customers. IDAGIO does not even offer the Channel Classics Podger albums, not even samples to USA customers. OTOH Spotify Premium at 320kbps, allows for complete track/album playback to USA customers.
  4. You are correct. I am assuming that the Airport Extreme behaves as any other router. I had to go to two switches (Cisco and Netgear) because my first switch ran out of ports. So I connect both switches to my Frontier router and use the Cisco switch for my audio and everything else is connected to the router or the Netgear switch ports. It should not matter how you connect up the gear, but I like to keep things somewhat organized, hence the dedicated Cisco switch.
  5. rodrigaj

    Article: CA is now Audiophile Style!

    Email notifications are still coming with the CA Heading:
  6. rodrigaj

    Article: CA is now Audiophile Style!

    @The Computer Audiophile You missed an opportunity. If you had added "The" in front of Audiophile Style you would have had TAS!
  7. rodrigaj

    Article: CA is now Audiophile Style!

    Do all of the "Following" topics and emails still work? Ignored topics? , etc...
  8. This streamer does NAA and Roon and runs $1600. The ultraRendu runs NAA, Roon, Shairport, MPD/DLNA, Spotify, Squeelite and Bubbleupnp Server and cost $875. I must be missing something. What distinguishes this product from the ultraRendu?
  9. rodrigaj

    PS Audio DS upgrade to SNOWMASS

    As a follow up: I signed up for all of the emails and never received any notification of Snowmass 3.05 which was released 4 days ago. It doesn't matter for anyone except Bridge I owners. So obviously, the email updates don't work the way I was hoping they would. The only way is to check the forums.
  10. @Superdad Is the heat constant or does it vary with useage (assuming it is left on all of the time)?
  11. rodrigaj

    Miniature equipment rack

    @Taz777 DIY is definitely the way to go. When I look at the ridiculous prices that are being charged for things like amp stands, that are not even constructed with mortise and tenon joinery, I shake my head. Besides it's fun.?
  12. rodrigaj

    Miniature equipment rack

    Here is one I built for my ultraRendu/LPS 1 Right side slides in and out for securement. Two slots, 1/4" carriage bolts from underneath. Little knobs on top. The post are made from one piece of wood, drilled first, and cut in half.
  13. rodrigaj

    Streaming - where does the money go?

    Yes, I knew about the 30 seconds. This is very important to artists in pop music. Watching my mid 20's nieces and nephews during Thanksgiving handle my iPad / Spotify Premium account, I know there weren't many artists making money that day. OTOH, classical artists have the opposite problem. While classical music lovers are not known for the quick sampling, their pieces of music are longer. For example, last night I listened to Mahler's 3rd symphony, arguably the longest symphony in the repertoire, coming in at 100 minutes. If the artists are paid per track (6), they don't stand a chance, economically speaking, to hold their own against pop music. Streaming is one of the great things to come along for the consumer... and one of the worst things to come along for all but a handful of artists.
  14. rodrigaj

    Streaming - where does the money go?

    Devil's Advocate. I spent the last hour going through the various "Best Of" lists for classical music records of 2018 and making them "Favorites" in Idagio and Spotify Premium. I have no intention of buying/downloading the recordings. Ever. Should I feel guilty?
  15. rodrigaj

    Delete Account

    FWIW, I started a subscription with a classical music forum. I expected mild mannered banter between classical music lovers. Boy was I wrong. You could ignore users there but you could not ignore threads. After 2 months I left, the bickering and sniping got to me. To the OP, erase your subscriptions, set your preferences for no PM's, erase your profile information and you won't be bothered again. Technically, you are still an account, but so what. Worked for me.