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  1. @wklieJazz Groove website doesn't mention Lumin yet. If I get a premium subscription, how do I incorporate it into Lumin App. I don't see it listed in version 14.2. I see tunein and I see the free flac stations, but nothing obvious about Jazz Groove.
  2. No Classical? I would really appreciate consideration for the following 3 stations:
  3. I'm not sure I understand why such a term (bovver boys) would be used to describe the management of JRiver and ROON.
  4. Unless they are looking for a buyer - Apple bought Primephonic this past week.
  5. https://slippedisc.com/2021/08/nothing-about-the-primephonic-sale-is-open-fair-or-classical-friendly/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=nothing-about-the-primephonic-sale-is-open-fair-or-classical-friendly
  6. I don't want 6 free months of Apple Music. Good bye to Apple/Primephonics for me. This is perfect timing for me since I signed up last September when Primephonic was offering a half price year subscription. Back to Idagio (for however long they stay in business).
  7. @wklieI'm thinking of getting an L1. What is the best way of moving NAS music files to the L1? After my initial swap, I'll connect iMac to the L1.
  8. I don't hear any difference. But I remember when I owned my PS Audio DirectStream DAC, whenever they would release a new firmware, there would be all of these accolades about "greater air" and "more refined", etc. I never heard any differences. Not to say that there aren't any, I just don't hear them. (I only critically listen to classical music ).
  9. Answered my own question. Looks like Qobuz is working on this. (At least from this redit thread) https://www.reddit.com/r/qobuz/comments/mjxpye/qobuz_connect/
  10. @keeper: I would love to have an icloud BUP, but whenever I've looked into it, my upload speeds make the BUP unrealistic. Last I checked, something over one year to complete. My upload speed is 1Mbps. Download is better at 20Mbps. The services that take a hard drive for the initial storage are prohibitively expensive. How did you manage your first BUP?
  11. Isn't that one of the functions of Roon? (I use my miniDSP SHD and Lumin U1)
  12. I wouldn't call chopping off - with or without fading - the title of a work, a "feature". But...whatever. (The display on the Lumin is a big bugaboo with me - I leave it entirely off.)
  13. My very first look at the new manual: "For more information about the software-side of Music Servers, see Music Server Software." ...and I encounter a bad link...
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