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  1. Fortunately, the Lumin display shows nothing that isn't on the in the Lumin App. If you listen to anything with a longish track title, such as classical music, it is even more annoying. I leave my U1 off all of the time, it's pretty useless to me.
  2. LOL. Don't forget that you turned off the outputs. I was about to make a warranty claim for my U1 when I went to use my RCA SPDIF and nothing happened. I had been using BNC and made a change to the system. I remembered the option to turn off outputs just in time. I now have labels on the outputs that I have turned off, although I doubt I will ever make that mistake again.
  3. @wklie FWIW, it appears that a Refresh/Restart of Minimserver has fixed the problem. I've not been able to replicate it since I did that. Airplay in conjunction with Lumin App is working fine now.
  4. @wklie I've noticed that my Lumin U1 / Lumin App (iOS iPad) combination becomes sluggish after I have streamed music (Primephonic Streaming Subscription) with Airplay. I believe this behavior also manifest itself after a Spotify Connect session. For example, if I have updated my NAS Audio Library, it takes forever for the new addition to appear. Also, deleting tracks on the left side of the App,(i.e., an entire album) takes far longer than it should. This is my work around: I power cycle the Lumin U1. The App returns to normal operation until my next Airplay session. I
  5. Is it a large display? Able to be seen from across the room? I remember being disappointed at the size of the "mute" display when that was introduced.
  6. @wklie What is the "update input icons" fix to the Lumin App?
  7. I'm sorry, but there is no way that a half opened overhang is going to stop dust and moisture, only a hermetically sealed back would do that. I believe the overhang is there because Linn products do it and Lumin's case design is highly influenced by Linn. Has been since day one.
  8. The XLR outputs on my A1 are even worse. They have that push button lock release that sits between the overhang and the plug. I have to get a wooden dowel to push it, while I grab both sides of the plug and pull out. Who thinks this overhang is a good idea, and why?
  9. @wklie Just bought a preowned U1 (not mini) and have some questions about the outputs. USB 1 and 2 can't be used together (i.e., to two different DACs). Correct? USB can be used with any other output to two different DACs. Correct? Toslink and SPDIF can be used together. Correct? I ask because I want to avoid fiddling in the back and having to redo connections. I am not a fan of the back overhang and have learned with my A1 to get the connections done right the first time.
  10. I'm on their email list. First stream is today. Link Here
  11. Idagio now offers a booklet view with their App and they have live video streams. Outstanding streaming service if you are a classical music listener.
  12. I missed the part of your original post that says only "Tidal and Qobuz". It has been over a year since I was a Tidal subscriber but as I recall I never had the problem you describe. Sorry.
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