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  1. Plenty of other support forums do this in public. The advantage being that I rarely have to ask for help because the solution is often found with a quick search. I have been able to solve problems with both Volumio and Moode by searching their support forums. I don’t see the point of having a public record of problems and not have the solutions available to everyone. I encourage you to share troubleshooting steps in public and report to PM only when you need to protect sensitive info. It would go a long way towards generating more community here.
  2. But that’s the thing, it is already full of people’s problems but no one can see the solutions.
  3. Sorry folks, I guess I’m not as familiar with how this site works as I thought. I was indeed trying to ask @Audio_Allo why their responses are done via PM instead of keeping all of us in the loop.
  4. You still haven’t answered the question of why everything is done via PM. Surely there isn’t any extra work involved to post troubleshooting in the same thread instead of moving it PM. As it stands this forum is not a place to find information or to talk about the products. It is only a place to see other people getting help away from the public view. This forum would be a much more valuable place to visit if the information wasn’t hidden away. I can’t think of any other forum, support or otherwise, that operates the same way. I check in from time to time to see what experiences pe
  5. I don’t need help with anything right now but it would be nice to know about the problems other people are having and how they solved them. I like to read about the gear I own and see what experiences others are having. It is also nice to see if there are problematic DACs or software distributions in case I wanted to try something new. I can’t help but feel that I am missing out on information that could help me understand my USBridge Signature. It would be good to know about this when I want to talk to other people about this piece of gear. Anyway, it’s frustrating to see so much
  6. Seemingly every single topic here is done through PM. Surely it would be better to post the troubleshooting steps so that everyone can read them. It would also allow people to find the solution via Google and allow the community to build up a knowledge base of common problems. I am able to find information on the DIY audio forums more easily and I’m not sure why it is so different here.
  7. i use Moode. I set the processor to “performance” as I had heard that had helped in the past but I don’t think I have ever had the pops and clicks. I definitely had them running straight from a Pi 3 with Volumio.
  8. The D90 MQA version is not compatible, the regular one is fine. Playing DSD on it fro my USBridge right now with no problem.
  9. Apple Music as well, especially for pop music and/or stuff that isn’t recorded well to begin with.
  10. So many responses by Allo are done via PM. Wouldn’t it be better to have the discussion in the forum so that people can see the troubleshooting steps later on?
  11. I’m looking for a new DAC and the Revolution looks like a real contender but I don have a few questions. Is there a manual available? I searched on the Allo site but was unable to find anything. I had also seen some discussion about a balanced output version in the future, any word about that? I’m also confused about the firmware. On the Allo website there are two different versions offered. You can also get it with none. Is the firmware only required for use on a windows machine? I plan on using it with a Pi based streamer or maybe a Mac. Thanks in advance!
  12. It’s most likely some sort of interference causing the dropouts. Things like microwave ovens can create all sorts of noise in the WiFi channels. You could also be running into problems with other WiFi networks using the same channel you are. I live in an apartment complex and I can see over 30 other networks. Despite having a strong signal I suffered from WiFi dropouts all the time. I have since gotten a router (Portal) that uses channels that almost no one else does and have not suffered a drop out since.
  13. If you’re having trouble just email Todd. It’s a very manual process. I’m sure he can make it happen.
  14. FYI, the guy that reported that the homepods will not be able to do actual stereo has now said he doesn’t know where he got that idea from. His term “full room” was never mentioned by Apple. So it looks like actual, proper stereo will be coming once airplay 2 comes out. https://mobile.twitter.com/panzer/status/961315967312609280
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