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  1. I'm looking for a silent and acurate cd-drive for my audio PC? It have to be available in Europe. Anyone? With reagards.
  2. Does anyone experience with this player of Finnish origine. (All the processing wil be on the fly, so the PC/Mac have to deliver a -much- more CPU load than a 'normal' player) Before I dive into the quite complicated set-up, I wonder if anyone has meaningfull results? With regards, Maerten
  3. Synfreak, thx for the info. Do I understand it well? Depending the DAC in use, I can switch the ASIO-driver in Control Panel-> Sound ..... etc?
  4. I own a CA 651 A/C combination . For playback from my PC, via Foobar2000, I've to use the Cambridge Audio genuine ASIO-driver. Now I planned to buy a second (phono pre-amp) USB DAC for recording my vinyl's. Such need a different ASIO-driver. I forsee. a problem. Will there be one? And how to solve? With regards, Martin.
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