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  1. Yes. I have got the SD card and the update worked fine. However it is possible that the problem worsen after updating.
  2. Thanks, but I really need to contemplate whether an RMA is worth the hassle. I was about to sell it together with my DAC, but this is not possible. I had really hoped for a firmware fix, My üR was from the first batch delivery.
  3. Thx. I am using the recommended Ifi iPower 9V supply bought together with the üR. I am also sometimes using the Uptone LPS-1 powered by a battery.
  4. Are you saying that my network influence üR DAC-discovery on it’s USB output? üR always turn up in Fing with the same IP given by DHCP and always respond when I ping it. My high capacity network is pretty solid so this will be surprising. I have also tried connecting the üR directly to my router. I have tried many DAC’s and the most successful was the Chord Mojo.
  5. And sometimes it does and sometimes it doesn't. If it was never working I would have understand it. What I can't understand is the intermittent discovery success I am experiencing. I have used these DAC's with other sources without issues.
  6. I would have understood it if the behavior was the same each and every time, but I connect to two different DAC’s and the behavior is exactly the same. The successful rate seems random, but when one DAC is found, the second one is also found. If I interchange the USB cables to both DACS while detection is successful the second one is instantly found and the connection remains stable. When unsuccessful the DAC’s are never found whatever I do. It seems that the üR never initiates any discovery if unsuccessful during startup. The only option is to restart the üR numerous times and just
  7. I have already done this numerous times, but thanks anyway. This robustness problem is really a blow to the üR, IMO.
  8. Maybe I posted this in the wrong thread. I recognize that I am not alone with my DAC discovery issues. I reverted to standard settings (no custom DAC). I am also using an adapter instead of an USB cable. No remedy. https://www.computeraudiophile.com/forums/topic/49675-trouble-discovering-dac/
  9. No ideas, Jesus? Spent the whole afternoon troubleshooting. Used custom DAC, reporting hw:0,0 in settings when connection is successful. hw:0,0 defaults the output device to USB (non-selectable). This is how it looks like when it works and then it is stable until reboot. This is driving me nuts and I want to throw it out of my window! ?
  10. Hi, I have the üRendu with the latest firmware onboard (v.2.6). I continue to get errors when connecting to an USB DAC. Have tried two different DAC’s and two different (short) USB cables. Sometimes the Diagnostic app recognize any of the two DAC’s as generic, but normally not (just says connect your DAC). Correct DAC input (USB) is selected. Different power scemes and unplugging doesn’t seem to make a difference. Please see appended screenshot. Please advice. EDIT: Two more screenshots showing that once every now and then it works. Then
  11. Meridian does not develop and deliver MQA. MQA do.
  12. Thanks. I did not intend to claim that mqa core was a second unfold. I was merely doubtful that the A1 (which I own) has the horsepower for this without a dedicated chip onboard. This is good news. I hope it will happen soon.
  13. I would really like to see a confirmation from psme that a third unfold (profiling) will be done inside the Streamer/DAC. A second unfold 96/24 is not full decoding.
  14. I believe ECM's position on streaming has to do with the fact that artists are paid peanuts every time their music is streamed.
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