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  1. Thank you, I will try that one. Still haven't heard from Chord....... Regards, Angelo
  2. Kubuntu is indeed not very stable, but most (if not all) KDE/Plasma 5 distros are rather unstable, but this problem lies deeper than the DE, in the base (kernel?) more than likely. But I tried Ubuntu (14.04 LTS) anyway and this also has the same problems. Since most your recommendations are Debian/Ubuntu based, it makes no sense to try them all. Sabayon I did try (finally a version again that actually booted from the USB properly), but there JRiver is not in the repositories, so I tried it with MPD and also the same problems occur. It's not the hardware, since JRiver Windows doesn't have any problems. My guess is there is something not quite up to par in the combo DAC/board/USB and the Linux drivers. I have dropped the question at Chord, since they claim the Mojo is Linux compatible, but haven't heard from them yet. Regards, Angelo
  3. Thank you, what distro would you suggest. Not that Arch is not that common, but I get you meaning. I tried Kubuntu without succes. Granted, this was 15.10 running from a live USB. To make matters worse, running the same DAC on the same system with Win10 doesn't produce these problems...... Regards Angelo
  4. Thank you for the reply but rebooting doesn't help and the music is local, so points 2 and 3 don't apply. Regards, Angelo
  5. Hello, Just bought the Chord Mojo and having some problems with playback (DOP) of DSD files. There are intermittent, short stops in playback, not really at fixed intervals. The computer used is pretty powerful (FX6300 six-core, 16gigs memory, DSD library on SSD), so I don't think it's the system. It's running Apricity OS (an Arch based distro). Nothing I tried so far helps. I tried most settings in JRiver, memory playback turned off/on, smaller prebuffering/bigger prebuffering. I also removed the pulseaudio server, but also with no effect. Any thoughts? Regards, Angelo
  6. Thank you for the reply, but if it is the DAC, it would also happen with other apps and/or OS'ses, which it doesn't. The HRT is a wellknown and generally used DAC, so this kind of issue would have been noticed and mentioned by others. The only mention I can find are with Linux and MPD users. But you're right in one aspect it seems, it's not limited to MPD. I have tried the beta of JRiver for Linux, and there I find the same problem. JRiver on windows however doesn't seem to have any problem with the HRT as others users have assured me...... I have owned DACs with relays as well, and the soundeffect is nothing like I'm hearing from the HRT. Regards, Angelo
  7. Hello, Sorry to resurrect an old post, but I'm running into the same problem with MPD and my new HRT Music Streamer II. Did someone find out how to get this fixed? Regards, Angelo
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