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  1. play-fi is okay but I think Roon is better and it works will all my other stuff, including a squeezebox touch. if I operate play-fi from my phone and it rings it shuts off the stereo. I think a big company like Mcintosh would want to be as flexible as possible. I like the look and quality of sound out of the MB50 streamer but find play-fi annoying.
  2. I have borrowed a MB50 streamer that uses PlayFi and it is my understanding from the research I have done that PlayFi products do not work with Roon. I haven't found a way to make it work. There is also no PlayFi desktop version for Mac and that is another issue with the PlayFi system to me.
  3. thank you, i won't hesitate to preorder one now. paul
  4. i have been keen to find out more about the auralic aeries. do you know it to be a squeezebox touch killer or should we wait and see? thanks, paul
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