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  1. Why, oh why, oh why have they put the "Popular" section above the "Albums in my Library" section in Overview? I now have to scroll down to get to play something that I liked enough to buy rather than something that other people liked. There's lots go good and clever stuff in there but some of the sign decisions make the simple job of playing your music harder.
  2. Hi Antonello Any indication what's changed in V4? There doesn't appear to be any information on it on the News page. Thanks Alan
  3. Is there an in-situ update to the new 3.50 images or do we need to re-flash? Thanks Alan
  4. Thanks. I do too for the same reason. It might account for some of the differences in readings in the thread.
  5. Are people using dbA or dbC weighting? It makes several db difference in my room with dbC reading several db higher as it takes more account of bass frequencies.
  6. Was he in the room when he did this, and if so does he have any hearing left? That translates (I think) to 122 db spl which would cause immediate pain and ear injury.
  7. A very interesting, well done experiment with (unusually for audio) some very clear results. I'm not quite so sure about his explanation of the importance of damping factor, rather than instantaneous current delivery, but that in no way invalidates the results.
  8. Hi I set up my Pi with Ramsystem 2 and SystemInfo shows it running. If I reboot then it reverts to running from disk and shows Ramsystem not enabled. I thought running Ramsave from the Ramsystem menu would set the boot sequence up so that it would run from RAM, however when I try to run it I get the following: none on /opt type tmpfs (rw,relatime,size=48768k) rsync: [receiver] write failed on "/tmp/ramsave/opt/sima/venv/lib/python3.7/site-packages/pip/_vendor/urllib3/contrib/ntlmpool.py": No space left on device (28) rsync error: error in file IO (code 1
  9. So, just to clarify, am I right in thinking that if I need to use scripts to modify anything rather than editing the configuration files, then it's €29 per year for one system, whether that's a PC or a Raspberry Pi?
  10. Is there a simple DAC available with this chipset? I don't want or need the Bluetooth connectivity or MQA - just USB and Co-ax SPDIF. Thanks Alan
  11. Thanks. Unfortunately none of that helped. I know the card only has very rudimentary Linux support, so I suspect it's not reporting something in the format that the Squeze emulator is expecting. Please don't waste any more time on it. Alan
  12. The results http://dpaste.com/28FRQZ5 It's only Squeezelite/SqueezeliteR2 that suffer. RoonBridge and mid/upnpcli work fine Thanks Alan
  13. Hi I'm trying to run the X86 version of Gentooplayer on my Asrock J3455B motherboard. I've done the setup and RoonBridge and MPD both work fine, but I can't get either Squeezelite or Squeezelite-R2 to work. LMS and Roon both recognise the player, but when I select the track nothing plays. The Squeezelite-R2 log shows "process:498 unhandled vers" followed by multiple "alsa_open:483 channel count not available: Invalid argument" messages. The Squeezelite has an additional "_check_header:179 unknown format - can't parse header" message. The card is an EVGA N
  14. Any particular reason why Squeezelite R2 rather than Squeezelite?
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