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  1. Any particular reason why Squeezelite R2 rather than Squeezelite?
  2. So, apart from configurability, would you expect to see any improvement in performance compared to the switch built in to an ISP provided switch/router/modem? Alan
  3. Are there any recommended settings for the ALSA Buffer Time and Input and Output Stream Buffers for G2P running in Ramboot mode on a RaspBerry Pi 3B+ or similar platform, or should they just be left to the defaults? Thanks Alan
  4. I can confirm that this works. It's only that very first firmware version that allows it to function under Linux. PCM Front and PCM1 seem to control the headphone jack. Now to see if it sounds any good 🙂 Thanks for your perseverance. Alan
  5. As a matter of interest has anyone a preference between Squeezelite and Squeezelite-R2 under GenTooPlayer? I was under the impression that the DSD patch in R2 had been incorporated in the mainline product, and that R2 wasn't being developed any more. Have I got that right, in which case is there any reason to run Squeezelite-R2?
  6. Thanks The output from the cat /proc/asound/cardx/streamy is almost identical on mine, the only difference being that mine shows Altsets 1 and 1 rather than 1 and 3.
  7. Sure. Mine was a clean install of Ubuntu 20.04. The kernel's subsequently been updated to 5.4.28 as of this evening. The ALSA version is 5.4.028 generic and the library version is 1.2.2.
  8. I'm also running Ubuntu 20.04 and I've flashed the card with the latest version of firmware which the Windows driver reports as version 0.32. I've also tried it with the older 0.28 version. Ubuntu sees the card in Alsa mixer but when I try to select it I get a message saying "cannot load mixer controls: Protocol error".
  9. Try webrestart from the command line?
  10. the_bat

    HQ Player

    This may sound an odd question, but has anyone compared the sound of HQ Player via Roon into an NAA without any of the filters to aRoon direct to a Roonbridge or Squeezelite endpoint? I ask because I find Squeezelite consistently preferable to the Roonbridge approach and wondered whether the NAA might be different/better again. Many thanks. Alan
  11. Thanks. That explains it.
  12. I seem to be missing something here - I don't see any 5 series kernels as options on my Raspberry Pi3+ based system.
  13. I know it's a short time sample but has anyone else noticed that this thread is responsible for 98% of the postings in Objective-fi this month?
  14. Having actually heard this, measurements tell us that we're not measuring the right things. Oh, and I agree the price is a joke - it's meant to be. That's why 9,600 and 192,000.
  15. Sorry - should have been clearer. I'm currently using Gentooplayer with MPD/UMPCLI. It's excellent! The only issue I have currently is that files encoded with Apple Lossless (ALAC) so showing as m4a won't play. I'm obviously missing something. Thanks Alan
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