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  1. It would be interesting to see inside whether power is full linear, and if yes, how Volumio does that.
  2. Regarding ramdisk, do you folks think installing minimserver (or the likes) to ramdisks will impro SQ?
  3. He seems to be a compatriot of mine and I used our language to say sorry for him. That's all
  4. Có phải bác tên là Kiều Minh Hiếu ko? Chia buồn với bác.
  5. Hi @Allo, anyway to provide full linear power to Sparky? And anyway to separately power (linear wise) to the Usb bridge? I highly appreciate your clarification on the same issue with DigiOne (removing the dc converter and providing power to points 4 and 6...).
  6. Is this possible to install audiolinux on a Raspberry Pi2?
  7. Could you be more specific? And are there anything that can be done to switch and modem/router?
  8. Depends on skills, and not too difficult. By the way, I use Bakoon BPS 02 as batteries which I believe there is no DC converter inside.
  9. Have you ever tried removing the SMPS converter on Pi2 or Pi3 and supplying linear currents of 5V, 3.3V and 1.8V directly to Pi boards ? And DigiOne powered separately by batteries? You will be more than surprised.
  10. Hi Dynobot, could your pls make this link alive again? I remember it has a lot to tweak Volumio, much more than the current guides about Volumio in your Dynobot's Audio Google site: https://sites.google.com/site/computeraudioorg/home/setting-up-alsa
  11. There is a switching converter in Rasp Pi, so even feeding Pi with a 1k $ lps doesn't make sense. But removing that converter and feeding Pi with 3 linear currents of 5v, 3.3 and 1.8v (in the case of Pi3 and Pi3), things will be a lot different.
  12. Hi folks, is Audiolinux from this site? And if not, please give me the correct link: https://www.ap-linux.com
  13. Easy money making "audiophile sector"....
  14. Buy a Schiit Eitre, plug it into one usb port of your PC. Connect ur DAC and Eitre using a decent coaxial cable. Then enjoy the music.
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