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  1. I have said goodbye to S2D. Its replacement SMSL M500 just does a better job for the same price.
  2. Sorry could you elaborate a little bit on this: "DSD bypasses much of the new AKM chip in the Topping"?
  3. Never enough in my case. I have used Oppo BDP, NUC, Rasp Pi (usb), Rasp Pi (Digione), UsbSig... as digital transporter. Different transporters = different SQ.
  4. Clearer than S2d: Volume level quite readable. Others not.
  5. Just a plus, in the context of comparing this with that.
  6. I have both Project S2D and Smsl m500. To be brief S2D is like an adolescent, M500 is a mature man, SQ wise. Plus, M500 work well with MQA unlike S2D.
  7. My Usbridge Sig works well when powered by 5V 1A Bakoon BPS 2 battery (no HDMI, no bluetooth, no Usb storage).
  8. If you can do something about modding, you can change its toslink into coaxial plus galvanic isolation, and the sound is as good as any others.
  9. Would love to read some customers' reviews and comparisons between Usbridge Sig and popular renderers/streamers of Sotm and Sonore.
  10. I have been using RpIs as renderers for years. After sometime I dumped RPi3 for RPi2. Does it make any sense to your questions?
  11. Thanks. Could you please elaborate on the use of the streaming cable? Read information on website but still don't understand!!!
  12. Would you please help check if Roon Core installed into Lattepanda Alpha can convert everything to DSD 256 smoothly or not? Thanks
  13. Could you please let me know what Minority Clean is? I downloaded it from your link, chose Minority Clean X, unzipped and clicked the .exe file, and nothing happened? I am running on Windows 10 Pro.
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