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  1. It’s in a USB 3.0 Inateck case that has a power switch and is plugged directly via the TD cable into the Oppo, so that’s where it’s getting its power, the same way a USB flash drive does (or from my PC when I plug it in there to do file management). The Oppo itself is powered via a PS Audio P15 Regenerator.
  2. Before posting, I went back 6 pages, three years, and didn't find anything on this specific topic. They are either about computer audio, i.e., internal drives, or general comparisons between various types in various setups. Little to nothing characterizing or comparing specific SSD's (or even HDDs).
  3. Anyone experimented with sound differences between external SSDs to a good quality dedicated stereo system? In my living room system, I've been using a 480 GB SanDisk Extreme Pro SSD with a TotalDac USB cable/filter to a modified Oppo 203 to play music files, mostly flac (followed by a Lampi dac, Supratek preamp, ATC actives). But even with frequent pruning, the SanDisk is getting close to full, so I'm looking to double the size. I tried a 1TB Seagate Backup Plus with a USB 3.0 A-to-micro-B adapter into the TD cable, but the music sounded like crap. Which leads me to assume that music from all drives doesn't sound the same. The 960GB SanDisk is $499 (mine 480 cost $175 four years ago). I've got a WD Blue in my computer that seems to sounds good, but haven't really used my PC for serious audio for some time. Anyone found something that plays really well? (this is not about storage). Thanks, (No bits are bits comments or similar please)
  4. This dac has always had a very noticeable hiss from 8' at full volume, and it gradually disappears as the volume is lowered. In any case, I a tone I want to listen to over any notion of correct volume setting. Thanks,
  5. @sandyk I don't think you read my initial post carefully enough. There's the volume knob, a gain knob and a gain disable switch. The 60% referred to the second. At full volume, the dac puts out a noticeable hash, which is why I had avoided it, and the sound with the preamp becomes "dry" and a bit brittle (tied to the hash?), At dac volume = -15 dB, enough of the warmth present at -27 dB returns to make it workable.
  6. If I set the dac a no attenuation, I don't even make it to 10 o'clock on the softest music, and that's with the preamp's gain at about 60%. Not saying that's good or bad, just what is.
  7. Thanks. I tried -15 dB and the preamp was like 9 to 1 o'clock. I'm playing around now with -10 dB and turned the preamp's gain knob down a bit. It does relax and open up the sound a lot.
  8. I have a question about the best way(s) to understand and thus set up the coordination of volume settings between a dac and preamp. I have a Lampizator TRP dac and a Supratek Chardonnay preamp, both tube gear with volume knobs (and remotes). The dac is fed from an Oppo 203 (digital only), while the preamp goes directly to ATC active speakers (balanced). When I got the TRP, the idea was to go straight to the speakers, as I had done with a PS Audio Directstream dac for years. However, there was apparently an impedance issue and lots of hum from the speakers using the Lampi's faux XLR ports, and I had to send the unit to Lampi to make some adjustments. In the meantime, TRP owners over at What's Best forums were unanimous in saying that I would got more out of the dac with a good preamp (let's skip the more general discussion about preamps w/ dacs, please). While I was waiting for the Supratek, I used a PrimaLuna Dialogue, whose gain is 9 dB. With that, I set the dac's volume at -27 dB, which allowed a sufficient range of volume adjustment for my needs with the preamp. The sound overall was better. The Supratek's gain is supposedly 18 dB and it also has a separate gain control, as well as a gain disable switch. The problem I've encountered is that with the dac's volume at the same level as before, some softer music that required going to 2 o'clock with the PrimaLuna, requires now 3 or 4 o'clock or more with the Supratek, and that's with the gain knob at full. I'm still not understanding that, but figure it's an opportunity to ask how the volume settings on the two units work together. I don't understand technically, but assumed what I was doing by keeping the dac's volume low meant that I would get more involvement sonically from the preamp. Others tell me they take the dac's volume up to max or just under, and then use the preamp from there. But then how does the balance of sound contributed to the end result change by doing that? Or I do I completely misunderstand? Thanks,
  9. I also posted the story at https://www.canuckaudiomart.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=53110&start=165. I had no problem with multiple Ultimates, just the one Premier sample.
  10. It's not a sale, but has been Kitsune's standard price on the first Ultimate for a couple of years. The fuses are drop shipped from AM. As for the Ultimate Premier, see my post today on the fuses thread at What's Best Forum warning about their construction.
  11. Last summer, when Paul was on holiday, his assistant wrote me to the effect that they were considering the better Furutech wire for their copper cable, but I don't know if anything came of it.
  12. Yes, Paul's silver cable is definitely on the cooler side. I had Zenwave Audio build me a copper cable using good Furutech wire that was much better (warmer, more involving). Downside was unlike Paul, Dave at ZA didn't want to install a micro USB connector directly, so I have to use an adapter, which is not perfectly stable.
  13. Is the Turbo version also multi voltage?
  14. I asked about an upgrade path to the T. Paul says not possible starting with January production. Has to do with the design of the batch boards.
  15. I agree. Forgot to mention that I’ve been using a PS Audio AC-12 power cord with the SR4, and in taking advantage of Shunyata’s 3-for-2 Xmas time fuse special, put an SR Orange in it too. I haven’t isolated the latter for listening purposes, but if it’s like the dac and preamp they went into, the improvement would likely be noticeable, tho probably less relative the those.
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