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  1. You are both right, of course, but I'd like to point out that most of the reasonable people here only expect what's already been announced. It's not about exact dates but this 3.5 was expected 'very soon' almost a year ago.
  2. I wouldn't mock Damien's effort, that's not what I want. I'm just wondering what's going on. This particular update should be really something 'cause it seems harder than ever.
  3. So, 'the 2nd half of February' would actually be the very last day of February or even beyond?
  4. BTW, there's something going on with the A+3 updater - it's giving errors.
  5. Soo what? Are you expecting something..? Keep calm and listen to 🦊trot by Genesis!
  6. The real 'funny thing' is most of the recommended stuff here is hardly 'today'. The reason is simple. Most of today's music is a disaster, musically speaking. So, I've been reading this one interested myself. I'll make my statement recommending two bands (out of many more available). For the sake of it we'll have to jump in the time machine and travel some 45 years back. One of them not always strictly melodic, but boy, were they proficient, daring, brilliant, creative, never commercial, pushing the boundaries of pop music! The other one is more melodic and mesmerisingly beautiful. And yes, in both cases there're more than 3 chords/melodies/harmonies/time signatures. AIMHO. Happy listening! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tcX2DqdDxI0 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YkJ_9oiBLAs
  7. I'm sure it will come well before the end of 2019. In fact it may be just around the corner. But no one told me so, it's just a guess
  8. One surely has to be highly capable to be able to develop A+ alone and I appreciate this BUT: a) maybe shouldn't have announced 3.5 as coming 'very soon' last ?! April, in the first place b) these days can't help thinking that the Win version and its prospective bigger market is the new priority c) at least can explain what's going on Just my thoughts, and I've been patient.
  9. Are we going to get this long-awaited 3.5 update before the end of the year? Could someone reveal this hard-kept secret?
  10. One more question, if I may. Can we expect any sound quality improvements with 3.5 (Mac) along with the obviously redesigned UI?
  11. I have the feeling that Damien is keeping the best for last..uuh...Christmas present, sort of
  12. Somehow thought it would be earlier.
  13. Thanks. Could you, please, give approximate time of release?
  14. What happened to 3.5 for Mac?!
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