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  1. Yes, a couple of weeks ago, because after installing the new DSP board, I had problems with certain DSD files... The upgrade procedure is very straightforward.
  2. Thanks @alvin1118 Another question : is it recommended to uninstall the Amanero driver before installing the Thesycon one, or is it OK to leave the Amanero installed (I mean, when upgrading to the new DSP board) ?
  3. Hello, On the Denafrips website, I see there are 2 versions available of the Thesycon driver for the new DSP Board : V4.59.0 and V4.67.0 : does anyone know the difference between them ? https://www.denafrips.com/terminator-download
  4. Yes, that’s also what I am used to, but Miska seems to recommend to power it off. I’d like to know the lifetime difference, when the unit is always on or only when it is used...
  5. Hello Alvin, So you recommend to turn the Terminator off when not in use, in order to save the lifetime of the capacitors ?
  6. Where can I find the instructions to do so ? I'd like to see if it is really easy or rather tricky... I wouldn't want to have to send it back to Singapore if I make a mistake...
  7. Ok, but apparently it is a hardware upgrade. The new DSP board can be purchased separately : https://www.vinshineaudio.com/product-page/dsp-board-terminator-dac But is it possible to do the upgrade by ourselves ?
  8. Breaking news : LS will interview BS ! https://parttimeaudiophile.com/2019/05/09/munich-2019-munich-dreaming/
  9. Qobuz is now available via Roon : https://community.roonlabs.com/t/roon-1-6-is-now-live/58657
  10. Could it be, by any chance, that you have only tried to stream HiRes albums whose listening rights are limited to 16/44 ? As @David Craff explained on 10/18/2018 :
  11. Be careful : it is not because the Terminator has 2 AES/EBU inputs that it supports a Dual-wire connection (with L/R separation) ! In fact, I am pretty sure that those two inputs are independant (both L/R combined), and are only used if one has two different balanced sources. Of course, I may be wrong. The best way is to ask Alvin...
  12. Hello Alvin, To play music, I only use JRiver, and I didn't try another soft. I should add that my problem is only from 24/48, 24/96 or 24/192 to the highest 24/352.8, but no problem when going from 24/192 to 24/176.4, for example. So, when I want to play 24/352.8, and I am currently playing a 48kHz-multiple PCM track, I just have to previously switch to a 44.1kHz-multiple PCM track (44.1, 88.2 ou 176.4). No big deal, obviously, especially since I have very few DXD albums... Anyway, if you could look into this and correct that problem with a firmware u
  13. To play DSD on the Terminator with JRiver, you mustn't use the DoP mode (DSD over PCM), but the Native DSD mode (DSD data directly passed to the DAC, without being packed in a PCM container). Otherwise, DSD256 won't play on the Terminator. My only issue with the Terminator and JRiver (I didn't try another soft) is when I switch from a PCM signal that is a multiple of 48kHz (24/48, 24/96 or 24/192) to a DXD signal (PCM 24/352.8) : I hear a hissing noise instead of the music. No issue however when I switch to a lower res 44.1 kHz multiple (24/44, 24/88 or 24/176).
  14. The OS/NOS button is used to toggle between the NOS mode (non oversampling) and the OS mode (oversampling). When the corresponding LED is lit, the Terminator is in NOS mode.
  15. Auralic is of course one of them, see the comments by Xuanqian Wang in the Auralic community forum : https://community.auralic.com/t/when-will-we-finally-have-mqa-decoding/1251/7 https://community.auralic.com/t/mqa-changes-in-new-firmware/1167 And Trinity (Über-High-End DAC manufacturer) is another one : https://trinity-ed.de/mqa/
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