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  1. Hi Mitch, Thank you very much for your reply. You have perfectly understood my question. So, before recording the "valid" logsweep, one need make several logsweeps and play with the amps inputs trim (or DACs output levels) in order to match the drivers levels. That's clear. Just curious, how could be possible to record the logsweep (with Acourate + XO) if one have the DACs and AMPs without the control of input/output levels ? For the playback, I assume it is no problem (player software can do it)
  2. Hi Mitch, I can't figure out how to match the drivers levels in 3 ways setup, when recording the first logsweep ?
  3. Thanks Ferenc, While waiting for ANUBIS, could you please, maybe give us some impressions comparing RME ADI2 and HAPI (it seems you have both already ?)
  4. I am interested too (comparing the RME ADI2 DAC and the HAPI?)
  5. OK, I understand now. In fact very useful, vive AES67 ! 😎
  6. Yes, nice one. Are you sure it will be possible with a TV and other devices that maybe has not a MERGING (RAVENNA) driver ?
  7. Regarding the 6 channels outputs, as on the pictures there are only 4 line outs ! the 5-6 will be on the HPhone outs ? or maybe 5-8 as there are 2 HPhone outs? (I mean with separate DAC)
  8. Hi there, Just a quick (probably silly) question, is there a way to use the LPS as symmetrical PSU (+5V/-5V) ?
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