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  1. Original owner of an Amber Regen purchased in September 2015. The product has approximately one hour of usage. I didn't hear a marked difference in performance during my listening session at the time. Now I'm cleaning out my closet ... Get it now with no wait and at a great price! Uptone Audio Amber Regen: $105 plus shipping Thanks for looking.
  2. Two of the Curious Cables have been sold to the first person who responded. The Amber Regen is still available. Thank you for all the responses ...
  3. It looks like no one is interested in purchasing the "packaged" offering so I've decided to offer the products individually. Uptone Amber Regen: $130 .8M Curious USB Cable: $225 200mm USB Cable for Regen: $85 All prices include shipping to the continental U.S. Thanks ...
  4. Would like to sell all three products as a package. All products have less than one hour of use and are like new. The cables have been "cooked" using my Audiodharma cable cooker prior to use. As the title states, I have one Uptone Audio Amber USB Regen; one .8M Curious USB Cable and one 200mm Curious USB Cable for use between the Amber Regen and your DAC. Selling price for all three products as a package is: $500 including shipping to continental US. This is a nice price break for virtually a new set of products! Thanks for looking ...
  5. I wanted to provide the community some visibility to communication I had previously with EMM regarding the updating of their DAC2x product for DSD128 & DSD256. Good to know what their plans are but the real big question is when will this happen. This was a response to my inquiry regarding their firmware upgrade plans for the DAC2x product. ********************************************************************************************** In the new year once DA2 is released there will be 2xDSD and DXD support for all our products including the DAC2X. Our guys are also working on 4xDSD s
  6. I was wondering if anyone has implemented an ethernet wireless bridge adapter with their Aurender product. I have a N10 server and unfortunately I don't have convenient access to a hardwired ethernet connection so I need to implement a solution that connects to the ethernet port and support a WiFi signal. I purchased an IO Gear ethernet wireless adapter and plugged it into my N10 and the unit wasn't able to recognize or log in to my WiFi network. Please keep in mind that this WiFi connection is only being used to support the remote control from the Conductor iOS app on the iPad. Is there a
  7. EMM has "sort of" made an announcement regarding their MDAT2 DSP firmware update on their Facebook site as mentioned above. I believe the firmware has been finalized and is being formally distributed to customers via their dealer network. As mentioned by others, this firmware update doesn't include support for DSD128 or DXD but supposedly this is planned for later this year and yes, EMMs technology does have this capability. I inquired as to whether they will be making a more formal announcement to the audio industry in addition to providing more details regarding the firmware update a
  8. Your thread caught me by surprise because I haven't seen any announcement from EMM regarding the release of the DAC2x firmware upgrade to support double DSD. I also have a DAC2x and have been waiting for EMM to release the upgrade ever since they announced this quite a few months ago. How did you get access to this firmware upgrade? I visited both the EMM and Meitner websites and didn't find anything related to this. Please let me know where you tracked this down. By the way, you can find the Opus3 DSD Showcase Disc3 which is DSD128 here: dsdfile.com | Highest Fidelity through DSD
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