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  1. Thanks wgscott and rando for your replies. My current office room is large, about 25x15x7. so I can rearrange the furniture if needed. I listen almost always by myself, so I've arranged the room so my desk chair is the sweet spot. Using Emotiva 8" Stealth rear-ported monitors on wooden stands using Isoacoustic stands to isolate the monitors. The monitors are at distance from the wall that provides the bass response I prefer and the imaging and soundstage are quite good. The equilateral triangle is 5ft. (not 6 ), and my listening position is about 7ft to the front wall. I'm very impr
  2. I'm currently using powered studio monitors on stands between my office desk and the wall in front of me. I've worked hard to place the speakers in best relation to walls, equilateral triangle about 6 feet from me. Sitting comfortably in my chair, I can just see the full face of both speakers to the sides of my iMac 27" display. I assume the monitor has some impact on the sound but it hasn't been easy to test, and I haven't heard big differences before / after removing the computer from my desk. Considering upgrading speakers. But still concerned about speaker placement vs. m
  3. Thanks to everyone for the thoughtful suggestions !
  4. The Behringer is interesting, with midi, but looks like no instrument inputs. Are you familiar with the Apogee Duet, SPL Creon, or Audient ID22? They should be able to accomodate digital playback and instrument input with pretty good sound quality - Better than the Cambridge? - not sure, since I can't compare them unless I buy them first.
  5. HI Blake, re-link the photos if you can. I'd like to see your setup
  6. Thanks for the responses above. Advice I'm getting so far is that the pacement of either passive or active speaker may be best on my office desk , slightly in front of the iMac and toed in, so that the display has minimal effect on the sound. initially, I thought of passive speakers, but within my < $2k budget, speakers, amp / dac / pre , seemed too expensive. also , powered monitors should be able to also serve my very modest needs for recording and playing instruments. I'm open to suggestions. But I did hear the Focal Alpha 80s in a stereo store (that also has Focal Utopia's).
  7. I would like to set up my desk/office for the best audio SQ within my budget (~ $2k), and also be able to use the monitors for music recording. My top priority is audio playback quality. At the moment, I'm considering Focal Alpha 80 powered monitors, and a DAC/pre like a Cambridge DACmagic Plus, or Emotiva's version. Or, possibly go the pro-audio route with an ADAC that accepts instrument input (SPL Creno, Audient ID22, Apogee Duet 2). Question about monitor placement. These are large monitors. If I put them on stands behind my desk, I'd need to place them about 4-5 feet away from m
  8. Excuse my newbie question, but I think its relevant for this thread since I'm considering subscribing to streaming (Apple Music, Tidal, Spotify), and what it would take for me to play it through speakers as well as on our mobile phones (Iphone 6+). So I'm really trying to determine a strategy. don't want to hijack the thread so if you feel this question should be on another thread or forum, I'll be happy to post it there instead. Near Term Goals: 1. play streamed music (Tidal, other) and downloaded audio (mp3, FLAC, wav, Apple lossless, other) on my phone (while connected, or in airpl
  9. I think the Linn philosophy is fascinating. I'm trying to recall an article about another company that uses a similar approach - might be BMC B.M.C. Audio. (if I recall correctly, one of their speakers uses and external crossover and is essentially digital all the way. I would *love* to hear the Ekakt. one concern I would have is being locked into the 'walled garden' as beautiful as it might be. But perhaps that would be a blessing and not a curse in the long run - just being a peace with such a fully integrated and synergistic system rather than trying to find that synergy via trial and er
  10. Assuming that the press conference was intended to create a strong impression and communicate TIDAL's vision, it seems the overwhelming emphasis was on pop music personality i.e. TIDAL = JayZ, Madona et al. OK. But that's not a vision that appeals to me. (btw, Interesting to contrast with PONO's vision. ) I'd pay extra for hi SQ and ease of use and huge library of all genres - including classical, experimental, jazz, indy. But that's not what I'm taking away from the promo/press/hype. To the contrary, I got the impression of prestige branding, like $250 personality-branded sneakers.
  11. SQ would be my priority, so I would consider having the visuals on a side wall. I'll look for info about acoustically transparent projections screens - but if anyone has experience or info about those to share, that would be great
  12. I've been wondering about possibilities for projecting video art to provide interesting visual accompaniment to high end audio. This would not be 'home theater' or DVD movies, but hi-res still images , 'slide shows', or video art. Perhaps a large 72" 4K (or even 8k) video display connected to a computer would be the quietest way. But then you have a large reflective surface, like a large window, to deal with. Maybe a hi res video projector to could put the image on a somewhat acoustically better surface would work - but then you have the heat and noise of the projector.
  13. Thanks to Barry and others for thoughtful responses! I have visited some high end recording studios. It looks like the mics, and mic preamps are where a lot of their 'high end' investments are. They tend to mic everything, and use relatively little direct input from instruments. In some studios, you might see high end audiophile full range speakers farther back in the control room , as well as smaller monitors (shoeboxes) on the console bridge which can include DSP features and can cost up to $10K/pr. But as Barry and others have said, it does seem that pro audio and audiophile listening
  14. Hi J dub, I understand that for recording instruments I should use pro audio gear. But my question is whether or not pro audio ADAC would sound as good for audiophile listening as a comparably priced audiophile DAC. If so, then perhaps a pro audio ADAC could serve both purposes.
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