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  1. It's not yet official where the Chinese distributor has "leaked" / Marcus, www.perfect-sense.se
  2. I've had Chord Dave here for evaluation earlier. The Tambaqui will be just as dynamic if not even more so, while at the same time being more spacious, natural and relaxed. / Marcus, www.perfect-sense.se
  3. I've had experience with all three (and many more) with Mola Mola as a permanent part of our portfolio here. Could you please tell us some more about your current system, musical taste and overall preferences? Thanks! / Marcus, www.perfect-sense.se
  4. This is 100% in line with my observations and experiences as well here after trying out Chord DAVE shortly after it was released. The Tambaqui is a different animal offering a level of resolution, transparency, speed and dynamics that easily compares with or improves upon the Chord reference DAC, while at the same time being much more fluid and liquid. / Marcus, www.perfect-sense.se
  5. I've reached the same conclusion after dealing with both brands during recent years. Dutch & Dutch has a more natural sense to them that Kii lacks. / Marcus, www.perfect-sense.se
  6. These are two quite different alternatives. Lumin U1 Mini is a streamer only with a complete set of digital outputs and Roon endpoint support. Innuos Zenith is a streamer and server (with internal storage) with USB output only which can be configured as a Roon server (and endpoint) by a flick of a switch. Price wise - the Lumin U1 Mini is closer to the Innuos Zen (rather than the Zenith) with 1TB internal storage. Most people choose one before the other based on functionality and specs. / Marcus, www.perfect-sense.se
  7. It's actually small news as PS Audio has been offering direct sales in the US for several years already. What's new is that they will no longer offer their products through US dealers. The setup for the rest of the world through their local partners will remain the same. / Marcus, www.perfect-sense.se
  8. PS Audio has been offering "factory direct" sales in the US for years. This makes sense on the local market with a generous home loan and trade in program. Overseas is very different though where partners are needed to offer auditions, home loans, trade ins, financing options, service and support etc. / Marcus, www.perfect-sense.se (representing PS Audio in Sweden/Scandinavia)
  9. Here's the official product information (PDF) about the new W20SE. Casing and exterior design is the same as the W20. I'm not yet sure if there will be an upgrade path for current W20 users, but I expect and hope so. https://perfect-sense.se/wp-content/uploads/2019/07/Aurender_W20SE_www.perfect-sense.se_.pdf / Marcus, www.perfect-sense.se
  10. Very nice and valuable for all of us on the other side of the pond - thank you! / Marcus, www.perfect-sense.se
  11. Did you manage too see and here the Kroma speakers with either VAC or Bricasti at the Hifi Deluxe show? This was the highlight for me this year. / Marcus, www.perfect-sense.se
  12. Could you please explain what you mean by "digital is the new analog"? / Marcus, www.perfect-sense.se
  13. There are design considerations involved here to obtain maximum sound quality basically. The technical explanation in short: The DSD-MR processes DSD in its native domain by using a balanced FIR filter, followed by analog filtering stage and balanced tube output stage. Since Lundahl transformers with OFC windings are used for the post-FIR filter analog filtration and I/V conversion, those audio transformers effectively ground the grids of the vacuum tubes in the output stage. This said, introducing a volume control will only deteriorate the audio quality of the DSD-MR.
  14. Extreme sampling rates might be considered a nice bonus, where sound quality will be the result of many other and more important factors. / Marcus, www.perfect-sense.se
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