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  1. Very nice and valuable for all of us on the other side of the pond - thank you! / Marcus, www.perfect-sense.se
  2. Did you manage too see and here the Kroma speakers with either VAC or Bricasti at the Hifi Deluxe show? This was the highlight for me this year. / Marcus, www.perfect-sense.se
  3. Could you please explain what you mean by "digital is the new analog"? / Marcus, www.perfect-sense.se
  4. There are design considerations involved here to obtain maximum sound quality basically. The technical explanation in short: The DSD-MR processes DSD in its native domain by using a balanced FIR filter, followed by analog filtering stage and balanced tube output stage. Since Lundahl transformers with OFC windings are used for the post-FIR filter analog filtration and I/V conversion, those audio transformers effectively ground the grids of the vacuum tubes in the output stage. This said, introducing a volume control will only deteriorate the audio quality of the DSD-MR. You could debate if driving a power amp directly is superior to having a dedicate preamp in your system. Based on experience (my own and others), a well built pre amp on a similar level will most often be beneficial adding to the overall performance of the system. A higher end integrated will of course be an option as well, where there are more options available than ever. / Marcus, www.perfect-sense.se
  5. Extreme sampling rates might be considered a nice bonus, where sound quality will be the result of many other and more important factors. / Marcus, www.perfect-sense.se
  6. The Lindemann Music Book series are wonderful but not comparable to the APL DSD-MR in terms of ultimate sound quality. / Marcus, www.perfect-sense.se
  7. As biased as I might be representing APL in Scandinavia, this is an amazing product which keeps beating all possible contenders coming through our showroom here in Stockholm from the big names. It strikes a perfect balance in between analytical and musical. / Marcus, www.perfect-sense.se
  8. Lumin D2 or T2 would be two obvious choices for evaluation as would the new Aurender A100. http://luminmusic.com https://www.aurender.com/ / Marcus, www.perfect-sense.se
  9. A much appreciated release indeed. / Marcus, www.perfect-sense.se
  10. ...and who could that be? No one is the answer. / Marcus, www.perfect-sense.se
  11. Nothing will ever get slaughtered on this level of engineering. As a consumer, you should weight the opinions of distributors, dealers, reviewers and fellow enthusiasts at an early stage in your search. The next step is to audition the products that speaks to you, trying to ignore what other people might think completely (including me). / Marcus, www.perfect-sense.se
  12. Well, that's never happened during my years in the business, and I'm rather open with my believes . We're also the distributor/importer for some of the brands mentioned btw. / Marcus, www.perfect-sense.se
  13. Well, if you're not interested in my opinion just scroll past my posts :). On the one hand, I do offer them all which makes me somehow biased. On the other, I do have access to them actually being able to compare. People who know me knows that I'm always doing my best to give an honest opinion. Again, there's no "best" DAC out there. There are different options though for different budgets, systems, ears and preferences. / Marcus, www.perfect-sense.se
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