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  1. This is the official standpoint from Aurender at this point regarding the new N30 vs. W20SE: "I’m sure many of you wonder which sounds better, the N30SA or W20SE and that’s a hard question to answer as they each have their own distinct qualities and sonic signature. As is always the case in high-end audio, careful listening and system matching will only definitively answer that question. Much like Ferrari offers several automobiles, each with their own driving qualities and personality, no one would argue they’re not all supercars." / Marcus, www.perfect-sense.se
  2. The alternative to the Kula integrated with the DAC and Streamer module would be the stand alone Tambaqui DAC/Streamer + Makua preamp + Kaluga mono amps or the Tambaqui directly to the Kaluga mono's. Both options will all together give you a higher level of performance and a much higher power output. But, it comes at a price, making the Kula integrated with modules very attractive for slightly less demanding speakers and systems. / Marcus, www.perfect-sense.se
  3. The price is well in line with the higher end Integrated amps on this level from the competition (Accuphase, Boulder, Ypsilon etc.). The difference might be that it's Class D - designed, developed and manufacturered by one of the leading authorities in the business (Bruno Putzeys). I believe that you get what you pay for in terms of engineering, design and performance from this amp. Add the DAC and streaming module, and you've got a complete, world class system for digital sources. This amp shows a path towards the future of high end audio imho. High performing, efficient, compact and elegant. / Marcus, www.perfect-sense.se
  4. Digital playback (source) is very different from Class D (amplification). This is the highest performing and most analogue sounding Class D based amplifier that I know after having access to most brands and amplifiers on the market during recent years within this segment. / Marcus, www.perfect-sense.se
  5. These products are very different and not really comparable but also double the price compared to the COS D10. Chord DAVE is primarily a DAC with headphone output where Mola Mola Tambaqui is primarily a DAC with streaming and headphone output. COS D10 is a preamp (with analogue inputs) with DAC + streamer and RIAA option at half the price. / Marcus, www.perfect-sense.se
  6. This is totally unacceptable of course. The top lid does not unscrew itself during transport first of all. Proper packaging is also the responsibility of the seller. He should also have the shipment insured in case of bad handling by the forwarder. / Marcus, www.perfect-sense.se
  7. Yes - this is indeed a popular new product with a lot to offer in terms of sound quality and flexibility. / Marcus, www.perfect-sense.se
  8. Not yet as the first units are constantly on client home loan here :) I need more time with the D10 basically. / Marcus, www.perfect-sense.se
  9. Congratulations and welcome to the world of APL. The DSD-MR and lately DSD-MR MKII has been the permanent and ultimate reference here for me during the last couple of years. Alex at APL is also one of the most brilliant, supportive and generous people in the business. / Marcus, www.perfect-sense.se
  10. COS is already a permanent part of our portfolio and offering here within this segment. The D10 is a very impressive, versatile and flexible unit. As for the sound quality and characteristics, I need some more time to get a clear sense of everything. / Marcus, www.perfect-sense.se
  11. The Rockna Wavelight DAC is wonderful and what I believe to be a bargain at the price point. It's very different from the Mola Mola offerings though in terms of sound characteristics. / Marcus, www.perfect-sense.se
  12. I've got the Lindemann Source, COS D10, Mola Mola Tambaqui + Makua and Rockna Wavelight amongst others here within this segment. All of them offers digital (and analogue - except for the Tambaqui) inputs with a high quality output stage and volume control. That's a start in terms of features. The next step is to consider system matchning, personal preferences and of course budget as these stretch from approx. €5.000 - €15.000. / Marcus, www.perfect-sense.se
  13. We've got the D10 on its way here in Stockholm, Sweden within the upcoming week. I'll be happy to report back as soon I've got some time to get to know the unit in full. / Marcus, www.perfect-sense.se
  14. It's not yet official where the Chinese distributor has "leaked" / Marcus, www.perfect-sense.se
  15. I've had Chord Dave here for evaluation earlier. The Tambaqui will be just as dynamic if not even more so, while at the same time being more spacious, natural and relaxed. / Marcus, www.perfect-sense.se
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