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  1. luismc

    Fidelizer 8.0

    Fidelizer 8.4 works in WS2019 Core Mode.
  2. Beta 38 installed without issues and run in Windows Server 2019 spanish version with FoD. Players: Foobar2k, HQPlayer, BugHeadEmperor
  3. It is difficult to me install HQPlayer without FoD. Finally I could install FoD from internet connection.
  4. luismc

    Fidelizer 8.0

    Thanks Keetakawee. I could install Fidelizer in both partitions. I did have differents network drivers in each. I put the same driver to both and problem was fixed.
  5. I have used other pendrive. The pendrive used before was a Linux boot (WTF Player) before I grab a bootable Windows one, I have no idea if that was a problem, but some times these pendrive was not detected properly.
  6. I have done a new bootable pendrive with the ISO image and this time AO3 was installed with success on Server Core !
  7. The strange thing is how I could install AO3 in WinSrv2019-GUI and no Windows pendrive asked.
  8. only the file boot.wim in folder "sources" Yes, is a spanish Windows version.
  9. Today I had tried again and the same result. The pendrive used was the same as Windows install. It was detected by explorer normally. On the other hand, I have get same issue when trying to install FoD. DISM was not capable of finding the source of files, that was in a virtual unit mounted by Powershell. These unit was perfectly saw in explorer. FoD was installed by an internet connection instead.
  10. Hi all, I enter yesterday at Beta tester program thanks to AudioPhil. I have dual boot WS2019-Core and WS2019-GUI. I only was able to install AO3Beta36 on GUI. With Core mode it was looking for a Win Installation media, I put the same pendrive I installed WS2019-Core and it was not found by AO installer. Well, I went for GUI mode for my first testing session and could do some tries. My first trying was comparing Sound Signature (SS) SS1 vs SS2. To me was clear, I liked SS2. SS1 is more harsh sound, highs are harder and a bit more little soundstage. Sound is bodier and full in SS2 too.
  11. luismc

    Fidelizer 8.0

    I have Fidelizer 8.3 installed on a Windows Server 2019 (GUI mode) and working. Yesterday I decided to try Core mode in same PC using dual boot. It takes me over 20 minutes to do, including FoD installation by internet connection. When I was trying to install Fidelizer, it was impossible, I don't remember exactly the entire error message, but was talking about distinct PC or machine and probably by licensing rights I could'nt install Fidelizer in the Core partition. Is it possible to do a Fidelizer install in each partition in a dual boot system?
  12. I have tried to install FoD on a Windows Server 2019 core mode and DISM command ends with error 0x800f081f. dism.log file reports five errors when it try to load the FoD. FoD (an ISO file) is mounted in virtual unit H: and I can see this unit with Explorer++ or a command window. At last, I must install Windows Server 2019 GUI by boring. 2019-03-15 19:21:12, Info DISM DISM Package Manager: PID=196 TID=2992 Error in operation: source for package or file not found, ResolveSource() unsuccessful. (CBS HRESULT=0x800f081f) - CCbsConUIHandler::Error 2019-03-15 19:21:12, Error DISM DISM Package Manager: PID=196 TID=568 Failed finalizing changes. - CDISMPackageManager::Internal_Finalize(hr:0x800f081f) 2019-03-15 19:21:12, Error DISM DISM Package Manager: PID=196 TID=568 The source files could not be found; their location must be specified using the /source option to restore the feature. - GetCbsErrorMsg 2019-03-15 19:21:12, Error DISM DISM Package Manager: PID=196 TID=568 Failed processing package changes with session options - CDISMPackageManager::ProcessChangesWithOptions(hr:0x800f081f) 2019-03-15 19:21:12, Error DISM DISM Package Manager: PID=196 TID=568 Failed to install capability. - CPackageManagerCLIHandler::ProcessCmdLine_AddCapability(hr:0x800f081f) 2019-03-15 19:21:12, Error DISM DISM Package Manager: PID=196 TID=568 Failed while processing command add-capability. - CPackageManagerCLIHandler::ExecuteCmdLine(hr:0x800f081f)
  13. Very interesting DAC, a NOS version with a current production chip DAC (pcm1794). Only a question, which type of I/V converter are you using? (opamp, passive, etc.)
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