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  1. Chris, You will need to do it all over again when the room treatments are in place. It is unlikely to be the same positions after treatment. This just goes to show that the old adage that the room is the most critical component is still true even in this age of big dollar components. They cannot overcome poor acoustics but they can let a good room shine. I look forward to your next installment after the treatments are in. It is no surprise why high end headphone listening is so popular. For many there is just no practical way to overcome a bad room. The other option is to sit in the near-field like you did but then in effect you just have a giant pair of headphones. There are several reviewers out there who do just that. I have seen pictures of their systems and they have these massive speakers in a tiny room. It does take the room out of the review equation. I hope the treatments combined with good setup and some judicious DSP (or not) will get you to a place where you really enjoy listening again. And, if that doesn't work, there are some nice suburbs around Minneapolis where you can start from scratch (for a lot of scratch). Good Luck and thanks for keeping us informed.
  2. bobflood

    HQ Player

    Miska has said before that the settings from the settings page are the default beginning point so I assume the same is true in the 4 series. I too also use only Roon and no client. I see the default settings in the Roon playback chain so check yours.
  3. bobflood

    HQ Player

    Hi Jussi, Is there a reason why Closed Form 16M is exclusive to the SDM selections and Closed Form M is exclusive to the PCM selections? I just noticed this when looking over the filter options on HQP 4xx. Thanks Bob
  4. bobflood

    HQ Player

    Jussi, Could you please look into making the phase inversion setting stick from one start to the next. My pre-amp inverts phase so I need to leave it on and it always reverts at start to non-invert setting and I forget to look and change sometimes. Also, would there be any benefit to allowing an option to have HQP Win Desktop version set as a service so it would start automatically at start? Loving version 4. I don't bother with the client as all I use is Roon streaming Tidal/Qobuz. One less thing running. Thanks Bob
  5. Hi Jesus, I have read this entire thread and I have questions. I just ordered a Holo Spring 2 DAC and I already own a ultraDigital and a ultraRendu. Do I need to check and/or upgrade the firmware on the UD and if so where is the firmware and instructions? Also, what are the correct and current dip switch settings for the Spring 2 version? Do I take the UD board out of the case to change the dip switch settings? As I said there is some confusing information and a lot of comments about reversed channels on DSD. I saw a post that said firmware 2.22 is for the Holo but it is not clear about Spring 2 version. I will be feeding DSD 256 and PCM 7xx via I2S to the Spring 2 from my uRendu/UDigital using HQPlayer on Windows and Roon on a sonicTransporter. Thanks in advance for your help. Bob
  6. These do work, but keep in mind that the Ethernet signal that they add to you whole AC system may be seen by the rest of your sensitive audio components as noise which can result in distortion.
  7. If it works, stop trying to fix it. The digital volume controls on most chips these days are way ahead of years ago. Most pre-amps are just going to remove some clarity and filter the sound, sometimes for the better, sometimes not. A tube pre-amp will almost always add distortion which may sound pleasing to some if it is second order distortion only. The moral of the story is, if you like what you hear from the RME DAC, love it and be content.
  8. I too do not wish to be negative but I share the sentiment expressed here by those above about the pricing of these products. I read this very good review and then felt very sad at the end when I saw the price of these items. This kind of stuff just makes our hobby look like it is for a bunch of over privileged kooks to the rest of the world. It is no wonder that the high end of audio is shrinking away as those of us who are of a certain age naturally leave it. As there are fewer and fewer to buy at this level, the price will continue to rise as the sellers try to make more money from a shrinking base. The future will eventually be that what we now would call mid-fidelity will be the new high end and the rest will be mass produced product of varying sound quality and build quality with low prices. Of course there will always be a few sellers of super expensive stuff and a few buyers for it but it won't be worth reviewing it either online or in print. I don't mean to pick on this one particular seller because this is the trend now with nearly every seller of high end gear. They are all caught in the upward pricing spiral as their buyer base shrinks. Sadly, I see no way out of it.
  9. I am not sure that is even possible. It would require browser audio to be exposed to the network. The only way I can think of is UPNP/DLNA which the rendus can see but I don't know how to get browser audio to output that way.
  10. bobflood

    HQ Player

    There have been posts where people say that for PCM they get the best results using HQP from DACs that are either NOS or can turn off SRC and filtering to become NOS (Holo Spring as an example). For DSD this should not be an issue.
  11. He is using the mic cable terminated XLR for the audio signal to the Energizer. The extension mentioned was a STAX extension cable for the Energizer to headset connection.
  12. Very nice review! It really gives the reader a clear impression of what this product can do. Thanks
  13. oops! I was looking at my phone when I typed that. At my age multitasking is risky.
  14. Likely that the USPCB failed. I had one fail. Due to the nature of the unit any flexing can cause a crack or the switch failed.
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