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  1. Chris, thanks for doing Orastream. I worked with them back when they were getting started with Naxos. Frankie and Kelvin are real pros and also really great people. I lost track of them recently but it was great to hear them tell the Orastream story. I am about halfway through the podcast and look forward to the rest.
  2. Sorry but I don’t have an Intel based NAA to test it. Jussi does so maybe he could check for you.
  3. bobflood

    HQ Player

    The GPU is likely not fast enough to be of any help and/or the drivers are not current enough to work with HQP. Jussi has said that the 20 and 30 series NVIDIA cards are the ones that will work best. The sudden drop out problem can be caused when everything is on the edge but working and then the OS timer kicks in some housekeeping chore or checks for an update or some other process becomes active and pushes it over the edge. These kinds of problems are why lots of folks here have gone to Linux based systems. I used to have this issue with my old Win 10 system but since switching to a Mac Mini
  4. bobflood

    HQ Player

    Some filters are much more demanding than others so this is not surprising. This usually shows up when doing PCM to DSD and is an indication that the problem filter is asking more than the CPU can handle. There are some filters that will not work without a GPU assist when doing PCM to DSD at DSD 256 using EC modulators.
  5. This is what I do. I kept my Win 10 license for PCM to my bedroom system when I got an M1 Mini which I use for DSD to my main system. Roon feeds both from the Win 10 machine. I can use both at the same time but rarely do.
  6. The upcoming M1X/M2 chip might be the first to be able to do ASDM7EC/DSD512. We will see this winter.
  7. Just get a MAC Mini M1 and use it just for HQP. I can get ASDM7EC/DSD 256/48/poly sinc long gauss with no problem. And, it is an economic al solution. Get the 16 GB version.
  8. I could not agree more on the fact that DAC selection is critical when doing external up-sampling using HQP. Unless you have a DAC (like for example a Holo Spring or May) that can be run in true NOS mode and that also has separate converters (one PCM and one DSD), you really do not know what further data manipulation is going on in the DAC. As Jussi has said, there are only a few DACs out there that meet this criteria.
  9. If you want an Intel system and could wait until later this year, I would go with the upcoming 12th Generation i9 12900K. This is a 10nm chip (finally) so it should run cooler than the 14nm chips. Also, it will have a core arrangement similar to the Apple M1 with high load and low load cores and more of them which means that it might be able to function on more HQP filters without needing a GPU card. Check out the specs and you will see what I mean. Or, you could see what the upcoming Apple M1X/M2 chip that will also be out later this year can do. This may be the first chip to be a
  10. bobflood

    HQ Player

    Thanks Jussi, Ext2 is indeed working fine now.
  11. Idea. If someone here has a Mac Mini M1 and an Apple Music account, please try using the Black Hole program to connect Apple Music and HQPlayer together on the Mini M1 and see if it works. This would be one way to to do it.
  12. bobflood

    HQ Player

    Sorry but I can't send logs as I have reverted to 4.10.3 but not for these things but because I could no longer use ASDM7EC/DSD256/poly sinc ext2 without dropouts when using 4.11 on my M1 Mini. I really like ext2 so it was important enough for me to go back to 4.10.3 where it works perfectly.
  13. If you deleted it from the downloads on your M1 then you will have to get Jussi to email you a link unless someone here has the link and could post it.
  14. bobflood

    HQ Player

    I think he has it setup so that the APO analysis is continuous. Using an apodizing filter will correct the output but have no effect on the analysis which is probably happening at the input stage and is only there.
  15. Jussi, I was having problems with 4.11 on my M1. See my post in the main HQP thread. I reverted to 4.10.3 for now which is working as usual that is to say perfectly.
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