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  1. For a light weight computer, I would stick with PCM only. DSD/SDM is going to be a stretch for almost any laptop. As Jussi said, the thermal load for DSD is very high.
  2. 30 feet of single ended coax would not be my choice for anything. At least cat6a ethernet is balanced.
  3. bobflood

    HQ Player

    Jussi, I see you have new filters in the latest Pro release. Are they coming to Desktop. Thanks, Bob
  4. Has anybody figured out how to get Amazon HD Music to the Rendus? From what I have read, It does not look possible yet. Did I miss something? I would like to try it from my Win 10/64 machine. I also have HQPlayer on that machine but I don't see a way to get it to that either.
  5. It would probably be best to contact Tim directly on the Kitsune website.
  6. bobflood

    HQ Player

    The PCM filters are not modulators. PCM filters change the impulse response of the signal and may or may not (depending on the selections made) add dither and up-sample to a higher frequency. The end result is still PCM. Modulation is the next of two possible steps. The signal can be sent as PCM to a multi-bit capable DAC (like an R2R DAC) which can convert it to analog. Or, the signal can be converted to a direct digital stream (DSD) and then modulated by a modulator like ASDM 7 EC for example after which it will be sent to a one bit sigma-delta (on-off) DAC for conversion to analog. That is why under the SDM section of HQP one must select a filter first and then a modulator. It is a two step process. Under the PCM section one selects a type of dither and a filter only as modulation is not applied. Some DACs have both a multi-bit processor and a one bit processor (like my Holo Spring 2) and others (most chip based DACs) only have one bit capability. A one bit only DAC will internally convert PCM to a form of DSD and will then apply modulation for the conversion to analog. This is a simplified explanation so if you want a deeper understanding, there is a world of information on this subject available.
  7. Hi Ted, The EC Modulators at 256 with the poly-sinc EXT 2 filter does sound great but I guess I prefer the sound of PCM when converted by a true multi-bit DAC like the Spring. To me it has a bit more life. The PCM--> DSD/SDM process seems to round it off a bit. If one has a typical chip DAC, then the comparison is really to the chip designer's version of SDM to Jussi's version of SDM. I think that there is a whole generation who has not really heard PCM. I am old enough to have had one of the first Revox CD players with a 14 bit R2R ladder DAC inside and it was the best CD player I ever had. I kept it until they couldn't fix it. Looking forward to your results. A quick suggestion; why not move all the posts in the HQP thread on this subject to this thread. Thanks, Bob
  8. Hi Ted, On my Holo Spring 2 KTE, I still prefer PCM 384 over DSD 256 with any EC modulator/filter combo for PCM source material. I will be interested to hear your take. I use HQP for both, not the internal chip of the Spring. Bob
  9. bobflood

    HQ Player

    Anything that is a "modulator" is only for a direct digital stream (DSD). PCM must first be converted to a direct digital stream before SDM (Sigma Delta Modulation) can be applied to it. True PCM playback can only be accomplished by hardware that does multi-bit processing. A good example is a R2R ladder DAC like those used by MSB, Holo or Denifripps to mention just a few. The other way is by using a multi-bit chip like Schiit does in some of its DACs. Most chip DACs use a proprietary process to convert incoming PCM to a digital stream before applying SDM modulation to it. The bottom line is that unless one has heard PCM converted by a multi-bit processor, one has not really heard PCM.
  10. Incredible article Josh! It took me back to the summer of '69 when I was a directionless 19 year old college drop out. I had just enlisted in the USAF hoping to stay out of Vietnam (worked). This was a tough time and this brought back many memories, some good and others not so good. The thing that strikes me the most is just how much of a mess my generation was, but looking around now it is painful to see how precious little has changed. I had the vinyl album and several of the CD versions but I can no longer listen to the music of my youth without some sadness so I just don't do it. That was then and this is now as the saying goes. I found my direction in life after leaving the service and left that era behind although one can never truly leave it totally behind. My worst fear then is that I would not live to see 21 but here I am on the cusp of 70 and happy so it did all work out for me. I still mourn for all those of my generation who needlessly perished. Thanks for the trip down memory lane and keep up this great series. Bob Flood
  11. bobflood

    HQ Player

    I have had no problems using it and as long as you don't go crazy with the priority stuff it does a nice job of restraining a lot of the other junk that win 10 has going on all the time. But, to each his own. YMMV
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