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  1. bobflood

    Article: Audiophile 5: Sonore opticalRendu in 5 Minutes

    I like the format now with the 5 minute limit. Past that I would rather read it. This looks like a great product. I wonder how the new switch coming from Uptone will work with existing Rendus in comparison.
  2. bobflood

    Sonore microRendu

    2.7 requires a new SD card from Sonore. It is $20 USD if memory serves.
  3. bobflood

    Article: CA is now Audiophile Style!

    Love the change. Now maybe we can get away from arguing about unobtainium wires and heartbeat of the universe clocks.
  4. bobflood

    Official Qobuz Issues Thread

    Update to Windows desktop app today.
  5. OXCO clocks are not cheap but still it is not a custom solution like the UR.
  6. bobflood

    Any MSB fans here ?

    Little traffic likely due to the price point of MSB gear.
  7. bobflood

    New HDPLEX 200W LPS

    I have two of these new units (and one of the older ones) and they are very solid performers. The new ones do not get as hot as the new design needs to dissipate less power into heat.
  8. bobflood

    Process Lasso

    I have used this software for years on various hardware and it is great. It is very useful even beyond audio. I highly recommend it. For a modest investment I would give it a try. Don't go overboard on optimizations and be sure to use the Performance Mode on critical processes.
  9. Both. I hesitate to get into a long discussion about this here but it definitely made improvements in both. For a relatively low investment it is worth a try. It is basically a high capacity Layer 2 managed switch at heart. They are back up to $80 on Newegg. I got a Cyber Monday deal. I was using a Netgear 8 port basic gig switch before and this is a definite step up. There is a PRO version if someone wants to spend 4 times as much but for audio I think this one is the one.
  10. Best $60 I have ever spent on my system. Many improvements over my previous generic switch. Worth the price.
  11. bobflood

    Sonore ultraDigtial

    Yes it was the video review which I found on YouTube.
  12. bobflood

    Sonore ultraDigtial

    Try the PS Audio settings. Darko reviewed the Denafrips using a W4S server and the I2S input and he used the PS Audio settings and it worked fine. Try it and please report back.
  13. I have one on order. Will report back.
  14. Saw this today. I want one in my next DAC. LOL
  15. bobflood

    Article: The Definitive Dynaudio Music 1, 3, 5, 7 Speaker Review

    Looks like that upstairs listening room is coming along. Looking forward to part 2 about it. Enjoy