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  1. Is this the ASIO driver for the server or is there also a USB driver update for the DAC in this package. Thanks
  2. bobflood

    HQ Player

    Ted, Have you updated the USB card in your Spring DAC (if I remember you had the older one)? Also, make sure that if you replace the card that you update the drivers for the new card. You can order the new card from Tim at Kitsune. I used to use the SU-1 and I2S as well but with the updated drivers on my Spring 2 KTE (which came with the latest USB card), I found the USB was now better than I2S so I put my fancy silver HDMI cable in my video system and retired the SU-1 to my bedroom system to feed my old ML390s up there. Worth the small price to try. Bob
  3. Power supplies no doubt matter much more than we realize. Both Holo Audio and Dennefrips have gone to great lengths to use linear power supplies and in both of their flagship models they are heroic in nature. What would really annoy me would be to pay the Dave price tag and then have to almost double it to upgrade the power supply. The flagship Holo is about one half the Dave price and comes with a separate linear power supply. My Holo Spring 2 has an internal linear power supply at about one third the Dave cost. I am not saying one is better than another just pointing out the obvious.
  4. I guess that this means that you got your new build back from Andrew and it now works. Congrats
  5. I doubt it would have much effect with a laptop because the primary power source would be the battery. Just keep doing what you are doing and unplug the charger while listening.
  6. The high tech version of a lava light!
  7. bobflood

    HQ Player

    If adaptive is grayed it may force rate family conversion which is reported above to not work with the M1 as per @computeraudiophile.
  8. bobflood

    HQ Player

    Doing rate family conversion is what pushes it over the top. Did you use 2s filters? I have the same issue with my i5 8400.
  9. I never tried direct connection as my HQP machine is in another room and I was only trying it as an experiment. Others here have reported that a direct USB connection from a MB USB port does work at 1.536 PCM. I have a Holo Spring 2 KTE which will accept 1.536 PCM. I talked with Tim at Kitsune Audio and Jesus R at Sonore and Jussi about it and no one had a clear idea about why it didn't work so I just dropped it as it did not matter to me.
  10. Holo has a separate firmware to be installed on the Spring 2 when using the JCAT USB card. This is a known driver issue. Contact Tim at Kitsune for explanation.
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