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  1. He is using the mic cable terminated XLR for the audio signal to the Energizer. The extension mentioned was a STAX extension cable for the Energizer to headset connection.
  2. Very nice review! It really gives the reader a clear impression of what this product can do. Thanks
  3. oops! I was looking at my phone when I typed that. At my age multitasking is risky.
  4. Likely that the USPCB failed. I had one fail. Due to the nature of the unit any flexing can cause a crack or the switch failed.
  5. You need to buy a new sim card. See Sonore website. It was $20 when I bought mine.
  6. What a kick-ass selection. Be sure to take into account the room treatments you are doing and the room size as well. It is very easy to overwhelm any space. I know that with speakers of this size an in-home demo is probably not going to happen but I would try for a "whoops, it doesn't work in this room" return or in-store credit period.
  7. bobflood

    HQ Player

    Jussi (@miska), Quick question. Is there any benefit when running HQP on Win 10 to running it on PRO vs Home? I can't see why there would be but I thought I would ask. Thanks
  8. Chris, There is a locked thread with the same name under Network, Streaming ...... which is where the other similar topics are. That is where the confusion is.
  9. Any chance we could get the Roon folks to monitor this thread
  10. Sorry, I was responding to rickca's post above. Please ignore.
  11. Sorry, I just saw this. The speed issue may be related to whatever processing your AC3100 is doing. When I had my RT-AC 88U connected in DMZ mode (same as passthru on the older Gateways) the speed initially was much slower than the 950mbps I would get using the Gateway. I went into the 88U and turned off anything that would require processing and the speed went right up to the same as the Gateway. These consumer routers are not yet designed with fiber speeds in mind. If you look at their processor specs, they are pretty weak. Also, wifi speeds are going to be much less than wired to a single device unless you have a very modern and capable wifi adapter in that device. Lastly, you could get it all working just right and when AT&T pushes a new firmware( a process you have no control over) you can lose all the settings and have to start over. If you want much more info on this, check the AT&T forums and the DSL Reports forums. Good luck
  12. I know this sounds quaint but try re-booting everything in the chain and I do mean everything including routers and switches. Then try one mode at a time starting with Roon Ready (RAAT). Remember that only the mode that is active at the time will show up to be controlled. The rest will not show while that mode is active. If you switch from mode to mode you may need to re-boot the uRendu. If using DLNA/MPD there are settings that need to be configured and a UPNP server must be active (BubbleUPNP is one) on your network. Please search this forum and you will get many posts for each possible scenario. Hope this helps. You can also ask Jesus R (Sonore) for help.
  13. With AT&T fiber it is very difficult to use another router. It can be done but it is not stable. I did get my RT-AC 88U to work but when I had to switch to a different Gateway I could not get it to work. Every time they push a firmware update it is iffy as to whether the new firmware will support the link. If you also have TV and/or Telephone service then the AT&T Gateway must be kept in the loop as they serve TV and phone from their intranet which the Gateway is programed to do. This also why you cannot change DNS on any AT&T Gateway. For wired Ethernet it is best to just get a good switch and for wi-fi it is best to turn off their radio and use a good mesh system or use their mesh extenders.
  14. I wish there was such a thing but I haven't found one either. I think there was at least a fiber link option from the ONT to the router a while back but that may have disappeared as well. I have AT&T gig fiber and I use the same method as you describe . With CAT5e the limit is about 1 gig so until the ISPs offer higher speeds, there isn't much incentive for them to implement whole house fiber solutions and even if they did it would really only be practical in new construction. Having the ONT separate gives them the ability to place it at a convenient entry point to the structure or even keep it on the outside.
  15. The decreased hearing is almost a certainty but the increased knowledge? Well, lets just say that that is somewhat less certain!
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