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  1. Also, try activating QoS on your router and see if it helps. It is worth a try. Thanks
  2. Before you look at the network, If you can, borrow another DAC that is 7xx capable just to make sure it is not your current DAC that is the problem. The USB implementation of some DACs may not have been designed for this rate. If it is your network then a switch in front of the uRendu like this one that supports Flow Control might help: https://www.amazon.com/NETGEAR-Nighthawk-Streaming-Advanced-Ethernet/dp/B01MU3GE5L I have one in between my ASUS RT AC 88U and my uRendu. Also, I have Roon and HQP running on a Win 10/64 machine and Flow Control is enabled there as well. I do not think ASUS routers support Flow Control in their software. Also, do not use wifi for high rate transfer. 7xx up-sampling results in a 49Mbps stream when carried to the DAC in a 32 bit container. This is very hard for wifi to sustain. Lastly, check all of your HQP settings especially buffers. Good Luck!
  3. Then there is likely a bottleneck in your network somewhere. Sometimes the higher rates require that Flow Control be enabled. This would require a switch in front of the uRendu that supports Flow Control and it also needs to be active at the server or router end as well. There are many other potential causes so if you don't wish to track it down just be happy with 3xx PCM. There really isn't much of a difference and it also is DAC dependent as to whether you would hear any improvement with 7xx.
  4. This is likely a issue with the HQP setup. Drop down to 3xx PCM and see if it still happens.
  5. Sorry, but in my opinion, there is something about this thread that makes it look like trolling bait to me. Maybe I am wrong and maybe it is just a language issue but after reading most of it something just does not seem right.
  6. I will take the ISO Regen if your price includes PP and shipping. I am in Georgia. PM me if interested.
  7. That update was huge. You guys are going to need a faster server.
  8. Unless this happens with the exact same piece of music (and I do mean exact), it would be impossible to even say that there is anything wrong at all. If you are streaming and especially if there is wifi used anywhere in the chain, I would suspect network congestion issues to be the problem especially now with networks strained due to so many people working from home and kids at home all using the networks heavily. Also, try removing the power conditioner completely and just use a power strip.
  9. Understood. I am sorry if I appeared to be bugging you but I just wanted to be sure all of you knew about it. It is hard to tell which ones are important and which are trivial. Thanks Again!
  10. Also this: https://www.fidelizer-audio.com/nimitra-computer-audio-server/
  11. Hi JR, The HQP NAA has been updated AGAIN today to 4.1.1. Please let Andrew know. I know he has not had time to do the 4.1 update yet with all that is happening but I wanted to let you know so you did not end up doing it twice. Thanks for all and stay well.
  12. I have tried it and I found no advantage. I doubt there is any. A DAC with poor USB or SPDIF implementation might be a candidate but if that was the case then the I2S probably isn’t very good either.
  13. Someone who can afford this DAC is probably not very interested in messing around with USB to I2S converters or I2S PCie cards.
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